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The Click Beetles are a wonderful US power pop band from Kenosha. This brand new 11 song CD delivers the goods in full with all killer and no filler power pop nuggets. The sound is a mix of bands like THE SHOES, THE SPONGETONES, MARSHALL CRENSHAW, and of course..THE BEATLES!!! Most of the songs are written by head honcho DAN PAVELICH (also visionary of the VANDALAY record label) He also collaborates in song writing with LISA MYCHOLS on the track "I never said goodbye" The results are stellar. Equally great power pop tracks include the opener "Shut the tv down", "Tell me how you feel", "All Day Sucker" and tremendous covers of Marshall Crenshaw's "Cynical Girl" and the Fab Four's "Do you want to know a secret" All in all the cd gets a power pop A+ for clear musical vision are perfect musical focus. "Wake up to the Music" is the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2014.

Sound Samples:
Shut The TV Down
Tell Me How You Feel
Cynical Girl
I Never Said Goodbye
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Ever Since The World Began


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