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Pop journalist and IPO chief DAVID BASH lists SWEET RELIEF #2 as the best power pop compilation to come out over the past year! Fuller kudos come from the following: HEARTS ON FIRE: SWEET RELIEF #2 GETS A FIVE STAR REVIEW IN GOLDMINE MAGAZINE from music journalist JOHN BORACK ***** ..."A near-perfect collection of jangle-heavy power pop treats by independent artists from around the globe, some of recent and others vintage. It's the brainchild of musician/label owner/all-around good guy Jeremy Morris of JAM Records in Michigan, who has recruited two dozen artists to contribute tracks to the collection, whose proceeds provide financial aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Not only is the disc benefiting a good cause, but Morris's song selections are impeccable and, as a bonus, many of the tunes are rare or previously unreleased. ..the roster includes acts from Italy, UK, Scotland, USA Japan, Austria, Canada, Sweden..The songs are all consistently top-shelf and brimming with melodic invention and hooks aplenty. The Mayflowers "Get Over Time" is a powerfully kinetic updating of the "Day Tripper" riff, while DM3's "Foolish" is one of the most enduring power pop numbers of the past 20 years. Much of the collection relies on the sweet sound of gently ringing guitars to power the tunes. The Primary 5 (featuring former Teenage Fanclub member Paul Quinn), Dropkick, Cosmic Rough Riders, and Byrds disciples Starry Eyed and Laughing,all succeed mightily! Artists such as The Grip Weeds and Gravelberrys offer up marvelous tracks! Other instant grabbers include Greg Pope's "Fall into Your Arms" which sounds like something that leaped straight off of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything record. The Thick jangle of Daniel Wylie's "Make Love to the World" and two songs that bring to mind the layered low-key beauty of the late 70's/early 80's Britpop act The KORGIS: The Junipers "Gordie Can't Swim" and Paisley and Charlie's innocently gorgeous "Sebastian" (Come Home). Throw in previously released winners from The Records, Seth Swirsky, and Nelson Bragg, and a new one from Jeremy Morris himself (featuring some very "Eight Miles High"-inspired lead guitar) and it all adds up to one of the finest power pop comps of the past decade. Don't miss this one--John Borack --Goldmine Magazine - Winter 2011

Sound Samples:
My Hearts On Fire - Jeremy
Strange Bird - The Grip Weeds
Love Will Rule Our Hearts - Marc Carroll
Sebastian - Paisley and Charlie
Movie Set - Seth Swirsky
Tears - Nigel Clark
The Pain Inside - Cosmic Rough Riders


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