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NEW 2007 Release from JAM out now!!! The 3rd release from GLOWFRIENDS finds the band evolving to a 5 piece band consisting of April, Mark, and Holly, Morris and J.W.and Jenn Hendrix. Here on this wonderful new release we find GLOWFRIENDS exploring new sonic dimensions. Recorded by the lengendary Charlie Piper (The Idea, Phil Angotti and host of others),the CD is sonically pristeen! Also noteworthy, is that the songwriting has evolved with stronger melody and an increase of vocal harmony coming from April,and Mark,and Holly Morris. The instrumentation consists of guitars, bass,keyboards,vibraphone, drums and strings. Glowfriends draw their inspiration from Trembling Blue Stars, Galaxie 500, Slowdive,Nick Drake, The Shins, Snow Patrol, The Sundays, Mazzy Star, Sigur Ros, Asilers Set, Death Cab For Cutie, Tamas Wells, Francoise Hardy, The Smiths,Sunny Day Real Estate, Ride, Travis, and a host of others. What sets this band apart is that they have matured into creating their own special sound. "A fairwell to fair-weather" is a really great cd and their best yet! A band to watch for! GRADE A *****

Sound Samples:
All Comes Down
Bitter Gets Around
Bow Your Head
All Gone Goodbye


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