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  BACK IN STOCK NOW!!!This release is very important for all fans of LOLAS. The LOLAS started as a power pop band under another name back in the 1980's and that band was called CARNIVAL SEASON. Here the seeds of what would become the LOLAS began. Their debut album was produced by TOMMY KEENE who also guested and played on it. They toured playing shows with ALEX CHILTON, THE REPLACEMENTS, REDD CROSS, MEAT PUPPETS, and other fine bands of that era, and they were regarded as a great band. Guided by Voices leader Robert Pollard said this of the band "hit after ... hit in my book!" These songs hold up well and don't sound so dated like most bands coming from the 80's. They managed to obtain their own style and in the 90's morphed into THE SHAME IDOLS..their second incarnation. and then finally in 1999..out came the LOLAS one of the greatest power pop bands to emerge in a long time. So what about the cd? It boasts 21 awesome tracks and quite a few have never ever been released. Also, both their vinyl lp releases are gathered here along with a deluxe booklet! This truly is the complete CARNIVAL SEASON and it's stupendous power pop that many will finally get to hear this time around! Grade A Better late than never!


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