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  New release!!!! The WEEKLINGS are back with their 2nd cd appropriately titled "STUDIO 2". This band is all about paying tribute to THE BEATLES!!! While doing their own original Beatlesque tunes, the band also covers some very rare Beatles songs that were never released...Those songs are "You must write", "Because I know you love me so", "Some days" and "Love of the Loved"....all those songs were composed by Lennon and McCartney but have never seen the light of day. So...for all BEATLES fans this is an easy one...GET IT! You'll be glad you did!

  (IMPORT UK) The Eddies indeed have returned for this new album released December 7th 2016! Produced by the legendary EARL MANKEY (formerly of SPARKS fame) This is their 3rd full length cd and contains some of their very best songs yet! One example is the song "You Make Everything", a beautiful Byrds inspired jangle rock song that would be a sure fire hit song in a perfect world. Other examples include "Gonna sing about this"...a slam at all the commercial crap that has bombarded the airwaves this past while. The music is adventuresome and full of surprises. I highly recommend this cd to all power pop fans! Well done and a much welcomed "return" from an excellent band that is not afraid to push the musical borders at times and be creative! Bravo EDDIES!!! you've done it again!

  10 new songs from Mark and Holly Morris (aka GLOWFRIENDS) ...This is a delightful limited edition release and could be considered a rarities cd since none of these songs have ever been heard before. This is great listening for fans of Glowfriends, Iron and Wine, and Shoegaze music in general. Highly Recommended

  BAND NEW POWER POP FROM SPAIN! This is so easy to review! Fans of mid 60's BEATLES....this one's for you! Classic old school, catchy, delightful melodies. Harmonies like Beach Boys, jangle guitars like Byrds, and of course songs like the fab four! Great, fun, and happy!

  FANTASTIC BRITISH POWER POP mixed with a lot of cool 60's psychedelia! This band has the sound mastered with cool 60's riffs, mellotrons, catchy melodies that remind us of The Lemon Clocks, The Pooh Sticks, The Monkees, The Beatles, Martin Newell, The Byrds, and so much more ! A really great cd from a truly great band!

  New Release! The 2nd release from Michigan's THE LEGAL MATTERS is here! Wow! The first one was great but this one is even greater still! "Hook filled and harmony drenched " is a perfect description. Fans of Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, Badfinger, Big Star, will love this. One of the years best! Just get this!

  NEW RELEASE! Top of the pops alert!!! The 2nd lp by the LEGAL MATTERS is high and mighty infectious pop. This is one of the best power pop cds of the year! The pop masters Chris Richards, Andy Reed, and Keith Klingensmith, are a major power pop force, and with their combined talents they have made the kind of music we all long to hear. Shades of Beach Boys, Big Star, Byrds, Beatles, Badfinger,(The "B" bands rule!) Great vocals, beautiful harmonies, catchy melodies, tight songs. Not a moment wasted! This cd is good through and through and a must own for all serious power pop fans! Huge kudos to the band and much thanks for making your best release yet! GRADE A

  ATTENTION ALL BEATLES FANS! This is a must have for any serious Beatles fan. We have not heard such an authentic band dedicated to this style since the first two records by THE SPONGETONES which came out years ago. The Weeklings write their own Beatle sounding tunes but they also do covers of really rare and unknown Beatle songs that fell through the cracks. So go on and grab this one, you'll be really glad you did! It's a lot of fun and it's really well done!

  POWER POP ALERT...This is the latest cd from power pop great NICK PIUNTI. His 3rd release stands tall and strong with 10 perfectly crafted power pop gems (It's No wonder it's released on the resurrected JEM label! ) It says in the liners that Nick plays "lots of guitars" on the cd and it's oh so true! A beautiful wall of jangly and electric rockin' guitars flush out the sound! Now let's talk about the vocals. Nick has a great, strong, power pop voice. He also has quite an extended vocal range and can sing high without sounding gruff or rough. That's what makes this such a nice/melodic power pop release . The music has power but never gets nasty, or down and dirty. For me, I find this to be really refreshing. Why can't more bands go with this approach? What's my point? This is a great cd and gets a well deserved 10 out of 10! Don't miss out on this one.

  NEW POWER POP RELEASE!!! Greg Pope has made a lot of excellent power pop cds over the years. He writes consistently solid, catchy tunes. He plays and does it all, and he is one of power pops best kept secrets. Let's hope this new cd gets him better known as he deserves to be! His music is much in the spirit of artists like TODD RUNDGREN, but it doesn't stop there. He writes great tunes that fans of THE POSIES, BIG STAR, and THE BEATLES should be appealed to. This new cd is as good as any place to start...certain to win over new fans and continue to please old ones. Don't miss out on this master craftsman of pop! He's a real "Pop Monster"! ***** Grade AWESOME!

  SWEDISH POWER POP ALERT! Here is a great new Swedish power pop band that knows how to write good catchy songs! 12 perfect pop songs make this a grade A release. This is a must have for fans of THE BYRDS, and TOM PETTY. There's lot's super cool 12 string jangle and miles of wonderful layered harmony vocals. Intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies makes this one all killer and no filler. What more could a jangle pop fan want? Just go for it.


Official release date September 13th, 2016.CARDBOARD HIGHWAY is a new Michigan indie rock band and this is their first official full length debut cd on Jam records. The trio consists of Matt Willsea (electric guitars) Christopher Peters (bass) and Peter Morris (drums, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) The album is superbly produced by Mark Andrew Morris ( of the bands glowfriends, and Overly Polite Tornadoes) The sound is a wonderful blend of indie rock, Shoegaze rock, and psychedelic atmospheres. This results in a finely crafted cd which has sonic elements from bands as diverse as, Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, glowfriends, Overly Polite Tornadoes and Built to Spill. What sets the bands sound apart from others is their fine use of dynamics and a variety of wide musical textures. Moments of quiet ambience are balanced with powerful explosive rock passages that take the listener on a musical journey. The music is ever changing, full of energy one moment, dreamy the next. Highly recommended and a sure fire indication of a band that is going to go places. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Art Room
Unplugged Alarm Clock
Closed Lid

  The 2nd cd from California's power pop guys SHAMUS TWINS is another winner. This rock band sounds like shades of Beatles, Grip Weeds, and Fire Apes. It's a really nice band and both their cds are highly recommended.

  The Pozers most recent release solidifies their power pop sound even further! That sound is grounded in the style of bands like Cheap Trick, Enuff Znuff, and The Beatles. What makes this cd an interesting listen is the variety of styles the band ventures into. Sometimes pop, sometimes rock, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes indie rock. It all fits together nicely making for a fine power pop offering that many will enjoyed! Highly recommended.

  ( NEW) Here is the brand new release from power pop great Seth Swirsky (AKA: THE RED BUTTON) This new cd is an obvious labor of pure pop love. It is carefully crafted with 17 delightful tunes hearkening back to three of the biggest 'B' bands of the 60's: THE BEATLES, THE BYRDS, and THE BEACH BOYS! The disc delivers on all fronts and is GRADE A power pop full of luscious vocal harmonies, jangly 12 strings, real piano, strings, and more. It's refreshing to hear a current release done in this style. They rarely make em like this anymore, and I am glad that Seth Swirsky has stepped up to the plate and just hit the ball out completely of the park! *****

  (SPANISH IMPORT) The new 2016 release from Spanish power popper Lukah Boo is a winner. Immediately classic Beatles/Klaatu come to mind as I listen to the opening track. The 2nd track switches to more a Byrdsy jangle. The 3rd track has some nice Harrison slide guitar fills. The 4th track sounds Beatlish once again. The 5th track is more minor key and has nice harmony vocals. The 6th track is driving synth and would fit perfectly on any cd by THE AFTERNOONS...The 7th track is a return the jangly guitar sound and a bit more laid back . The 8th track sounds like a radio hit! Great sound. The 9th track ..is a take on SPLIT ENZ ..I got you The 10th track ..is more folky and quite delightful . So there you have 10 excellent tunes in a row.. All songs sung in Spanish. Grade A

  (import cd) RADIO DAYS is one of Italy's top power pop bands. They are right up there with CIRRONE and the TEMPONAUTS. Radio Days are champions of the classic 60's and 70's song craft. They sound a lot like the Beatles, Kinks, Who, Byrds, etc... Each song counts and there is no filler on this cd. The end result is 14 wonderfully crafted power pop originals that make you feel great as you listen them. This is their 3rd cd and we are already looking forward to the next one! Long live Radio Days! *****

  (SPANISH IMPORT) It's been a long time since the Spanish power pop CHAMPAGNA has released anything. We welcome this new 2016 CD with open arms and it's been well worth the wait. The band rocks with a wall of solid guitars/bass and puts plenty of power into the pop. The effect is sublime as the music is both "happy" and "heavy". This works to great affect and I can honestly say that I don't of any other power pop band that really sounds like CHAMPAGNA. Their secret weapon in the production is to weave some keyboard synths quietly in the mix. This works to fantastic effect and again no other bands are really doing much of this. So if you insist on comparisons...maybe a little bit of Weezer, a little bit of The Cars, and a little bit of the Beach Boys. But keep in mind the comparisons are very subtle. BOTTOM LINE: This is an EXCELLENT power pop cd from one of Spain's finest bands!

  (SWEDISH/SPANISH CO-RELEASE IMPORT) Dropkick is one of the UK's longest and best kept secrets. They have made a host of wonderful jangle/pop cds and this new 2016 cd is no exception! Yes, it's another fine and beautiful work. Now as I have often said before, these guys sound so much like Teenage Fanclub that they could easily be mistaken for that band. Their is also a Neil Young, and Tom Petty vibe channeled through the sensibility of a Sufjan Stevens. Their vocal harmonies are smooth as silk, the guitars jangle beautifully, and the production is crystal clear! Bravo Dropkick! You've done it again!

  (SPANISH IMPORT) NEW RELEASE 2016 This is a wonderful AUSSIE power pop/ folk pop cd full of wonderful, catchy tunes, nice harmony vocals, and jangly guitars! I must have for fans of : Michael Carpenter, Phil Angotti, Snow Patrol, Travis, Marc Carroll, Teenage Fanclub, and Simon and Garfunkle. A grade A ***** release!


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