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New for 2009, "My name is Willy" is the sophomore release from the Illinois power pop band THE GILLIGANS. The band features David Krieger, Scott Pellican, Todd Borsch of the Ringles and Dan Mckenzie of The Porcupines making this an all star power pop lineup. This album continues to explore the highlights of British Invasion, Mersey Beat, and 60's psychedelic sounds. So just who do this guys sound like? They sound like The Beatles, The Monkees, Count Five, The Blowpops, The Reasonars, The Hi-Risers, The Kinks, The Hollies, and The Pretty Things...Get the picture??? This is retro 60's at it's finest. Fans of the Sundazed label and Get Hip Records, this is essential for you! Grade A retro-active power pop.

Sound Samples:
I Wanna Wear Your Sunshine
I Want to be Your Loving Man
In a Flash
Fireflies in a Jar
This All Starts with You


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