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  Just when you least expect it, along comes one of the very *best* power cds of the year. AERIAL is what I am talking about. This band has all the needed ingredients in tact in order to deliver a "top of the pops" cd. The vocal harmonies at wonderful, the tunes are catchy, the guitars rock and jangle away with great delight, and the song arrangements are tight and intelligent!! This is a perfect cd which meets somewhere down the road between FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE and TEENAGE FANCLUB! GRADE A Top pick!

  A limited edition cd from this premier Chicago psych rock band. Their music is consistent and highly reliable. They draw from musical ranges such as The Beatles, King Crimson ( they like the mellotron sound) , Pretty Things, Porcupine Tree, and more! I have not heard a release by the band that I didn't like. So really, the whole catalog could be considered their greatest hits! GRADE A

  Chicago's premier psychedelic rock band has an international presence. Most of their cds are available mainly as imports as is this one. "Victoria Moon" is a great psychedelic adventure that fans of The Pretty Things, Pink Floyd, The Beatles , and Porcupine Tree will delight in. First class music all the way and highly recommended!

  THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL is a wonderful psychedelic rock band from Illinois that draws it's inspiration from masters like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Porcupine Tree. The songs are well crafted with truly excellent production. The band has many releases...All of them are very good..so you can't really go wrong here!

  Great psychedelic rock from Chicago. This cd is surprisingly good Beatles, Pink Floyd type psych-rock! PAR CRONE is in fact the alter ego of another really great psych band "THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL" (both of these fine bands are available in this catalog.) Highly recommended and well worth checking out. Grade A

  NEW RELEASE OF POWER POP FOR FALL 2014. Julian Leal has been a mainstay of the Chicago power pop scene for many years. The new cd opens really strong with the title track "A New Beginning". The spirit of classic Chicago power pop can be felt here, and it all feels right as if this were part of the late 70's early 80's power pop revival coming back to life. Those who remember and enjoyed the indie label PARASOL will be right at home with this cd as it sounds like something from their roster. Great indie pop sounds abound with an appealing self produced approach that is free from bombastic overproduction. Highly recommended to all fans of home grown power pop, and bands like The Doleful Lions, early Shoes, and Weird Summer.

  Here is the very latest and greatest from THE SUCCESSFUL FAILURES. The band is from New Jersey ( they were previously known as The Dipsomaniacs, *also available in this catalog) Here we find SF at the top of their game delivering their *best* album yet. Their sound is now more refined and the band knows how to lay down a really solid power pop tune. The following artists are cited as prime inspiration: THE REPLACEMENTS, SUPERDRAG, CHEAP TRICK, TEENAGE FANCLUB, SLOAN, NADA SURF, and NEIL YOUNG. It's all very good company to be in and makes this disc a real winner! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. GRADE A

  NEW RELEASE....This is the 7th release from the excellent San Francisco band THE WELL WISHERS. The bands reliable brand of solid power pop has made them mainstays on the pop scene. As with previous releases it's these three main bands that they sound like: SHOES, POSIES, and of course.. SPINNING JENNIES! The formula is tried and tested and very enjoyable. This new album is excellent with one solid power pop song after another and is possibly their best release yet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Grade A

  OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 6th, 2014. OUT NOW!!! "BRIGHT MORNING STAR" is the BRAND NEW release by Jeremy Morris. (He's made over 60 albums but we've lost count by now!) This one is a blending of everything that Jeremy loves. Power pop, psychedelic, folk, progressive, classic rock, classical, electronic, and more. Basically, Jeremy is doing what he wants to do...Drawing from his diverse inspirations and yet creating an original sound. You can hear shades of Beatles, Byrds, Hollies, Camel, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis, Status Quo, Cream, and the list goes on and on. The songs are spiritual and reflect his love for God and life. The sound is joyous and uplifting. It's the real deal."Bright Morning Star" lives up to it's title with 14 slices of sonic bliss just waiting to carry you away to a better place!

  (LIMITED VINYL COLORED LP RECORD) The limited edition awesome LP release by this Detroit based power pop band is finally here! ( See cd description in this catalog for further details.) For those who love vinyl...this goes highly recommended!

  New release..SUEDA is a new power pop band from SAN DIEGO. This 6 song cd -ep is chock full of power pop appeal. Their music is modeled after the classic wave of power pop bands such as The Knack, The Plimsouls, 20/20 The Nerves, and The Romantics, and a slight case of ED JAMES! So those of you who enjoy the good old days of simple/pure power pop fun, ....this is your ticket to a nice fun audio ride. The spirit of DIY lives on! ( and that's a very good thing indeed!)

  NEW RELEASE AUGUST 2014. (3 cd set with 66 tracks!) The most comprehensive and longest lasting power pop compilation series is back with volume #17 and this batch of power pop tunes turns in one of the strongest collections to date. Out of the 66 tracks included here, almost all of them are real winners (with a measly few exceptions). So it's a jackpot of power pop gems just waiting to be discovered by hearing ears abroad! THE OUTSTANDING LINEUP INCLUDES: LISA MYCHOLS 3, TRIP WIRE, THE MAYFLOWERS, SHARP THINGS, SPINNING JENNIES, THE JEREMY BAND, THE BOBBLEHEADS, THE TOR GUIDES, ASHBURY KEYS, THE TEARWAWAYS, SECRET FRIEND, THE BUBBLEGUM ORCHESTRA, THE FAST CAMELS, DOT 22, DAVE BIRK, B-SIDE, THE STARFIRE BAND, WE PATRIOTS, SHPLANG, AMERICAN SUITCASE....AND TONS MORE!!!!! Go for it!!! You'll be glad you did!!!

  NEW CD RELEASE FOR AUGUST 2014 ( SPANISH IMPORT) This is the 3rd cd and arguably the best one so far from the UK power pop band The Breakdowns! The production and sound quality raises the bar even higher this time around with an extra strong power pop punch! So this one really rocks most righteously! The sound and songs are great and draw from The PLIMSOULS, KNACK, and THE BEAT school of power pop rock! It's all thrills with no frills ROCK N ROLL!!! Grade A

  POWER POP ALERT! This power pop band from good old Texas has made one of the best live power pop cds I have ever heard! PERIOD! This album sounds so good that you can't even tell it's live. ( and the live versions actually shine brighter than the studio ones) This tasty disc sports 14 golden pop nuggets. They are all hits and no misses. To put is straight, this *is* a perfect power pop cd. The cd consists of 13 Lannie Flowers originals and an absolutely killer cover of BIG STARS--"BACK OF A CAR" How did they pull this off? A live version that nearly eclipses the original. Furthermore, the wonderful live cd is full of passion and energy. Fans of BEATLES, KINKS, BIG STAR, and all good thing pops...don't miss out on this one. The band rocks and the harmony vocals blend with beautiful perfection. If you have never bought anything from Lannie Flowers, this is the perfect introduction to a highly overlooked and awesome talent. You will be in for a very pleasant surprise! Power pop this good just can't be ignored! Yes my friends, this truly is great stuff. Get it while you can. ***** FIVE STARS FOR WAY-FAB!!!

  Here's a great new release just in. THE FORTY NINETEENS make *great* power pop rock that has cool edge, energy, fun, and excitement. Sounds like everything from The Plimsouls, Cheap Trick, The Beat, The Cars, The Beatles, and so much more! My favorite track on the cd is the extremely Beatle flavored "Have a good time" ! Great song, but they all are! You are bound to "Have a good time" when you listen to this cd! This is real power pop music for real power pop people! Get it while you can! It totally rocks and it totally pops! Love it!

  Here it is at last! One of my all time favorite power pop/psych pop bands from the UK...THE ORGONE BOX! This cd is super cool and captures the groovy psych pop sounds the way The Beatles did with "Revolver" The way the Pretty Things did with "S.F. Sorrow" ..The way Pink Floyd did with "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and the way Oasis did with "Definitely Maybe" It's a very cool blend of old and new pop sounds and the vocals are simply killer diller to put it mildly! A great unsung classic power pop/psych cd that should be in every serious pop/psych fans collection! GRADE A all the way!

  Great POWER POP surprise for the summer of 2014. Fresh out the door...this is a wonderful power pop cd that sounds like The Beatles, The Byrds, The Sweet, Lets Active, The Squires of the Subterrain, and The Grapes of Wrath! An interesting combination of power pop styles which certainly makes for an interesting listen. The vocals sound really cool on this one..so that's the icing on the cake! Highly recommended!


NEW JAM RELEASE!!! OUT NOW!!! This new 2014 cd release is the latest and absolute greatest from the wonderful BRITANNICAS! For many of you already in the know, The Britannicas are an all star power pop band that is truly international!( with members from USA, SWEDEN, and AUSTRALIA!) This all star line up includes STEFAN JOHANNSON (The Lemon Clocks) JOE ALGERI--(Jack and The Beanstalk, The Jac) HERB EIMERMAN (solo, The Nerk Twins)and MAGNUS KARLSSON (of the Happydeadmen, The Charade) These 4 power pop veterans are well seasoned and with their combined talents the results are outstanding! Here is a 13 track cd that fully delivers on it's promise! The disc starts off strong with the lovely jangle rock of "Got a Hold on Me". The song would have fit easily on any of the Jack and the Beanstalk cds. Great tune!. Up next is the super Byrdsy "Talkin about Summer" The spirit of Gene Clark comes to full force on this gem of a tune. Track #3 "The Moment Passed" kicks out the jams with nice rocking guitar. It's a bit heavier and has a very cool early Kinks feel. Track #4 bowls the listener over with some blow away harmony vocals that have not been heard much since "The Sun King" from the Beatles "Abbey Road". On to track #5 .."Bleed Between The Lines" a great Herb Eimerman/Nerk Twins sound that will truly please the fans with more great harmony vocals on this one. Track #6 is a piano based pop ballad that has a serious nod to the 60's. Track #7 jumps in with power pop chords and the Swedish pop sounds that emerged during the 90's. It sounds like a great lost Wannadies track. Track #8 returns the jingle jangle guitars to the mix and makes one feel very relaxed. The perfect chillax tune for the summer of 2014. (Again, nice harmonies galore!) Track #9 --The spirit of The Byrds "She don't care about time" evoke the rhythm section and the song is obviously Herb Eimerman and could easily fit on one of his solo discs. Track #10 comes as a surprise with a bouncy Happydeadmen/ Jellyfish back drop This song is pure Britannicas with it's classic vocal blend. Track #11 opens with nice organ/ 12 string jangle. The diminished chords remind one of Eddie Money's "Baby Hold on me" and the vocals are totally sublime. Track #12 sounds like Teenage Fanclub at their jangle best! And finally ...Track #13.."Lyin' on the Ground" (one of the best tracks) finishes off everything with a strong Byrds vibration and dash of psychedelia. A perfect mix and a fine ending to a very fine disc. So there you have it! Fans of The Byrds, Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks, Herb Eimerman, The Nerk Twins, Happydeadmen, The Lemon Clocks, The Jac, Jack and the Beanstalk, and of course...THE BRITSH INVASION!!! will delight in this great celebration of melodic bliss! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Got A Hold On Me
Talkin' Bout Summer
The Moment Passed
A Shag And A Cup O' Tea
Too Far Gone
I Work At The Post Office
Will Someone Cover Your Fall

  The Click Beetles are a wonderful US power pop band from Kenosha. This brand new 11 song CD delivers the goods in full with all killer and no filler power pop nuggets. The sound is a mix of bands like THE SHOES, THE SPONGETONES, MARSHALL CRENSHAW, and of course..THE BEATLES!!! Most of the songs are written by head honcho DAN PAVELICH (also visionary of the VANDALAY record label) He also collaborates in song writing with LISA MYCHOLS on the track "I never said goodbye" The results are stellar. Equally great power pop tracks include the opener "Shut the tv down", "Tell me how you feel", "All Day Sucker" and tremendous covers of Marshall Crenshaw's "Cynical Girl" and the Fab Four's "Do you want to know a secret" All in all the cd gets a power pop A+ for clear musical vision are perfect musical focus. "Wake up to the Music" is the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2014.

  POWER POP PLANET VOLUME 3 IS HERE! Here's another great new double cd power pop compilation filled with cool artists such as GREG POPE, MYRACLE BRAH, NICK PIUNTI, THE HEADBOYS, THE STANLEYS, TRUE STORIES, POPDUDES, VALLEY LODGE, BYE BYE BLACKBIRDS, ROLLO TIME, THE CRY, NEON COUGH, TIMMY SEAN, THE FOREIGN FILMS, and many, many more. A great deal and a whole lotta power pop fun!


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