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A MUST FOR ALL SHOEGAZE and DREAMPOP fans!!! One of the most beautiful, elegantly sequenced collections of tunes you may ever hear! This is what fans of RIDE, SLOWDIVE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, ADORABLE, POWER OF DREAMS and SWERVEDRIVER have been longing for! A stellar worldwide collection with many exclusive tracks only available here. The 75 minute plus disc includes the following bands: MALORY, THE MORNING PAPER, AIRIEL, THE BROTHER KITE, BRIEF CANDLES, TEARS RUN RINGS, CRASH CITY SAINTS, SECRET SHINE, THE JOY BUS, JE SUIS ANIMAL, GLOWFRIENDS, THE FLOWER BEDS, PANDA RIOT, SOUNDPOOL, IN CIVILIAN CLOTHING, THRUSHES, THE FAUNS, SUNLIGHT ASCENDING. ***** five stars for fabulous!!!

Sound Samples:
Malory - Just Be
Airiel - Cinnamon
The Brother Kite - The Finest Kind
Crash City Saints - Panic Queen
Secret Shine - Oblivion
The Joy Bus - Something Wrong Inside
Je Suis Animal - Sparkle Spit
Glowfriends - Sensible
The Flower Beds - Mean to Me
In Civilian Clothing - Current Therapist



  (CANADIAN IMPORT) Wonderful tribute to this cult classic Brit-pop sounding band that deserves the extra attention. This is an excellent compilation and the 22 artists paying tribute include: The Yellow Melodies, Simon Bishand and Andy Fonda, Dot Dash, The Steinbecks, Skytone, Jeremy, Paul Bonin and the Chosen few, The Penelopes, The Milestone Band, Bright Lights, Big Zombie, Pretty eyes for captain America, The Puddle, AJ Jackson , I Satellite, The Just Joans, The Pristines, The dupont Circles, Robert Scott, Todd Shuster, Chester, Paul Messis, Schuman The Human! A really well put together compilation and a very enjoyable listen!

  Just when you least expect it, along comes one of the very *best* power cds of the year. AERIAL is what I am talking about. This band has all the needed ingredients in tact in order to deliver a "top of the pops" cd. The vocal harmonies at wonderful, the tunes are catchy, the guitars rock and jangle away with great delight, and the song arrangements are tight and intelligent!! This is a perfect cd which meets somewhere down the road between FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE and TEENAGE FANCLUB! GRADE A Top pick!

  (SPANISH IMPORT) From Cardiff in the UK. This is one of England's finest power pop bands. Fans of Dodgy, Oasis, Bronco Bullfrog, Orgone Box, Farrah, The Junipers, etc... add THE AFTERNOONS to your list of ESSENTIAL and current BRIT-POP that should be in your collection. This is probably their best cd, so start with this one! GRADE A

  (UK IMPORT) One of our favorite power pop bands from England are THE AFTERNOONS. They are simply a wonderful band who craft heartfelt and sensible power pop tunes. Their latest "Fan Fiction" is another winning cd . They can be heard on the Jam compilation "Sweet Relief" #3 or check them out online. They have a sound all their own and really not one to easily compare to. We are fans and we give them a "GRADE A" review!

  (UK IMPORT) A great power pop band from Cardiff, UK. They have many cds out and all them are great. Their music is no nonsense straight ahead power pop and it's all about the song and making high quality music. For fans of bands like THE JUNIPERS. Highly recommended!

  (UK IMPORT) Wow, this cd is such a great album. It's a beautiful mix of power pop rock and pure pop ballads. All the songs are outstanding and have a way of emotionally touching the listener. Not just another band, THE AFTERNOONS are really, really, special! Music this great does not come along all that often. GRADE A

  Brand new for AUGUST 2016 ... Wow. This cd is so good! Just to clarify, this is not a punk rock cd ( the title is not a reference to that style) However, this is hands down an all out POWER POP cd that is really fantastic!!! Fans of BIG STAR, Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub, Nick Piunti, Chris Richards, The Legal Matters, The DB's, Greg Pope, Let's Active, Chris Bell, Alex Chilton, The Beatles, etc.. will easily connect with the style. For me it's "love at first sound" again it's a fantastic cd and one of the year's best! It's rocks, it pop's and the sound is really alive with energy! Yeah!

American Suitcase - Summerman
  BACK IN STOCK ONCE AGAIN.THIS POWER POP CD continues to sell out!!! This is super kool NORWEGIAN POWER POP! This is a very psychedelic cd with beautiful vocal harmonies that deliver the goods. American Suitcase reminds me of an updated version of the Byrds in their classic era without being a clone!!! Also I can hear some Merrymakers production in the mix to further enhance the audio experience! American Suitcase has their own charming sound which captures that Jingle Jangle fan, but this time on this release we find a bit more experimentation. In conclusion, this is a very lovely cd and I give it a full thumbs up! Get it!!! (Limited Copies)

PHIL ANGOTTI - Afternoon Balloon

This is Phil Angotti and the Idea's 3rd and very hard to find release (and alone being worth the price of admission. On that cut, a Sgt. Pepper its one of the best!) The title track vibe radiates with tasteful use of strings etc..! The band branches out on this release covering a wide range of classic power pop stylings. From rock to baroque,this cd soothes the soul. The wonderful pure pop vocals of Phil Angotti tie everything together. Bottom line: Great power pop from Illinios! Grade A

Sound Samples:
Afternoon Balloon
Room Without a View
Good Day Eileen
Sample One

PHIL ANGOTTI - Juliette Foster Soundtrack

We recently found a very limited number of copies of this wonderful Jam release that has long been OUT OF PRINT and is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE. This time around Phil scores a home run by creating a truly beautiful dream pop cd. Fans of Left Banke, Nick Drake, Duncan Browne, Colin Blunstone, and of course, the Beatles are going to love this disc. The sound is loaded with real life cellos, violins, acoustic guitars, and superb vocals. Rarely can an artist make an acoustic dominated cd that retains such a vibrant energy. Phil has done just that. The musical arrangements are brilliant and sound truly sublime! And most importantly, Phil has got one of the BEST pop voices on the planet! Be sure to pick this up!

Sound Samples:
Juliette Foster
No Way to Be
Upside Down


NEW RELEASE FOR 2011. Phil Angotti is back with a wonderful new power pop cd which is sure to please all the fans. Phil Angotti is in classic form on "PEOPLE AND PLACES" with a full band called the LAZY APPLE ORCHESTRA. The classic power pop (guitar,bass,and drums) lineup is further enhanced with the addition of instruments such as violin, cello, trumpet,piano, organ,steel guitar, etc.. This expanded lineup makes this the most 60's sounding release by PHIL ANGOTTI to date... echoing vibrations of classic Left Banke, BEATLES, Zombies, early Todd Rundgren..and more! The disc is further enhanced by the appearance of power pop luminaries such as BRAD ELVIS on the drums. THIS IS GRADE A POP >Fans of the 60's sound will not be disappointed..there are plenty of good vibrations to be found on this wonderful new release. ***In other pop news... Phil has he also replaced the late Jim Ellison in the recently reformed MATERIAL REISSUE! Phil joins the original members to pay tribute to this wonderful power pop band. Catch them live if you can!

Sound Samples:
My Old Records
You Were Right (Probably)
I'm Yer Man


NEW RELEASE: JUNE 2013 Chicago power pop is alive and well! Power pop veteran PHIL ANGOTTI has just released his 10th full length cd! ...and his consistently great sound and style is fully intact. At times PHIL sounds like the near cousin of MATERIAL ISSUE front man Jim Ellison. But most of all PHIL is a huge BEATLE-Maniac...and that traditional sound has permanently fused it's way into his music. Songs like "I might come back" for example sounds like it was lifted straight off the "REVOLVER" LP by the fab four. Of the 12 new songs here..one is a remake "TOO LATE TOMORROW" The original version was great but perhaps PHIL has improved the audio on this track, taking it up a notch! Great songs either way, you can't go wrong here. The album is a nice mix of rockers "-- I see spaceships" and ballads ---" Goodbye Never Said" This disc sports a cool variety of sounds and styles...never boring and always mixing up the pace. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Sound Samples:
Hopeful Kids
Unusual Me
Difficult World
My Life In Rhymes
In Liverpool
Goodbye Never Said
I See Spaceships

  New for JUNE 2017. The long anticipated cd from Phil Angotti is finally here. Phil is best known for his cool pop voice and his sublime song writing. On this new release , Phil goes for a more acoustic approach and the end results are wonderful. It sounds as nice as Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" infused with the spirit of Simon and Garfunkle and an acoustic Beatles. All winning influences on this sublime release make for a home run hit. Don't miss out on yet another top release from one of Chicago's finest singer/songwriters! GRADE A

  SWEDISH POWER POP ALERT! Here is a great new Swedish power pop band that knows how to write good catchy songs! 12 perfect pop songs make this a grade A release. This is a must have for fans of THE BYRDS, and TOM PETTY. There's lot's super cool 12 string jangle and miles of wonderful layered harmony vocals. Intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies makes this one all killer and no filler. What more could a jangle pop fan want? Just go for it.

  If you love 60's sunshine pop, you *really* need to check out Canada's best kept pop secret ARMSTRONG!!! They sound like so many of those 60's bands!With song titles like "SUNSHINE FEELING" it is obvious that this band is upbeat pop. They take their cues from bands like THE ORANGE PEELS, SIMON AND GARFUNKLE, THE CYRKLE, EDWARDS HAND, THE YELLOW BALLOON, THE MILLENIUM, THE ASSOCIATION, SAGITARIOUS,and more! Highly recommended to all fans of the genre! It's very nice music!

  (CANADIAN IMPORT) Here is the latest from power pop/ indie pop/jangle/dream pop band ARMSTRONG. 15 previously unreleased rare tracks are presented here for the very first time. Fans of BMX BANDITS, TEENAGE FANCLUB, IRON AND WINE, TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, THE POOH STICKS, THE FIELD MICE, and TREMBLING BLUE STARS, will find plenty to enjoy here. This is honest, forthright indie pop music with a straight from the heart approach! This disc will appeal to those who want something that's real! No overly slick production here, just lots of great songs! Very nice indeed and worth five stars *****

  Excellent power pop with roots rock attitude. Fans of Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, Shane Lamb, Neil Young, Squeeze, The Penguins, and especially LANNIE FLOWERS!!! are really gonna dig this! Conversational homegrown power pop with that personal heart felt touch is what this band is all about! Excellent!

  It's the crunchy power pop style of early KINKS, THE BEAT, THE ROMANTICS, and THE BEATLES. 12 wonderful power pop gems that deliver the goods hands down! This is truly a cd full of great production and lively rocking power pop. Don't miss out.

Bam Balam Explosion - Bam Balam Explosion 2
  (SPANISH IMPORT) OUT OF PRINT POWER POP COLLECTORS CDS!!! These CD's are compiled by our Spanish power pop friends Manuel and Christine! Sample Australia's Power pop music scene. Includes great bands like DM3, The Rainyard, The Chevelles, The Summer Suns, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Screaming Tribesmen, The Stems, etc... 24 tracks with 28 page color booklet.WOW!


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