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NEW RELEASE AUGUST 2014. (3 cd set with 66 tracks!) The most comprehensive and longest lasting power pop compilation series is back with volume #17 and this batch of power pop tunes turns in one of the strongest collections to date. Out of the 66 tracks included here, almost all of them are real winners (with a measly few exceptions). So it's a jackpot of power pop gems just waiting to be discovered by hearing ears abroad! THE OUTSTANDING LINEUP INCLUDES: LISA MYCHOLS 3, TRIP WIRE, THE MAYFLOWERS, SHARP THINGS, SPINNING JENNIES, THE JEREMY BAND, THE BOBBLEHEADS, THE TOR GUIDES, ASHBURY KEYS, THE TEARWAWAYS, SECRET FRIEND, THE BUBBLEGUM ORCHESTRA, THE FAST CAMELS, DOT 22, DAVE BIRK, B-SIDE, THE STARFIRE BAND, WE PATRIOTS, SHPLANG, AMERICAN SUITCASE....AND TONS MORE!!!!! Go for it!!! You'll be glad you did!!!

Sound Samples:
Hit You With A Flower - Jeremy
Flying Birds - The Mayflowers
Flesh And Bone - The Sharp Things
Ready For Action - Lisa Mychols
Delacroix - Shplang
Have You Ever - Match Factory
We Don't Talk We Text - The Tearaways


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