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It's not too often a new release comes out on 12/12/12 !!! Here is it!..."THE SOLAR KING" -- a brand new one from JEREMY. The dominating style on this cd is POWER POP. THE SOLAR KING is a first generation power pop gem that was originally recorded between 1980--1982. The album breathes with a fresh and innocent vibrance from that wonderful musical era. Here we find a style inspired by bands like SHOES, OFF BROADWAY, NEW ENGLAND, THE CARS,.. and of course those "B" bands-- BEATLES, BYRDS, BIG STAR, and BADFINGER! "The Solar King" tapes sat on the shelf for over 30 years and now it's time to celebrate as these recordings finally see the light of day! I am so glad this lost album was finally found. It sounds "Fresh as a Daisy" and as the saying goes.... "Better late than never!"

Sound Samples:
Hold On Forever
For Chosen Ones
The Solar King
Journey To The Light
Edge of Forever
Another Land


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