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  In 1977 three teenagers from Philadelphia formed The Jags. The band made a wonderful form of power pop that sounds like The Knack, The Romantics, The Ramones, The Who, The Jam, The Shambles, Manuel Scan, The Protones, and many others..... These wonderful 8 tracks give testimony to what a great band The Jags were and they are available now on cd for the very first time ever! The disc contains 7 energetic originals and one superb cover of *THE WHO song "A Legal Matter" *I personally prefer The Jags version over THE WHO as it's a bit faster and more exciting. So here you go! 8 blasts of power pop energy! A collection of tunes made to satisfy your teenage soul. A grade A release!

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Ed James - Poprocket

Flawless power pop gems from this master of the genre! Butt kickin joyful energy will burst out the speakers making you smile again and again!!! Fans of Rubinoos, Beatles, Syyx, Jellyfish, etc... This is your power pop ticket to paradise!!!

Sound Samples:
Welcome to the show
Get up and go


The fantastic 3rd release from the amazingly talented Ed James is finally here! Those who enjoyed his previous releases will find more of the same great positive power pop sounds. What that means is fans of Beatles, Jellyfish, Styx,and Rubinoos will rejoice when they hear this release! Ed James is one of the best underated power pop talents on the planet. This cd is grade A !!!

Sound Samples:
You and Whose Army
Shiver and Shake
Best Laid Plans

  ED JAMES is a multi talented power pop hero who plays all the instruments and sings with a strong amazing pop voice. He is a one man power house who knows how to write really catchy tunes. This album is certainly one of his best and is ever so highly recommended! His music evokes the sounds of bands like The Rubinoos, Fountains of Wayne, Styx, The Cars, The Beatles, and Jellyfish! Grade A *****

  Two pop giants merge to create one super excellent cd. Multilayered harmonies and jangly guitars bring to mind The Beatles, Hollies, Everly Brothers, Marshall Crenshaw and more! It's a great album and thats enough reason right there to get it.

  Straight out of nowhere comes this great new power pop band that sounds like the spirit of 1979. That means bands like 20/20, The Records, Pezband, Off Broadway, Nick Lowe, The Knack, The Three O'clock, The Romantics, Shoes, Flamin'Groovies, and The Beat. Fans of the "Children of Nuggets" box set are gonna love this! The JEANIES bring a warm and welcoming power poppin' sound with nice layered guitars and delightful harmony vocals. Highly recommended! How sweet the sound is!

Jeremy - Celestial City

Many of JEREMY'S out of print cds fetch for high prices on the web these days. This is one of those releases. (OUT OF PRINT!) Only a few copies in stock. Great for fans of GENESIS, STEVE HACKETT,ANTHONY PHILLIPS, CAMEL, and TANGERINE DREAM . UPLIFTING PROG! More symphonic instrumental rock that delivers on an uplifting and spiritual plane! Give a listen and check it out! Extensive information and sound samples at http://www.kinesiscd.com

Sound Samples:
Invisible War
Laser Love
Hour Glass
Celestial City

Jeremy - Dreams Come True

If you are into progressive rock, we highly recommend you check out "Dreams Come True" by Jeremy. This all instrumental release features lots of superb guitar soloing throughout! Along with that, you will find layered synths and strong melodies. The cd has recieved high praise from fans of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Ashra, Steve Hackett, and Anthony Phillips. New limited edition pressing at a new nice price!

Sound Samples:
Danger Zone
Liquid Love


(OUT OF PRINT) RARE COLLECTOR's CD from 1991. Out of print now for years and very hard to find. POWER POP FANS HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE ONE OF THEIR FAVES.... Sounds of Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Emitt Rhodes, etc.. "Bringing forth the simple beauty of his pop as well as the fragility of his voice and the niceties in his guitar playing. It's Jeremy's album of love and positive vibrations-perhaps best summed up in "KATHERINE"' an ode to his wife.''-HARTBEAT magazine.(GERMANY)


It's power pop that rocks!!! Repressed for the 5th time!!! This album continues to be a highlight in the JEREMY canon and continues to sell. Jeremy has released NEARLY 50 albums in his lifetime so far. "INVISIBLE" was originally recorded in the 1988 and having sold out 5 PRESSINGS!!!, is once again available to the public. This cd has proved be an enduring power pop/rock classic. The sound is guitar heavy and will appeal to fans of Cheap Trick, The Records, Beatles, and more. Contains the underground hit "I WANNA BE WITH YOU" from the "POP MATTERS" compilation. This track is listed in JOHN BORACKS book SHAKE SOME ACTION..which lists the most outstanding power pop tunes of all time! This has been one of his most popular CD's. ---"marrying his sunny voice to a melody borrowed from CHEAP TRICK and the RASPBERRIES, MR MORRIS makes nice noise indeed! Classic.-John Borack-GOLDMINE

Sound Samples:
I Want To Be With You
Come Into My Heart
Turn To Me Now
Take a Look Into My Eyes

Jeremy - La Musica Del Peregrino

Out of Print! (SPANISH IMPORT CD) Available from the great Astral label in Spain, this disc is a compilation of songs by Jeremy with some unreleased tracks and rarities. the CD contains 19 tracks by Jeremyrecorded between 1983-1999. Both progressive and pop fans will love this! As with Jeremy's other releases, the vocalshave a strong influence recalling Beatle John. Spanish musician Guillermo Cazenave also guest on one of the songs.All sung in English, this CD is a nice compilaton from one of power pop's and prog's most prolific artists.Recommended.

Sound Samples:
Neverending Friend

Jeremy - Musica Para Alabar Al Senior

Out of print. (SPANISH IMPORT CD) This is a collection of what could be called "spiritual pop music". Again, this is all sung in English and available as an import from the Astral label. Twenty songsfill this disc to the limit! Released for the first time on CD, this is a compilation of songs recrded between 1978-1999. Fans of progressive and pop music, both, will find plenty to like here. A very moving album indeed, this iscelestial music with an expression of love to the One up above!

Jeremy - Open Your Heart

Originally released in November 1987, this classic pop rock lp is now available on CD with 7 bonus tracks from the original sessions! A landmark album that did especially well in parts of Europe! The openingtrack "Tear down the walls" became a European hit coinciding with the tearing down of the Berlinwall! "Striking are his vocals which are crystalclear, emotive, vibrating---A true voice of pop....He's got a waywith guitars too, constantly a-ringing, throwing out riffs that would work everywhere. Always free of the insistenceor obtrusiveness which characterizes the common major company stuff"-HARTBEAT magazine (GERMANY)

Sound Samples:
Tear Down The Walls
Open Your Heart
Sunny Day
Let Me In
Love Waits
Home In Your Heart

Jeremy - Open Your Heart (LP)
  (LP) Jeremy's second album from 1987 and a favorite of many! The track "Let's go Up" was a number one pick on Gary Pig Gold's top pop list! Nice beautiful album art and lyric sheet included! (Something sadly missing these days due the small size of compact discs.) 6,700 copies were pressed and our stock is gettinglow! When they're gone, that's it.

JEREMY - Pilgrims Journey

Released on the excellent KINESIS label, "Pilgrims Journey" is regarded by many as a symphonic progressive rock masterpiece! The title track alone is 25 minutes long. This will appeal to fans of CAMEL, GENESIS, ANTHONY PHILLIPS, STEVE HACKETT , MIKE OLDFIELD and GANDALF! A best seller and a classic prog release! Check it out. This is all instrumental music. Hear further sound samples, read extensive reviews etc...at http:www.kinesiscd.com

Sound Samples:
Rivers of Life
Deep Sleep
Valley of Vision
Pilgrim's Journey

Jeremy - Rare

For those who enjoyed the pure power pop of "POP HEAVEN" this follow up CD picks right up wherethe last disc left off! "Another spanking new record from our boy Jeremy who must never eat or sleep because he is so busy making music! And beautiful music it is, regulated by angelic vocals, chiming guitars, mountain-sized hooks and inspirational lyrics. "Rare" is a colorful kaleidoscope of rapturous pop performances covering everything from the playful rock and roll of "Here We Go Now" to "Waiting There" a heart-stopping piano laced ballad... Encore encore! (Beverly Paterson,-Twist and Shake)


OUT OF PRINT. Collectors have been paying hundreds of dollars for JEREMY'S out of print cd and lp releases. This is one of those which has been seen several times selling for over $200.00 on the web. Released on the short lived MOONCHILD label. This all instrumental space progressive rock release delves into new territory where Jeremy has never gone before! This disc makes heavy use of the guitar synthesizer! The songs are very upbeat and fast moving while also being extremely spacey and drifting! Heavy use of sequencers and electronic sounds abound!!! This will appeal to both fans of electronic and space rock among the likes of ASH RA, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, KRAFTWERK, MICHAEL GARRISON, and TANGERINE DREAM

Sound Samples:
Salt The Planet

Jeremy - Seven (DVD)

This dvd is a nice companion to the "Seven" CD. Easy going laid back power pop and dreamy rock enjoyment. This surreal collection also includes some nice animation. The DVD features 11 music videos all taken from the "Seven" album. A mellow and pleasant experience.

Jeremy - Seven

OUT OF PRINT. *Rated by journalist DAVID BASH as one of Jeremy's finest releases. (This album is overflowing with sensitive acoustic tunes featuring piano and guitar in a simple setting.) If you like pretty, melancholic, dreamy, heartfelt pop, then this is for you. Consider JOHN LENNON'S "IMAGINE" album as a reference point. Journalist David Bash considers SEVEN to be one of Jeremy's best albums along side albums such as "POP HEAVEN" "POP RULES" and "POP EXPLOSION"


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