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BART MENDOZA - PARIS YESTERDAY (Acoustic Demos 1996-2007)
  (LIMITED EDITION CD!) Fans of THE SHAMBLES, MANUEL SCAN, and TRUE STORIES, can now ad this cd by BART MENDOZA to the excellent discography of one very prolific mover and shaker of the indie pop/rock/mod scene. Besides being a limited edition disc...It's a very *HIGH QUALITY* sounding cd that can just barely be called a demo ...due to it sounding so fine. And, although it's titled "acoustic demos" ..some tracks are actually full rock band as well. Since everything Bart does sounds great, there's nothing but more praise to be heaped upon this release. The spirit of this whole cd could be summed up in ALEX CHILTON'S BIG STAR song "THIRTEEN" and if you love that song, I really do think you will love this cd as well. Bart Mendoza is sounding right at home in his own skin on this wonderful "acoustic pop" cd! Grade A ....I dig it! (Hurry up now and get this one before it's out of print)


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