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New JAM release...officially out now September 30th, 2017. This is the latest and hands down the greatest release from THIRD OF NEVER. The new cd contains their most rocking and catchy power pop tunes to date! It starts off with the high octane "Kidnapped Information"- a song that sounds like a "Frosting on the Beater" era POSIES track. A great sound while sounding like THE WHO, and SPINNING JENNIES ! Up next is "Dig the View", another inspired rocker that kicks out with Keith Moon style drumming and again THE WHO is a big influence. (Hey, The Who's keyboardist RABBIT plays a hefty organ solo on this track!) Up next is "Run Silent Run Deep"- One the coolest guitar riffs I have heard in a long time by way of Jon Dawson. It rocks heavily and reminds us of SRC's "Milestones" LP. Think of the track "Up all Night " from that album as a reference. The guitar solo by the ultra talented C.J. is killer! Next comes the title track "Austerity" A minor key rocker with an infectious chord progression that will hook you in. This one has a TOM PETTY feel channeled through the energy of THE WHO. "506"-- the fifth track on the cd is very Pete Townsend inspired with a WELL WISHERS vibration. The rest of the cd is consistently great with every track being solid, catchy, rocking , and awesome. GRIP WEEDS Kurt Reil also participates as producer with the band adding some sublime harmony vocals ...that being the icing on this fabulous rock and roll cake! So there you have it! A superb GRADE A RELEASE >>> and a must have for fans of THE WHO, THE POSIES, and GRIP WEEDS! Just get it!

Sound Samples:
Kidnapped Information
Dig The View
Run Silent Run Deep
18 Strings
If You Don't Keep Me Happy


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