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  PSEUDONYM is one of the years greatest power pop surprises. Here is a band with a lush power pop sound that reminds us of the early RADIO DEPT albums. Jangly guitars with BYRDS influence flow beautifully over a wash of harmony vocals in a SIMON and GARFUNKLE mode. Fans of COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS, BYRDS, RADIO DEPT, LOLAS, and THE POSIES will discover the pure ear candy of PSEUDONYM. This is a really good one and truly one of the years finest.

  THE MORNING LINE create wonderful jangle pop with immediate gratification. If you love the 12 string guitar and compilation albums like "12 String High", this is a must own CD. For fans of The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub, The Shambles, Matthew Sweet, and all things jangly! A wonderful, pleasant, and very enjoyable listen! GRADE A

  (DOUBLE CD) This two set disc is the ultimate collection for all fans of THE RED BUTTON . They are one of the best current power pop bands that do super BEATLE style music and write great melodic pop songs. Disc Two is their new album with 10 new unreleased tracks. Disc one is their first and second cd both included on one disc. A total of 33 great songs comprises this collection. This is the ultimate RED BUTTON collection and is a must have for fans of THE BEATLES and British invasion flavored music. GRADE A all the way!!!

  The new DANA COUNTRYMAN "The Joy of Pop" has arrived and is out now! What can be said is that this is the finest release by Dana Countryman yet. And this is probably the best cd release to start with if you are new to his music. We are talking about the pure "Have A Nice Day" kind of pop that was so prevalent during the 60's and 70's on top 40 radio. This music breathes of purity of youthful happiness. Perhaps it is a melding of Beach Boys meets Beatles meets Partridge Family meets Jan and Dean meets Edison Lighthouse. But whatever you call it...The Joy of Pop truly lives up to it's name. Drink this pop in and it could truly become your daily happy hour. It's the top of the pure pops!

  The UK band is being labeled "London's Iggy Pop" but the music is so much more than that: The following bands pertain to the sound of the 23 track cd album : The Stooges, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Love and Rockets, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mott the Hoople, The Pretty Things, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. That's quite a list and wide range! If you like your power pop filtered through garage rock, and punkish attitude, this one will be right up your alley.

  This is one of those BIG power pop surprises. Coming in at the tail end of 2017, this is certainly one of this year's power pop finest. The tunes blast with loads of California sunshine. Smashing guitars and rich harmony vocals abound..(like the Foo Fighters jamming good with the Beach Boys) One can hear a heavy Matthew Sweet, American Hi-fi, Richard Lloyd, Let's Active vibe at work in the music. It's one solid rockin' cd and well worth your time. Check it out, you'll be glad you did. Grade A power pop release.

  (IMPORT CD--2017 RELEASE) Here is the new cd from SPANISH power pop/indie rock band THE YELLOW MELODIES! The band has been around for a while now. They started over 20 years ago. They have been faithfully cranking out their appealing blend of jangly power pop with happy, upbeat, good vibrations for years. Fans of TEENAGE FANCLUB, RADIO DAYS, BMX BANDITS, THE HAPPY LOSERS, CHAMPAGNE, THE RADIO DEPT. MAMA GOT FIVE, SIDONIE, and ZINEDINES will know what to expect. Great jangly songs, cool indie vocals and productions make this one very enjoyable cd to listen to. Highly recommended. SPANISH POWER POP RULES.

  (CANADIAN IMPORT) Here comes rough and ready country tinged Americana music by way of Canada! (This is *not* a Skytone cd neither does it sound at all like that band.) Skytone is the backing backing band on this recording for NICK DANGER. The style here is countrified indie folk done raw. Fans of GRAM PARSONS, THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS, JOHNNY CASH, Etc will be on board with this one. So here is a diamond in the rough for fans of alt-indie and country folk pop music! A pleasant listen.

  (CANADIAN IMPORT) Here is the latest from power pop/ indie pop/jangle/dream pop band ARMSTRONG. 15 previously unreleased rare tracks are presented here for the very first time. Fans of BMX BANDITS, TEENAGE FANCLUB, IRON AND WINE, TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, THE POOH STICKS, THE FIELD MICE, and TREMBLING BLUE STARS, will find plenty to enjoy here. This is honest, forthright indie pop music with a straight from the heart approach! This disc will appeal to those who want something that's real! No overly slick production here, just lots of great songs! Very nice indeed and worth five stars *****

  ( NEW! power pop release!) The Forty Nineteens have a brand new release for October 2017. "GOOD FORTUNE" is the latest from the energetic power pop band from sunny California. The music is much similar to bands like WALT MINK, VALLEY LODGE, early KINKS, THE WHO, TROGGS, STONES, THE BEAT RATS, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, FLAMIN GROOVIES, and more! They even made it onto Little Steven's "Coolest song in the World" spotlight. This is very solid power pop rock with a nod to 60's British Invasion / Nugget's Box set bliss/ mixed with late 70's power pop revival. Not one bum track in the bunch . It's good from start to finish. Highly recommended!

  This fantastic 15 track power pop cd is loaded with layers and layers of some the best harmony vocals that I have heard in a very long time. The songs are catchy and find themselves in a cross section of BEATLES and BEACH BOYS bliss! with an upgraded power pop punch! This superb cd should not be missed! Be sure to check out SOMERDALE! They are one of power pop's best kept secrets but hopefully not for very long! GRADE A

  (IMPORT CD) Brand new and their best one yet....THE STANLEYS make great power pop and there is plenty of crunchy "power" in this marvelous music . They are from AUSTRALIA and are one of the best current power pop bands on the scene. I have seen them play live several times and they are certainly the real deal! Fans of DM3, The Chevelles, Butch Walker, American Hi-Fi, The Finkers, Big Star, The Merrymakers, SPLITSVILLE, The Churchills, etc... This is *really* great driving rockin power pop and oh so "highly recommended" Get it!


New JAM release...officially out now September 30th, 2017. This is the latest and hands down the greatest release from THIRD OF NEVER. The new cd contains their most rocking and catchy power pop tunes to date! It starts off with the high octane "Kidnapped Information"- a song that sounds like a "Frosting on the Beater" era POSIES track. A great sound while sounding like THE WHO, and SPINNING JENNIES ! Up next is "Dig the View", another inspired rocker that kicks out with Keith Moon style drumming and again THE WHO is a big influence. (Hey, The Who's keyboardist RABBIT plays a hefty organ solo on this track!) Up next is "Run Silent Run Deep"- One the coolest guitar riffs I have heard in a long time by way of Jon Dawson. It rocks heavily and reminds us of SRC's "Milestones" LP. Think of the track "Up all Night " from that album as a reference. The guitar solo by the ultra talented C.J. is killer! Next comes the title track "Austerity" A minor key rocker with an infectious chord progression that will hook you in. This one has a TOM PETTY feel channeled through the energy of THE WHO. "506"-- the fifth track on the cd is very Pete Townsend inspired with a WELL WISHERS vibration. The rest of the cd is consistently great with every track being solid, catchy, rocking , and awesome. GRIP WEEDS Kurt Reil also participates as producer with the band adding some sublime harmony vocals ...that being the icing on this fabulous rock and roll cake! So there you have it! A superb GRADE A RELEASE >>> and a must have for fans of THE WHO, THE POSIES, and GRIP WEEDS! Just get it!

Sound Samples:
Kidnapped Information
Dig The View
Run Silent Run Deep
18 Strings
If You Don't Keep Me Happy

  (NEW RELEASE) Our power pop hero from Spain has just released his 3rd cd and it's a very special one. It's a tribute to the early BEE GEES ! 12 wonderful covers of early Bee Gees songs like Idea, Run to Me , I've gotta get a message to you , First of May , Cucumber Castle etc... You get the picture. This is the early stuff when they sounded much like the Beatles. COKE BELDA has a wonderful pop sensibility , so this is a real treat and will please many a fan! GRADE A

  Brand new power pop cd from the band TRIP WIRE !This power pop band has grown musically by adding a new member JEFF SHELTON (OF The WELL WISHERS and SPINNING JENNIES fame.) Fans of those bands will certainly want to check this out. Jeff Shelton's songwriting contributions to the band on songs like "I'M NOT THE ENEMY" and "GROWING OLD" are pure SPINNING JENNIES/WELL WISHERS classic power pop. The other tracks written by Marty Schneider and Bill Hunt carry more of a Teenage Fanclub, Replacements, Camper Van Beethoven type of vibe. This leaves us with a very fine cd that bridges the gap between "indie rock" and "power pop". The blend works great and makes for an interesting listen with lots of really great sounding jangly guitars and cool pop hooks. So the dominant sound has to TEENAGE FANCLUB, and if you dig that band ...it's pretty safe that you will dig this cd too. Another fine release for 2017. Highly recommended!

  (NEW POWER POP RELEASE : AUSTRALIA ! This is the new one from GREEN CIRCLES--A three piece power pop /psych band from South Australia. It's an excellent disc that will please fans of the BEATLES, THE STEMS, DM3, THE KINKS, GREEN PAJAMAS, and THE ROMANTICS. A stunning release that shifts and changes through out covering everything from British Invasion to American garage nuggets. They even do an upgrade on the STOOGES song "1969". A solid disc throughout, GREEN CIRCLES will not disappoint! Highly recommended!

  In 1977 three teenagers from Philadelphia formed The Jags. The band made a wonderful form of power pop that sounds like The Knack, The Romantics, The Ramones, The Who, The Jam, The Shambles, Manuel Scan, The Protones, and many others..... These wonderful 8 tracks give testimony to what a great band The Jags were and they are available now on cd for the very first time ever! The disc contains 7 energetic originals and one superb cover of *THE WHO song "A Legal Matter" *I personally prefer The Jags version over THE WHO as it's a bit faster and more exciting. So here you go! 8 blasts of power pop energy! A collection of tunes made to satisfy your teenage soul. A grade A release!

  POP ALERT!!! THRIFT STORE HALO is back with a brand new 6 song EP. Their first power pop release in a really long time. This ILLINOIS trio put the POWER back in pop with nice rough edgy guitars that rock and pop with excitement. The sound will appeal to fans who like their power pop on the lively side. Fans of The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, John Cougar, The Black Crows, DM3, The Plimsouls should dig it the most. This is top pop !!!THRIFT STORE HALO rocks!

  NEW POWER POP CD. THE JOHN SALLY RIDE have made a fun and enjoyable power pop disc. On track 1 We can hear some BAY CITY ROLLERS Track 2 takes on more of a TEENAGE FANCLUB vibe. Track 3 rocks a bit harder with just a slight T REX vibe but very subtle. Track 4 brings in some dreamy psych for a nice variety . Track 5 picks up the tempo with a great early BEATLES vibe. Track 6 Is a pop rock romp ala THE SMALL FACES Track 7 boogies along with some good ol rock n roll. Track 8 picks up the pace again with a KATRINA AND THE WAVES vibe. Track 9 returns with more TEENAGE FANCLUB jangle. This is a nice one. Track 10 finishes off the disc with a nice psych era BEATLE styled popper. One of the highlights of the disc. So there you have it. 10 nice tracks in a row. A winning disc. Highly recommended

  NEW POWER POP BAND!!! --Heirs of Fortune. These guys make straight ahead no nonsense power pop music with nice jangly styled guitars, keyboards, and cool harmony vocals. The sound is rooted in the 70's power pop era. The songs are very melodic with a bit of 70's west coast feel. While comparisons may vary ...Fans of Kyle Vincent , America, Big Star, Chris Bell (yes, they faithfully cover "I am the Cosmos" ) The Beatles, and Ken Sharp and The Raspberries ..are a few examples of where these guys are coming from. This one goes down easy and is effortless enjoyment for almost any serious power pop fan. ****


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