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New release on Jam for 2009! SHPLANG has just released the *best* album of their career so far. This is the 4th release from this ultra fine L.A based psych-pop-rock outfit. SHPLANG is a very fun group to listen to and their crystalline sound is rooted in 60's psychedelia while adding a modern twist to the mix. You can hear the inspiration of first generation 60's bands such as Beach Boys, Pink Floyd,and Electric Prunes filtered through the more recent vibes of bands like Cake, High Llamas, Guided by Voices, and U2. This unique morphing of styles makes for a very fun audio experience taking the listener through at least 5 decades of creative rock music! "My Big Three Wheeler" is a retro-active bundle of psychedelic joy! Highly recommended, fun, and free music for the open minded!

Sound Samples:
Spanish Galeons
Let's Get High
No One Knows
Keep it Down
Last Match in the Tinderbox


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