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Dipsomaniacs - Freakin Eureka

THIS IS A WONDERFUL CD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Great pop power from New Jersey's Dipsomaniacs!!! Fans of THE Who, Neil Young, Replacements, take note! Their influences here are clearly defined with a melting pot of further die hard Teenage Fanclub, Who, Replacements, and some Neil Young guitar style. Lead Dipso Mick Chorba delivers the goods once again and pens some mighty fine tunes on this silver platter ! " Sun shine through" is a surefire hit while "Black Cloud" is a powerful stance against negativety! " Freakin Eureka" is an uplifting, empathic, and touching cd that will connect with the listener at ground level. Check out what areal rock and rock band is all about! Real rock still exists, and the Dipsomaniacs are living proof of that! Mighty fine indeed!

Sound Samples:
Black Cloud
Always Forgetting Something
Sun Shine Through


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