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New release for 2009 on Jam Records... The 4th amazing full length cd from the Michigan Shoegaze/Dream pop/Indie pop quintet "glowfriends" is here. The band takes the listener into further and deeper sonic landscapes making this their finest and most uplifting release to date! The songwriting is melodically strong, production is crystal clear with walls of layered guitars, bass, drums and vibraphone. Ambient effects abound through a slipstream of sonic delight. Thanks to the talented mixing hands of Charlie Piper this is top gear production. Sweet layered male/female harmonies from Mark, April, and Holly Morris bring a perfectly smooth genetic blend that is rarely found in most groups. Bottom line: This is a sublime Shoegaze/dream pop cd that will please fans of DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, RIDE, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, SLOWDIVE, IRON AND WINE, PEDRO THE LION, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, ASOBI SEKSU, JIMMY EAT WORLD, SUFJAN STEVENS, SWERVEDRIVER, THE SMITHS, and TREMBLING BLUE STARS! This one goes down smooth and is easy on the ears while demonstrating some nice time signatures and sonic excitement. GRADE A *****

Sound Samples:
Scared of Love
Go Back to Sleep
Make Things Clear
Today Could be the Day


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