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Terry Eason - Elephant Garden

DEBUT RELEASE FOR JAM RECORDS. Terry Eason creates sublime pop music that has threads of Wilco, Neil Young, Dump Truck, Bobby Sutliff, Marty Wilson Piper( of the Church)and much of today's current indie power pop scene. Terry's voice is wispy, soft and gentle. He multi-layers lots of sweet vocal harmonies in a very genteel kind of way. This vocal delight is interspaced with many layers of Neil Young style guitars. The music is disciplined and never grunge, staying true to the pop format. In this context,the sound is unique and groundbreaking for pop music. The lyrics are often sureal and yet connected telling stories of broken relationship and struggle. This cd gets a 10 out of 10 and sends a strong message that pop-art is alive and well! The cd will also be a great addition to any serious music fans collection.

Sound Samples:
Antique Mall
God Knows That We Try
I Never Told You


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