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New release from the JOEY O BAND!!! "Bad Habit" is the latest and greatest from this INDIANA power pop outfit which features Mimi Betinis from the original PEZBAND (and the ever excellent JOEY O himsef!) This cd takes a huge leap from their last in all areas bringing home the "power pop bacon" and delivering the goods big time. "Living in Disarray" sounds like a great long lost RASPBERRIES/ERIC CARMEN tune, while the rockin "REGULAR GUY" would fit nicely on the first album from THE BABYS. "I CANT HELP BUT CRY" sounds like THE ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION at the top of their game during the mid 70's. All the tunes here are good in a Raspberries, Badfinger, Pezband, kind of way. In fact, the over all feel of this album is extreme 70's power pop rock...done up right with killer chorus vocals, hot riffs, and tasty heartfelt guitar solos. This band could have been huge in the 70's...(which happens to be my favorite decade for all around great music!) If you can't get enough of that sound, here's you chance to drink in some more! Drink up and rejoice! This is authentic heartfelt 70's style POWER POP MUSIC! *****

Sound Samples:
I Can't Help But Cry
Sense of Urgency
Living in Disarray
Regular Guy
Still Dreaming


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