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NEW JAM RELEASE!!!!! ELECTRIC FORGIVENESS is a new band consisting of: JOHN BUNDRICK: (The Who's keyboardist) JON DAWSON: (From the band THIRD OF NEVER).. with JEREMY MORRIS on electric guitar and TONY STIGLITZ on drums. This album is a delight for both progressive rock and electronic music fans alike! Highly instrumental, the easiest sound comparison would be PORCUPINE TREE'S : VOYAGE 34 album. There are many shades of PINK FLOYD (Meddle,etc.. ), TANGERINE DREAM, THE ORB and space rock floating in the mix. Psychedelic journey soundtrack music is the theme with a tongue and cheek flashback to the hippie days of the innocence and ignorance. With titles like "Gilmour was Pink" and "Dark side of the Sun" the inspirations should be obvious! An audio treat for headphone buffs! Superb sounds with lots of ear candy! Highly Recommended!

Sound Samples:
In My Mind I'm Going to California
The Escape
Intrigue at the Peach House
Gilmour was Pink
Eno the Disco


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