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The Mashed Potatoes - Up and Over
  (IMPORT) Hold the gravy! The Mashed Potatoes stand on their own. This CD is hitting on all cylinders. It?s a party CD - -you hear it and you want to have a party. Your friends will love the good mood that comes from listening to this one! A true piece of Living Rock - it's got it all: from the mature silliness of Mexican Donkey Ride and the ultimate party song, Up and Over, to the heart warming My Biggest Fan and the potent Think It Over. One word sums it up - variety! Pink noise drives this classy get-together across the finish line in style. At the time of this writing, I've listened to this CD over 30 times-it keeps sounding new. More Potatoes, please!!! (Reviewed by WellFedFred)


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