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  Brand new power pop cd from the band TRIP WIRE !This power pop band has grown musically by adding a new member JEFF SHELTON (OF The WELL WISHERS and SPINNING JENNIES fame.) Fans of those bands will certainly want to check this out. Jeff Shelton's songwriting contributions to the band on songs like "I'M NOT THE ENEMY" and "GROWING OLD" are pure SPINNING JENNIES/WELL WISHERS classic power pop. The other tracks written by Marty Schneider and Bill Hunt carry more of a Teenage Fanclub, Replacements, Camper Van Beethoven type of vibe. This leaves us with a very fine cd that bridges the gap between "indie rock" and "power pop". The blend works great and makes for an interesting listen with lots of really great sounding jangly guitars and cool pop hooks. So the dominant sound has to TEENAGE FANCLUB, and if you dig that band ...it's pretty safe that you will dig this cd too. Another fine release for 2017. Highly recommended!


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