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***POP ALERT!!! SPECIAL SALE PRICE!!!!The 2nd release from THE RED BUTTON is another winner! This band is the brain child of SETH SWIRSKY and MIKE RUEKBERG! Here we have an amazing power pop extravaganza drawing hard on inspirations from two of power pop's greatest decades....The 1960's and the 1970's. You'll hear British invasion in the opening title "Caught in the Middle" The tune "Picture" has a strong and lovely "Pet Sounds" feel to it. "Girl" sounds like more pure British invasion . Some 10cc/ ELO/ Beatles brilliance in the track "Easier" Some lovely Byrds 12 string jangle can be heard in the supreme "She grows where she's planted" Some LOVIN SPOONFUL lighthearted toe-tappin can be heard in "You do something to me" and "I can't forget" would have fit nicely on one of the early SEARCHERS lps...or the movie "That thing you do" This album is a tribute to all those great songs of yesterday...and THE RED BUTTON keep the candle burning with the "great sounds of yesterday..still burning brightly today!" *****

Sound Samples:
Caught in the Middle
Girl, Don't
I Can't Forget


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