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The latest release from indie folk ambient pop band THIRTY STEPS TO FORWARD is a very pleasing caressing sound. They write all their own music and should appeal to the indie crowd of artists such as IRON AND WINE,glowfriends, Mazzy Star, Trembling Blue Stars, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, and so many more! Having seen the band perform recently I was so impressed by their natural talent and heartfelt delivery of each and every song they performed. The sound is sublime, organic and moving. This is real music for real people ..made just the way it should be. Brother and sister SETH AND GRETCHEN POWERS both sing and use an assortment of lovely string instruments such as guitar, mandolins, banjos, ukulele, etc.. and yet what is so nice is to hear these instruments in a more modern pop music context. It's refreshing, natural and nice! Highly recommended. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Fools Gold
For You
Holymen and Thieves
Minors and Majors For You
The Archer's Son


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