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  (SPANISH IMPORT) Released on the Spanish ROCK INDIANA label. The 3rd release by the Lemon Clocks is already receiving rave reviews! The cd is packed full with 19 wonderful power poppin gems. Taking the best bits of power pop/ psych pop/ garage pop/ jangle pop/and pure pop from the bygone era, "Songs from Another Time" is a disc that will delight and thrill the listener. Drawing from the best of 60's and 70's you will hear shades of Byrds, Beatles, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Status Quo, Nuggets box set, and so much more! This is a band that is all about creating the perfect song. So with this in mind, you just can't go wrong here!

  (IMPORT CD) Brand new and their best one yet....THE STANLEYS make great power pop and there is plenty of crunchy "power" in this marvelous music . They are from AUSTRALIA and are one of the best current power pop bands on the scene. I have seen them play live several times and they are certainly the real deal! Fans of DM3, The Chevelles, Butch Walker, American Hi-Fi, The Finkers, Big Star, The Merrymakers, SPLITSVILLE, The Churchills, etc... This is *really* great driving rockin power pop and oh so "highly recommended" Get it!


New JAM release...officially out now September 30th, 2017. This is the latest and hands down the greatest release from THIRD OF NEVER. The new cd contains their most rocking and catchy power pop tunes to date! It starts off with the high octane "Kidnapped Information"- a song that sounds like a "Frosting on the Beater" era POSIES track. A great sound while sounding like THE WHO, and SPINNING JENNIES ! Up next is "Dig the View", another inspired rocker that kicks out with Keith Moon style drumming and again THE WHO is a big influence. (Hey, The Who's keyboardist RABBIT plays a hefty organ solo on this track!) Up next is "Run Silent Run Deep"- One the coolest guitar riffs I have heard in a long time by way of Jon Dawson. It rocks heavily and reminds us of SRC's "Milestones" LP. Think of the track "Up all Night " from that album as a reference. The guitar solo by the ultra talented C.J. is killer! Next comes the title track "Austerity" A minor key rocker with an infectious chord progression that will hook you in. This one has a TOM PETTY feel channeled through the energy of THE WHO. "506"-- the fifth track on the cd is very Pete Townsend inspired with a WELL WISHERS vibration. The rest of the cd is consistently great with every track being solid, catchy, rocking , and awesome. GRIP WEEDS Kurt Reil also participates as producer with the band adding some sublime harmony vocals ...that being the icing on this fabulous rock and roll cake! So there you have it! A superb GRADE A RELEASE >>> and a must have for fans of THE WHO, THE POSIES, and GRIP WEEDS! Just get it!

Sound Samples:
Kidnapped Information
Dig The View
Run Silent Run Deep
18 Strings
If You Don't Keep Me Happy


RELEASE DATE 7/17/17 Brand new release from JEREMY MORRIS. This is technically the very first album of Jeremy. It was released as cassette only back in the 70's with a limited run of 500 copies. It has never appeared on cd before. The full original album is included here along with extended liner notes. (mixed directly from the original master tapes for superb sound) --- along with 5 bonus tracks from the original sessions which have never before seen the light of day ...until now that is. The recordings date back to 1975 --1977 era and are suberb, unique atmospheric dream pop soundscapes. The easiest comparison of the style of this cd would be the BEATLES, especially John Lennon , and also BIG STAR..especially BIG STAR'S "3rd". The music is very personal and will take you on a reflective journey to some amazing places. Highly recommended to fans of 70's music and to those who want to go a bit deeper with their music. Also, fans of psychedelic music will dig this too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sound Samples:
Happy Sad
Foggy Nights
All My Love
Fading Away

  NEW for summer 2017! (Spanish Import...power pop compilation cd) Here we have volume #8 of the wonderful POP PARADE series and this one is a doozie! New tracks from : BISCUIT, STAY, SWEET APPLE PIE, THE BOTTLE KIDS, THE GURUS, THE JEREMY BAND, THE WHEELS, HAPPY LOSERS, CARROTS, GURU DEVA, PROTONES, THE LEMON CLOCKS, THE WINNERYS, THE CHEMISTRY SET, AND BOMBONES! A top of the pops compilation with superb tunes sure to satisfy and delight the listener! GRADE A

  New for JUNE 2017. The long anticipated cd from Phil Angotti is finally here. Phil is best known for his cool pop voice and his sublime song writing. On this new release , Phil goes for a more acoustic approach and the end results are wonderful. It sounds as nice as Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" infused with the spirit of Simon and Garfunkle and an acoustic Beatles. All winning influences on this sublime release make for a home run hit. Don't miss out on yet another top release from one of Chicago's finest singer/songwriters! GRADE A



NEW RELEASE! Official release date APRIL 19th 2017 ---Sweet Relief Volume #4 is a magnificent collection of mainly exclusive tracks in the genre of Power Pop, melodic rock, Psych pop, Folk pop, Shoegaze, and indie rock. The amazing line up on this disc includes many exclusive tracks from : THE CHEMISTRY SET, STAY, THE LEMON CLOCKS, THE POSIES, THE ORGONE BOX, THE RECORDS, THE JEREMY BAND, KEN STRINGFELLOW, CARDBOARD HIGHWAY, JON AUER, CHEAP STAR, THE SUNS, LOLAS, THE SHAMBLES AND JEREMY, POPDUDES, THE TANGERINES, THE JUNIPERS, VIDA ETERNA, OVERLY POLITE TORNADOES, THIRTY STEPS TO FORWARD, JEREMY AND THE SEASONGS. This wonderful compilation is a charity cd that will help stomp out cancer and bring help to those in need. So this is a win /win situation ! Here's an opportunity to support a great cause and hear some great music as well!

Sound Samples:
The Chemistry Set - We Love You
The Lemon Clocks - Butterfly
The Records - Up All Night
The Jeremy Band - Joy Comes In The Morning
Ken Stringfellow - Find Yourself Alone
Lolas - Something Wild
The Tangerines - Everybody Loves You

  (FRENCH IMPORT CD) Attention POSIES fans! Both Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer appear on this fabulous power pop cd. It sounds so much like the classic POSIES sound and it's an absolutely WONDERFUL cd! All great songs ...all the way through! One of the best power pop cds to come out in ages. Our French friend REMI is a great songwriter! Please don't miss out on this FANTASTIC cd of pure power pop bliss! GRADE A .


Official release date September 13th, 2016.CARDBOARD HIGHWAY is a new Michigan indie rock band and this is their first official full length debut cd on Jam records. The trio consists of Matt Willsea (electric guitars) Christopher Peters (bass) and Peter Morris (drums, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) The album is superbly produced by Mark Andrew Morris ( of the bands glowfriends, and Overly Polite Tornadoes) The sound is a wonderful blend of indie rock, Shoegaze rock, and psychedelic atmospheres. This results in a finely crafted cd which has sonic elements from bands as diverse as, Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, glowfriends, Overly Polite Tornadoes and Built to Spill. What sets the bands sound apart from others is their fine use of dynamics and a variety of wide musical textures. Moments of quiet ambience are balanced with powerful explosive rock passages that take the listener on a musical journey. The music is ever changing, full of energy one moment, dreamy the next. Highly recommended and a sure fire indication of a band that is going to go places. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Art Room
Unplugged Alarm Clock
Closed Lid

  ( 3 cd set with 65 tracks) NEW FOR JULY 2016,,,, yes, it's been 19 years and counting since the very first IPO in the Summer of 1998. Here we are approaching nearly 20 years and the festival/pop scene is very alive and doing very well. Here is a goldmine of mostly unknown but great power pop artists with catchy good tunes galore! A few of these 65 artists include: CARTOON SPIRITS, RON DANTE, JOHN MCMULLAN, WIZARD FARM, MAGIC BUS, THE BLACK LEMONS, THE AFTERNOONS, THE JUNIOR LEAGUE, THE FORTY NINETEENS, THE STARFIRE BAND, STEVE RAMONE, LAURIE BIAGINI, THE LUNAR LAUGH, AKWARD TALKER, THE HARD WAY, NEW MAN, THE CORRIDORS, THE JEREMY BAND, and so many more! This is your ticket to the current, thriving, power pop scene! Don't miss out on this joy ride of outstanding music and great pleasure!

  ED JAMES is a multi talented power pop hero who plays all the instruments and sings with a strong amazing pop voice. He is a one man power house who knows how to write really catchy tunes. This album is certainly one of his best and is ever so highly recommended! His music evokes the sounds of bands like The Rubinoos, Fountains of Wayne, Styx, The Cars, The Beatles, and Jellyfish! Grade A *****

The JEREMY BAND - Hit You With A Flower

NEW!!! . Official release date JUNE 7th, 2016... Here is the latest cd from Jeremy Morris and company! aka ..THE JEREMY BAND! 10 brand new recordings of power pop/ classic rock/ psych pop/ jangle pop/ bliss. It's all good solid tunes with walls of cool guitars, loads of harmony vocals, thumpin' bass and big beat drums. Fans of the Beatles, The Byrds, The Pretty Things, The Records, Big Star, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, The Move, and all things classic will find much here to enjoy. Jeremy has made over 60 albums to date but we're starting to lose count. What's the point? This is one of top cds in a long music career that is only "getting better" Highly recommended~! Check it out!

Sound Samples:
Hit You With A Flower
Get It Right First Time
Angels In The Air
Big Black Bike
Big Disgrace
See The Light
Watch What You're Doing

  NEW!!! . Official release date JUNE 7th, 2016... TOP PICK!!! from BABY SUE REVIEW "*****: " Another super resilient upbeat collection of instantly catchy songs by longtime recording artist Jeremy Morris. In a world of sarcasm and negativity, Morris isn't afraid to stand out from from the crowd with his totally positive and upbeat messages and sound....another album chock full of soaring melodies, killer vocals, great guitars, and infectious rhythms...Jeremy always hits home runs...a never ending well of infectious musical energy." 10 brand new recordings of power pop/ classic rock/ psych pop/ jangle pop/ bliss. It's all good solid tunes with walls of cool guitars, loads of harmony vocals, thumpin' bass and big beat drums. Fans of the Beatles, The Byrds, The Pretty Things, The Records, Big Star, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, The Move, and all things classic will find much here to enjoy. Jeremy has made over 60 albums to date but we're starting to lose count. What's the point? This is one of top cds in a long music career that is only "getting better" Highly recommended~! Check it out!

POP MATTERS: Various power pop artists - POP MATTERS
  This is the POP MATTERS compilation cd which is now officially out of print. These are the very last copies.If you missed this the first time around, you have another chance before they are gone for good. The cd includes 15 cool power pop tracks by :THE GRIP WEEDS, BIG HELLO, JEREMY, THE HIPPYCRICKETS, PHIL ANGOTTI AND THE IDEA, COCKEYED GHOST, THE ROCKINGHAMS, THE CRITICS, MAJOR NELSON, and more! HIGHLY recommended!!!


NEW POWER POP RELEASE!!! The first review is in! Here is what Mike McDowell of Blitz magazine has to say about this release " With "CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART: Jeremy Morris has created an instant classic!" CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART by Jeremy Morris is a unique conceptual Christmas cd. First off, it consists of all *original* compositions done in the power pop style. This cd is designed to be enjoyed all year around. The 13 tracks here abound with glorious vibes from all the greats: The Beatles, The Byrds, Big Star, Pink Floyd, The Hollies, The Kinks, Teenage Fanclub, and more. The disc is a joyous celebration of both CHRISTMAS and POWER POP music. This cd both jangles and rocks most righteously, and it is overflowing with layers and layers of glorious harmony vocals! Fans of The Lemon Clocks and Jeremy's other solo releases will be right at home with this one. It's the "Reason for the Season" A true celebration of "Peace and Love"

Sound Samples:
Reason For The Season
Hello Emmanuel
A Change of Heart
That Time of Year
Christmas In My Heart
It's So Cold Outside
Here Comes Christmas

  THIS IS THE CD DEBUT OF CHICAGO POWER POP GUY PHIL ANGOTTI and his awesome band THE IDEA! Originally released in 1992 and produced by JEFF MURPHY of SHOES fame, this cd has been unavailable for years! It's a wonderful cd and we are so glad to make it available to you all once again.Fans of the Beatles, Shoes, etc...This is a must have! Don't miss it this time around cause it's grade A power pop. Highly recommended!


BRAND NEW RELEASE officially out October 7th, 2015. The 2nd cd from THE LEMON CLOCKS is certain to bring audio delight into your home. (Those who bought the debut "NOW IS THE TIME" are already in the know.) The Lemon Clocks has made it into the top lists of best psych pop bands around! Check out the book "The Knights of Fuzz" to read further high praise! So on the new disc, the band continues making their special brew of psych/jangle/power pop..Sounds abound from all the classics..Think--- The Beatles, Stones, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, Pretty Things, The Kinks, and even Tangerine Dream. But it doesn't stop there..They also draw inspiration from the new breed of psych that includes bands such as The Black Hollies, Temples, Wooden Shiijps, Moon Duo, Butterscotch Cathedral, The Luck of Eden Hall, Carlton Melton, and many more. In short, the Lemon Clocks draw sounds and inspiration from all decades of the best psych/power pop/ jangle..(and they do it like no other.) All series music collectors: This cd needs to be in your collection!

Sound Samples:
The Beginning of the End
Walk Upon The Water
Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Underwater Dream
Time To Fly
And I Follow
Electric Tomatoes


BRAND NEW! Official release date September 1st, 2015. Here is the first review in from "SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS" by Beverly Paterson: For the past 30 years or so,Jeremy Morris has been releasing one album after another. Not only is being so prolific an accomplishment in itself, but the quality of these dozens upon dozens of discs is consistently excellent...Following the lead of bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, and The Moody Blues, Jeremy has whipped up a freewheeling collection of majestic marvels transcending his influences. A modern day classic rock masterstroke, NOT OF THIS WORLD is truly out of this world! "... The new JEREMY cd NOT OF THIS WORLD is a sure fire hit for fans of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tangerine Dream, The Byrds, The Pretty Things (S.F. Sorrow era), Barclay James Harvest, Mike Oldfield, and those who appreciate a nice dose of melodic rock. The music found here is interspersed with Progressive rock, Power Pop, Jangle rock, Psychedelic and ambient soundscapes. The four piece band on this new disc includes long time drummer DAVE DIETRICH, STEFAN JOHANSSON (The Lemon Clocks) on guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums, TODD BORSCH (The Ringles, The Gillegans, The Lemon Clocks) on bass, and Jeremy Morris on a vast array of instruments such as guitars, bass, piano, mellotron etc.... Never a dull moment, the music is well crafted and abounding with artistic invention. The disc shines with melodic sensibility all the way through. ( This is not an common achievement in this day of push button/ fast food music.) The cd beams bright with real music that is hand crafted and made for real people. A high mark release in the extensive cannon and catalog of Jeremy Morris this one is not to be missed!

Sound Samples:
Clouds Are Lifting
I Am The Eye
Not of This World
From Outer Space
What Planet Are You From
Candy Mountain
Finding My Way Home

  (SPANISH IMPORT) This excellent power pop guy from Australia has made many a great cd and this one is no exception! It's excellent!!! Fans of Michael Carpenter, Teenage Fanclub, The Merrymakes, and the Beatles will delight to the wonderful pop sounds contained in this disc. A Grade

  Excellent power pop/ indie rock that fits nicely with the sweet sounds of Elliot Smith, Grandaddy, Guster, Guided by voices , and Wilco! Check it out!

  Excellent power pop/indie rock that bridges the two styles together very nicely. Fans of Wilco, Guided by Voices, and Grandaddy should take special note! Highly recommended.

  NEW JAM RELEASE (March 2015) CARDBOARD HIGHWAY is a new band consisting of PETER MORRIS, MARK MORRIS, MATT WILSEA, and CHRIS PETERS. Their sound walks the fine line of indie rock/pop rock/alterna rock/shoegaze/and folk rock. Reference points for bands with similar sounds include GLOWFRIENDS, and OVERLY POLITE TORNADOES...(an easy comparison as Mark Morris is a member of both those bands as well!) Other comparisons include bands such as PEDRO THE LION, IRON and WINE, BUILT TO SPILL, Guided by Voices, and Elliot Smith. This debut 5 song EP is a fine starting point for a band which promises a very bright future. A full length cd is coming soon later on this year! LIMITED EDITION RELEASE! Check it out!

  (LIMITED EDITION EP) OVERLY POLITE TORNARDOS is the duo of Mark and Holly Morris also members of the band GLOWFRIENDS. This excellent EP consist of 7 lovely tunes. 6 originals and one cover of 20/20's "The People in your Life" A brilliant surprise that will not disappoint! Fans of Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Built to Spill, Pavement, and Swervedriver should check it out. GRADE A

  This is a BRAND NEW release from JAM RECORDS! OVERLY POLITE TORNADOES is a new band that is an offshoot of the band GLOWFRIENDS. The band consists of MARK AND HOLLY MORRIS who make very nice music that sounds like the cousin of GLOWFRIENDS. Although they are a duo, the sound here is full band all way! They expand their musical palate with explorations in walls of layered guitars and harmony vocals! The effect is often quite stunning! Their sound is both gentle and powerful...full of feeling and passion..ranging from sonic splashes of ELLIOT SMITH, SWERVEDRIVER, PAVEMENT ,BUILT TO SPILL, IRON AND WINE and of course GLOWFRIENDS. This is a fine indie shoe gaze dream pop release that will win many fans! GRADE A all the way through! 14 originals that flow together perfectly! One of this years big surprises. Don't miss out on this one.

  This is the 3rd cd from the long lasting shoe-gaze/dream pop band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. On their 3rd release the band comes of age and discovers their classic sound which they have developed ever since. An excellent release and once of their best, although all of them are good!


OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 6th, 2014. OUT NOW!!! "BRIGHT MORNING STAR" is the BRAND NEW release by Jeremy Morris. (He's made over 60 albums but we've lost count by now!) This one is a blending of everything that Jeremy loves. Power pop, psychedelic, folk, progressive, classic rock, classical, electronic, and more. Basically, Jeremy is doing what he wants to do...Drawing from his diverse inspirations and yet creating an original sound. You can hear shades of Beatles, Byrds, Hollies, Camel, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis, Status Quo, Cream, and the list goes on and on. The songs are spiritual and reflect his love for God and life. The sound is joyous and uplifting. It's the real deal."Bright Morning Star" lives up to it's title with 14 slices of sonic bliss just waiting to carry you away to a better place!

Sound Samples:
Glory and Honor
Fill Our Hearts
Forever the Same
Lay It Down
Bright Morning Star
Pure and True
Forever and Ever


NEW RELEASE AUGUST 2014. (3 cd set with 66 tracks!) The most comprehensive and longest lasting power pop compilation series is back with volume #17 and this batch of power pop tunes turns in one of the strongest collections to date. Out of the 66 tracks included here, almost all of them are real winners (with a measly few exceptions). So it's a jackpot of power pop gems just waiting to be discovered by hearing ears abroad! THE OUTSTANDING LINEUP INCLUDES: LISA MYCHOLS 3, TRIP WIRE, THE MAYFLOWERS, SHARP THINGS, SPINNING JENNIES, THE JEREMY BAND, THE BOBBLEHEADS, THE TOR GUIDES, ASHBURY KEYS, THE TEARWAWAYS, SECRET FRIEND, THE BUBBLEGUM ORCHESTRA, THE FAST CAMELS, DOT 22, DAVE BIRK, B-SIDE, THE STARFIRE BAND, WE PATRIOTS, SHPLANG, AMERICAN SUITCASE....AND TONS MORE!!!!! Go for it!!! You'll be glad you did!!!

Sound Samples:
Hit You With A Flower - Jeremy
Flying Birds - The Mayflowers
Flesh And Bone - The Sharp Things
Ready For Action - Lisa Mychols
Delacroix - Shplang
Have You Ever - Match Factory
We Don't Talk We Text - The Tearaways


NEW JAM RELEASE!!! OUT NOW!!! This new 2014 cd release is the latest and absolute greatest from the wonderful BRITANNICAS! For many of you already in the know, The Britannicas are an all star power pop band that is truly international!( with members from USA, SWEDEN, and AUSTRALIA!) This all star line up includes STEFAN JOHANNSON (The Lemon Clocks) JOE ALGERI--(Jack and The Beanstalk, The Jac) HERB EIMERMAN (solo, The Nerk Twins)and MAGNUS KARLSSON (of the Happydeadmen, The Charade) These 4 power pop veterans are well seasoned and with their combined talents the results are outstanding! Here is a 13 track cd that fully delivers on it's promise! The disc starts off strong with the lovely jangle rock of "Got a Hold on Me". The song would have fit easily on any of the Jack and the Beanstalk cds. Great tune!. Up next is the super Byrdsy "Talkin about Summer" The spirit of Gene Clark comes to full force on this gem of a tune. Track #3 "The Moment Passed" kicks out the jams with nice rocking guitar. It's a bit heavier and has a very cool early Kinks feel. Track #4 bowls the listener over with some blow away harmony vocals that have not been heard much since "The Sun King" from the Beatles "Abbey Road". On to track #5 .."Bleed Between The Lines" a great Herb Eimerman/Nerk Twins sound that will truly please the fans with more great harmony vocals on this one. Track #6 is a piano based pop ballad that has a serious nod to the 60's. Track #7 jumps in with power pop chords and the Swedish pop sounds that emerged during the 90's. It sounds like a great lost Wannadies track. Track #8 returns the jingle jangle guitars to the mix and makes one feel very relaxed. The perfect chillax tune for the summer of 2014. (Again, nice harmonies galore!) Track #9 --The spirit of The Byrds "She don't care about time" evoke the rhythm section and the song is obviously Herb Eimerman and could easily fit on one of his solo discs. Track #10 comes as a surprise with a bouncy Happydeadmen/ Jellyfish back drop This song is pure Britannicas with it's classic vocal blend. Track #11 opens with nice organ/ 12 string jangle. The diminished chords remind one of Eddie Money's "Baby Hold on me" and the vocals are totally sublime. Track #12 sounds like Teenage Fanclub at their jangle best! And finally ...Track #13.."Lyin' on the Ground" (one of the best tracks) finishes off everything with a strong Byrds vibration and dash of psychedelia. A perfect mix and a fine ending to a very fine disc. So there you have it! Fans of The Byrds, Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks, Herb Eimerman, The Nerk Twins, Happydeadmen, The Lemon Clocks, The Jac, Jack and the Beanstalk, and of course...THE BRITSH INVASION!!! will delight in this great celebration of melodic bliss! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Got A Hold On Me
Talkin' Bout Summer
The Moment Passed
A Shag And A Cup O' Tea
Too Far Gone
I Work At The Post Office
Will Someone Cover Your Fall


NEW RELEASE: (available APRIL 9th, 2014) The new album "ALL OVER THE WORLD" from THE JEREMY BAND is out now! The band consists of Jeremy and his many friends..including Dave Dietrich on Drums, Todd Borsch ( of The Ringles, The Gillegans, The Lemon Clocks on guitar, bass, vocals) Bart Mendoza (of The Shambles, True Stories) on guitar,vocals, Peter Morris on guitar and bass,.. and Jeremy on guitar and vocals... "All Over The World" consists of 20 power pop rock songs which really were recorded all over the world. This cd contains many new songs appearing for the first time, and some top favorites that are often requested by the fans. This album is highly recommended to fans of THE BEATLES, THE BYRDS, THE KINKS, CHEAP TRICK, and all good melodic power pop rock. It's time to kick out the JAMS ...Most certainly this one really rocks!

Sound Samples:
Cool Your Jets
Rise Above the Clouds
Breaking Out of This Cage
Come Clean
Where There's A Will
Chain Reaction
I Want To Be With You

  (LIMITED EDITION VINYL LP) Limited edition of 200 copies only of the new release "Gather us Together" from GLOWFRIENDS...pressed on ultra pure virgin vinyl and mastered by the legendary John Golden. Essential for all vinyl lovers! Get this one while you can ...sure to sell out and become a future collectors item!


NEW JAM CD RELEASE officially available...March 3rd, 2014. This is the latest and possibly the overall greatest from the indie/ shoegaze 6 piece band GLOWFRIENDS. The sound and songs on this are superb with 13 stellar tracks that flow like warm butter on a summer's day. Delightful layers of sweet vocal harmonies abound amid a wash of acoustic/electric ambient/space guitars interspersed with tasty vibraphone. The GLOWFRIENDS have created a unique musical pallet the holds the listener from start to finish. Great cd and a great listen from one of the leaders of the indie music scene. Highly recommended and one that will grow stronger with repeated listening.

Sound Samples:
There is Grace
After The Fall
Scrap The Chords
Without A Sound
Fawn River
How We Seldom Think



SWEET RELIEF VOLUME #3 is officially released and it's one truly tasty musical treat!The labor of love continues with 27 stellar power pop tracks from around the planet. In this collection you'll find great music from England, Japan, Sweden, USA, Germany, Scotland, Israel, Ireland, and Italy. The power pop fun has only just begun, as some of these songs appear on cd for the first time, are out of print, or are previously unreleased. This alone makes it an essential collection for any serious power pop collector. Here you will find both well known and unknown artists. The lineup includes: THE PETE BEST BAND, THE JUNIPERS, THE LEMON CLOCKS, CIRONE, THE MAYFLOWERS, SHOES, JEREMY, MONKEEMAN, THE SUNS, THE RECORDS, MARK AND THE SPIES, LOLAS, THE PRANKS, THE AFTERNOONS, DANIEL WYLIE, THE DAVENPORTS, SPOT, THE TANGERINES, ROCKFOUR, THE GOLDBERGS, THE SHAMBLES, THE PATRIOTS, NELSON BRAGG, and STARRY EYED AND LAUGHING. Now for the icing on the cake: Profits of the release go toward charity/missions work in helping those affected by natural disasters. So here's a win/win situation! Hear some great music and support a great cause!

Sound Samples:


NEW AMAZING CHRISTMAS COMPILATION! An amazing cd with an amazing line-up of wonderful songs and outstanding artists! Here they are: MIMI BETINIS (PEZBAND!), frank royster, THE GRIP WEEDS, michael carpenter, LISA MYCHOLS, The Click Beetles, THE YULE LOGS, Sketch Middle, BRANDON SCHOTT, Sgt.Popgrass, THE GOLDBERGS, Jerry Woods, 89 MOJO, Bill Lloyd, JEREMY * A wonderful collection of power pop originals making for a refreshing listen and sounding so good you can really listen to this one any time of the year! SUPER GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Christmas Is Fun - Frank Royster
Christmas Dream - The Grip Weeds
Wake me Up When It's Christmas Time - Michael Carpenter
In Love With Love-Lisa Mychols
Chanukah Guy- The Goldbergs
Kenosha Christmas - 89 Mojo
Christmas In My Heart - Jeremy


NEW RELEASE:(RUSSIAN IMPORT) Release date 8/22/13 "Searching for the son" is fine mix of classic rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and power pop elements. The 11 lengthy songs contain Jeremy's classic John Lennon flavored vocals fueled by a full 7 piece band of veteran musicians from the USA and abroad. These musicians along with Jeremy (Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, mellotron, and synth) include... Russian musicians VITALY "PROGRESSOR" MENSHIKOV ( Keyboards, guitars, bass, drums) ALBERT KHALMURZAYEV (Keyboards) VALERY VOROBJOV (drums) and JON DAWSON-(Third of Never) Keyboards, guitars, bass, drums) BILL MORRIS- (Trumpet and Saxophone) and JOHN "RABBIT" BUNDRICK-(Jethro Tull, The Who, Free, etc) Guitar , Bass, Drums, Percussion) This fine line up of musicians have created something truly unique which breaks the mold of past conventions. The music is adventuresome, exciting, unpredictable, and creative. Clocking in at a whopping 78 minutes, this is a double albums worth of music on one cd. This full course music meal has much to offer musically and will yield great rewards with repeated listening! "Searching for the Son" is more than mere entertainment, it's a revelation and an experience! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sound Samples:
Searching for the Son
Future Flight
The Blind Man's Dream
Wings of the Wind
Messiah Will Come
The Mirror
On A Cherub

  SHAMBLES ALERT!!!! TRUE STORIES ..is the near cousin of THE SHAMBLES! AKA ...Bart Mendoza's new band which carries on the classic power pop tradition but with a twist...* TRUE STORIES is like the SHAMBLES but with the new edition of 60's style keyboards in the spirit of The Zombies, Left Banke, and other 60's classics. Fans of THE SHAMBLES will certainly want to get this and see what BARTMAN has been up to lately. It's all good ..all the time! Hey, it's power pop!


JAM RECORDS is pleased to present the latest and *greatest* release by THIRD OF NEVER!!! New for JUNE 2013! This cd is a must have for all fans of THE WHO, TAME IMPALA, and THE SMITHEREENS. Amazingly this band contains members of * The WHO (John "Rabbit" Bundrick on keyboards), and *GRIP WEEDS member ( KURT REIL doing Vocals,Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion) *SMITHEREENS drummer DENNIS DIKEN ... JON DAWSON (Guitars, percussion, keyboards, Xylophone, Drums) CJ GROGAN (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, piano) VINCE GROGAN (bass) and MIKE POLILLI (drums) This powerhouse line up has delivered a cd release that is chock full of 14 energetic power pop nuggets that kick out the jams! The spirit of THE WHO, GRIP WEEDS, and SMITHEREENS can't be helped. It really does sound like an amazing and delightful blend of aforementioned bands with a spare dose of psychedelia to ice the audio cake. EVERY SONG A WINNER...ALL KILLER AND NO FILLER!!! Layered vocal harmony ..Keith Moon style drumming..nice keyboards, and Mellotron, cool rockin/ jangly guitars, and most importantly GOOD SONGWRITING!!!One of the years best releases...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! THIRD OF NEVER have now reached an all new high with this wonderful new cd! GRADE A ...gotta put this one on that "must own" list.

Sound Samples:
Green Roses
Man Without A Plan
On My Way
So Long
Yellow House


It's not too often a new release comes out on 12/12/12 !!! Here is it!..."THE SOLAR KING" -- a brand new one from JEREMY. The dominating style on this cd is POWER POP. THE SOLAR KING is a first generation power pop gem that was originally recorded between 1980--1982. The album breathes with a fresh and innocent vibrance from that wonderful musical era. Here we find a style inspired by bands like SHOES, OFF BROADWAY, NEW ENGLAND, THE CARS,.. and of course those "B" bands-- BEATLES, BYRDS, BIG STAR, and BADFINGER! "The Solar King" tapes sat on the shelf for over 30 years and now it's time to celebrate as these recordings finally see the light of day! I am so glad this lost album was finally found. It sounds "Fresh as a Daisy" and as the saying goes.... "Better late than never!"

Sound Samples:
Hold On Forever
For Chosen Ones
The Solar King
Journey To The Light
Edge of Forever
Another Land


POP ALERT*****LISTED IN BEVERLY PATERSON'S TOP 10 *BEST* CDS FOR 2012!!! NEW RELEASE (SPANISH IMPORT) Official release date Tuesday, October 9th, 2012. The new power pop rock album from JEREMY and friends is here! LOVE EXPLOSION ! Here are 12 tasty slices of power pop bliss for all the those who love those classic power pop sounds! Fans of THE WHO, THE MOVE, THE BYRDS, PINK FLOYD, THE PRETTY THINGS, THE BEATLES, CHEAP TRICK, BADFINGER, etc....You *know* what we're talking about! A high water mark release that delivers the goods! Cheers!

Sound Samples:
Love Explosion
Save Me From Myself
Breaking Out of This Cage
New Creation
Miracle Mile
Best Is Yet To Come
Love Is Alive


NEW ALBUM FROM JEREMY MORRIS and company! RELEASE DATE JULY 28th, 2012. (RUSSIAN IMPORT) "FROM THE DUST TO THE STARS" is a delightful new album from JEREMY mixing elements of melodic rock, progressive rock, experimental rock, space rock and psychedelia! . The album (which clocks over a generous 71 minutes) contains 7 vocal songs that will please fans of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Pretty Things (S.F. Sorrow era), early Tangerine Dream, Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree, Moon Safari, and more! Those of you who long for fresh,creative, melodic music will be delighted as they take this audio adventure and travel " From the Dust to the Stars"" This is a real audio treat! Jeremy Morris and the band has done it again! Bravo! *****

Sound Samples:
The Great Escape
Hearts On Fire
Shake The Dust
Land of Love
Good Shepherd
Storm Trooper
For The Chosen Ones

  In stock now 5/14/12 POWER POP ALERT!!! This is the latest and certainly the *greatest* from longtime power pop veteran and Michigan rocker popper CHRIS RICHARDS!!! The buzz on the street is true: "This IS the best release Chris Richards has done and it's a 10 out of 10 with 10 killer diller no filler tracks of power poppin' bliss! The opener immediately pleases the listener with a Beatlesque ."and your bird can sing" flavored "DON'T DO ANYTHING TONIGHT" It's the perfect opener for a perfect album and for the rest of the cd it's simply one jangly rocking hit song after another! The guitars sound wonderful on the cd and THE "PHENOMENAL CATS" do one heck of sweet job layering in those beautiful backing harmony vox sounds. This one is an easy decision. Get yer la la's out and get it now! GRADE A for astounding sounds and amazing music!


***** WHOA!!! TIME TO WAKE UP! I PROCLAIM NELSON BRAGG'S NEW CD TO BE THE BEST PURE POP ALBUM OF 2012!!! Nelson Bragg is known by many as Brian Wilson's drummer, but he is so much more than that! It's more than obvious when listening to "We get what we want" that the brilliance of "pop master" Mr. Wilson has rubbed off significantly. Here we have 11 perfect pop songs that signal the top pop moments of The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Left Banke, The Turtles, Todd Rundgren, The Association, The Millennium, America, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Moody Blues, and so many more. The foundational ingredient here is that Nelson writes great memorable classic songs evoking the best sonic seasons from the 60's and 70's. However, Nelson's real secret weapon is his harmony laden wall of vocals which is simply amazing. The sonic harmony blend reaches a level of purity that very few ever achieve. The arrangements are simply beautiful and concise! THIS IS GRADE A MUSIC and to my ears, NELSON should be a household name. The brilliance is in the grooves! Do not miss out on this one! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
You Could Believe
Trying Hard To Please You
Baby Let Your Hair grow Long
Let The Cruel World Go
She Used To Love me
I'm In No Mood
Everything I Want To Be


POWER POP ALERT! IT'S HERE AND IN STOCK NOW AS OF APRIL 30th, 2012! THIS IS THE LATEST and the 3rd CD from THE GILLIGANS! "AS SEEN ON TV" is another winning cd for all fans of 60's sounding power pop with psychedelic flourishes. The 12 songs here are split pretty evenly between the 2 main singer-songwriter guitarists : Todd Borsch and Dan Mckenzie. Dan McKenzie's songs tend to lean more toward power pop while Todd Borsch's songs nod toward the Mersey Beat and psychedelic sounds of the 60's. All in all, this combination makes for a winning platter of all original tunes that sound fresh, lively ,and fun. The band is further filled out by Scott Pellican (drums) and Rick Topolski (bass) Highlights include "You're Everything" which sounds like a perfect power pop song from the 70's. "Too many Pills" sounds like a an out-take from The Beatles "Revolver" lp! " Is this all in my mind" sounds like Teenage Fanclub jamming with the Bobby Fuller Four. The title track " On TV" Sounds like it came straight from the "NUGGETS" box set. All fans of power pop, 60's psych, and garage pop will discover plenty of stuff to like on the latest from THE GILLEGANS! For fans of THE RINGLES, THE LEMON CLOCKS, THE GRIP WEEDS, THE BYRDS, and THE BEATLES.

Sound Samples:
Too Much To Say
Hold You Tight
You're Everything
Weko Beach
I would Like To Know
Shadow of Myself


NEW RELEASE OUT NOW!!! Official release date: March 15th, 2012. This is album #6 from the SHOEGAZE, INDIE, POWER POP ROCK BAND GLOWFRIENDS. Once a duo, the band has evolved greatly over the last ten years and added more and more members. Today GLOWFRIENDS are a 6 piece tour-de-force with APRIL ZIMONT (Vocals, tambourine) MARK ANDREW MORRIS-(Vocals, guitar, organ) HOLLY KLUTTS MORRIS (Bass, vibes, vocals) JENN HENDRIX- (Vibes, glockenspiel) ADAM ZIMONT-(Guitar, vocals) and JW HENDRIX- (Drums, percussion) The new album takes the band to a new sonic level as GLOWFRIENDS stretch the sonic pallet to become a more and more excellent band with each release. With "All things made new" Glowfriends hit their creative stride with a truly excellent ambient pop sound like no other band.They have become an American indie-rock original and a musical force to be reckoned with. There's a whole lot to like hear and a whole lot of variety to keep the listener totally satisfied. Shades of Dinosaur Jr, Ride, The Cure , Trembling Blue Stars, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and host of others make their musical waves within this vast sonic landscape. GRADE A and more!!!

Sound Samples:
Wait For The Waves
You Are So You
Jr Mint
Through The Heart
New Things
Alone In This


****POP ALERT ---LISTED IN BEVERLY PATERSON'S TOP 10 BEST ALBUMS FOR 2012! Here's what the reviewers are saying: "Wholeheartedly embraces the sound of a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar. Many of the tracks feature chiming Byrdsian riffs..Some of the finest pseudo-60's music around!" ERIC SORENSEN--journalist " Jeremy's in full McGuinn mode throughout the album. A great head trip for pop fans who want to go to a "Better World Beyond"..gives the old Pink Floyd a run for it's money. Not a weak track anywhere and my top pick for psychedelic pop album this year! ---The powerpopaholic.com Somewhere between the Byrds "Younger than Yesterday" and "The Notorious Byrd Brothers. A superb effort and psych jangle valhalla! ---Joe Algerie "Drawing inspiration from the jingle jangle juices of the Byrds, the harmonious helpings of the Hollies, and the experimental edge of Pink Floyd and Traffic,The Lemon Clocks in the process have spawned a sound that's impossible not to enjoy. ..as far as I'm concerned, the Lemon Clocks are the best new band of the year!---Beverly Paterson: Music jounralist. Officially released as of MARCH 3rd 2012! The LEMON CLOCKS are a new band producing their own brand of special psychedelic power pop rock. Fans of The BEATLES, THE BYRDS, PINK FLOYD, PRETTY THINGS, and TEENAGE FANCLUB take note! Continuing the tradition of such classic albums as "The Piper at the gates of Dawn" "Younger than Yesterday" " Revolver" and "S.F. Sorrow".. The LEMON CLOCKS bring back to us what has been missing in a lot of todays "current" music: Creatively!!! Harmony!!! Melody!!! THE LEMON CLOCKS were born in a hotel room in Liverpool, England where TODD BORSCH, STEFAN JOHANSSON, and JEREMY MORRIS came together and worked on songs for a future album. It was recorded in both Sweden and the USA bringing to the album a true "international pop" flavor! On this sublime cd you will hear a lot of Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, walls of cool harmony vocals, tastey studios effects, and catchy tunes that will be running through your head for days! "NOW IS THE TIME" to discover THE LEMON CLOCKS!!! You'll be glad you did!

Sound Samples:
Garden of Eden
Rainbow Bridge
The Man Who Lost The Time
Catch You When You Fall
Built To Last
Now Is The Time
Gum On My Shoe


It's with great pleasure that I present to you "HI-FI CHRISTMAS PARTY VOLUME 3" !!! This is a wonderful power pop compilation of mainly original Christmas songs done up right so that you can listen to this all year long. Vandalay record label head and disc compiler Dan Pavelich said to me "This is the best volume yet!".. and I would have to agree! Here is the line up for this outstanding cd :LISA MYCHOLS, THE YULE LOGS, SPONGETONES (JAMIE AND STEVE), SKETCH MIDDLE, THE CLICK BEETLES, THE SUN KINGS, JIM BABJAKS BUZZED MEG ( Smithereens guitarist), MOJO, THE JIGSAW SEEN, TINSLEY ELLIS, THE BROTHERS FIGARO ORCHESTRA, MARK HARROD, MARI PAVELICH, JEREMY (aka jeremy morris) OCTOBER ELSEWHERE, ASH CAN SCHOOL. It's the season to be jolly, so pick this one up and you'll be glad you did!

Sound Samples:
Christmas Lights - The Yule Logs
It's Love On Christmas - Jim Babiaks Buzzed Meg
Christmas Song - Mark Harrod
Now It's Christmas - Jeremy
Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin - Tinsley Ellis
Wish - 89 Mojo
Wonderful Christmas - The Click Beetles


Brand new release from Jeremy Morris--"Guitar Heaven" is exactly what the name implies! This is solo instrumental acoustic guitar and is made for those who love that pure guitar sound! It's timeless, melodic, beautiful , peaceful, and easy to listen to. But check out the sound samples yourself. Fans of Steve Hackett's "Bay of Kings" Anthony Phillips " Feild Day" Gordon Giltrap, Leo Kottke, John Fahey, etc...will find plenty to dig here!!!

Sound Samples:
Glory Road
Children of Light
Kingdom Come
Love is Alive
Eastern Wind


In stock today as of JUNE 22nd 2011. Here we have a brand new one from JEREMY MORRIS. "Alpha and Omega" contains 12 new songs done in the power pop rock style that Jeremy is best know for.. (with occasional progressive flourishes for good measure). The ever present Beatlesque vocal trademark is there as usual with jangly guitars galore ringing about in the mix. The songs in general are longer this time around giving the artist a chance to stretch out and push the boundaries of pop music bringing in some spacey effects which are tastefully restrained in the mix.. In particular what sets this album is it's pure content. The 71 minute long cd contains 12 "love anthems" to God and shows no reservations to be subtle or ashamed about it. To put it simply...if you love God..chances are very good you will love this music as well! Rated G ...for GOOD!

Sound Samples:
Glory Lord
His Burden is Light
Jesus My Lord
We Pray Your Kingdom Come
Let it Shine
With God All Things are Possible


NEW RELEASE FOR 2011. Phil Angotti is back with a wonderful new power pop cd which is sure to please all the fans. Phil Angotti is in classic form on "PEOPLE AND PLACES" with a full band called the LAZY APPLE ORCHESTRA. The classic power pop (guitar,bass,and drums) lineup is further enhanced with the addition of instruments such as violin, cello, trumpet,piano, organ,steel guitar, etc.. This expanded lineup makes this the most 60's sounding release by PHIL ANGOTTI to date... echoing vibrations of classic Left Banke, BEATLES, Zombies, early Todd Rundgren..and more! The disc is further enhanced by the appearance of power pop luminaries such as BRAD ELVIS on the drums. THIS IS GRADE A POP >Fans of the 60's sound will not be disappointed..there are plenty of good vibrations to be found on this wonderful new release. ***In other pop news... Phil has he also replaced the late Jim Ellison in the recently reformed MATERIAL REISSUE! Phil joins the original members to pay tribute to this wonderful power pop band. Catch them live if you can!

Sound Samples:
My Old Records
You Were Right (Probably)
I'm Yer Man



HEARTS ON FIRE: SWEET RELIEF #2 GETS A FIVE STAR REVIEW IN GOLDMINE MAGAZINE from music journalist JOHN BORACK ***** ..."A near-perfect collection of jangle-heavy power pop treats by independent artists from around the globe, some of recent and others vintage. It's the brainchild of musician/label owner/all-around good guy Jeremy Morris of JAM Records in Michigan, who has recruited two dozen artists to contribute tracks to the collection, whose proceeds provide financial aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Not only is the disc benefiting a good cause, but Morris's song selections are impeccable and, as a bonus, many of the tunes are rare or previously unreleased. ..the roster includes acts from Italy, UK, Scotland, USA Japan, Austria, Canada, Sweden..The songs are all consistently top-shelf and brimming with melodic invention and hooks aplenty. The Mayflowers "Get Over Time" is a powerfully kinetic updating of the "Day Tripper" riff, while DM3's "Foolish" is one of the most enduring power pop numbers of the past 20 years. Much of the collection relies on the sweet sound of gently ringing guitars to power the tunes. The Primary 5 (featuring former Teenage Fanclub member Paul Quinn), Dropkick, Cosmic Rough Riders, and Byrds disciples Starry Eyed and Laughing,all succeed mightily! Artists such as The Grip Weeds and Gravelberrys offer up marvelous tracks! Other instant grabbers include Greg Pope's "Fall into Your Arms" which sounds like something that leaped straight off of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything record. The Thick jangle of Daniel Wylie's "Make Love to the World" and two songs that bring to mind the layered low-key beauty of the late 70's/early 80's Britpop act The KORGIS: The Junipers "Gordie Can't Swim" and Paisley and Charlie's innocently gorgeous "Sebastian" (Come Home). Throw in previously released winners from The Records, Seth Swirsky, and Nelson Bragg, and a new one from Jeremy Morris himself (featuring some very "Eight Miles High"-inspired lead guitar) and it all adds up to one of the finest power pop comps of the past decade. Don't miss this one--John Borack --Goldmine Magazine - Winter 2011

Sound Samples:
My Hearts On Fire -Jeremy
Strange Bird - The Grip Weeds
Love Will Rule Our Hearts - Marc Carroll
Sebastian -Paisley and Charlie
Movie Set - Seth Swirsky
Tears - Nigel Clark
The Pain Inside -Cosmic Rough Riders



HEARTS ON FIRE: SWEET RELIEF #2 GETS A FIVE STAR REVIEW IN GOLDMINE MAGAZINE from music journalist JOHN BORACK ***** ..."A near-perfect collection of jangle-heavy power pop treats by independent artists from around the globe, some of recent and others vintage. It's the brainchild of musician/label owner/all-around good guy Jeremy Morris of JAM Records in Michigan, who has recruited two dozen artists to contribute tracks to the collection, whose proceeds provide financial aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Not only is the disc benefiting a good cause, but Morris's song selections are impeccable and, as a bonus, many of the tunes are rare or previously unreleased. ..the roster includes acts from Italy, UK, Scotland, USA Japan, Austria, Canada, Sweden..The songs are all consistently top-shelf and brimming with melodic invention and hooks aplenty. The Mayflowers "Get Over Time" is a powerfully kinetic updating of the "Day Tripper" riff, while DM3's "Foolish" is one of the most enduring power pop numbers of the past 20 years. Much of the collection relies on the sweet sound of gently ringing guitars to power the tunes. The Primary 5 (featuring former Teenage Fanclub member Paul Quinn), Dropkick, Cosmic Rough Riders, and Byrds disciples Starry Eyed and Laughing,all succeed mightily! Artists such as The Grip Weeds and Gravelberrys offer up marvelous tracks! Other instant grabbers include Greg Pope's "Fall into Your Arms" which sounds like something that leaped straight off of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything record. The Thick jangle of Daniel Wylie's "Make Love to the World" and two songs that bring to mind the layered low-key beauty of the late 70's/early 80's Britpop act The KORGIS: The Junipers "Gordie Can't Swim" and Paisley and Charlie's innocently gorgeous "Sebastian" (Come Home). Throw in previously released winners from The Records, Seth Swirsky, and Nelson Bragg, and a new one from Jeremy Morris himself (featuring some very "Eight Miles High"-inspired lead guitar) and it all adds up to one of the finest power pop comps of the past decade. Don't miss this one--John Borack --Goldmine Magazine - Winter 2011

Sound Samples:
My Hearts On Fire - Jeremy
She's A Monkey - The Kubes
That Girl Is Emily - The Records
Popism - The Lola's
Gordie Can't Swim -The Junipers
She's An Animal - The Temponauts
Love Will Rule Our Hearts - Marc Carroll



Pop journalist and IPO chief DAVID BASH lists SWEET RELIEF #2 as the best power pop compilation to come out over the past year! Fuller kudos come from the following: HEARTS ON FIRE: SWEET RELIEF #2 GETS A FIVE STAR REVIEW IN GOLDMINE MAGAZINE from music journalist JOHN BORACK ***** ..."A near-perfect collection of jangle-heavy power pop treats by independent artists from around the globe, some of recent and others vintage. It's the brainchild of musician/label owner/all-around good guy Jeremy Morris of JAM Records in Michigan, who has recruited two dozen artists to contribute tracks to the collection, whose proceeds provide financial aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Not only is the disc benefiting a good cause, but Morris's song selections are impeccable and, as a bonus, many of the tunes are rare or previously unreleased. ..the roster includes acts from Italy, UK, Scotland, USA Japan, Austria, Canada, Sweden..The songs are all consistently top-shelf and brimming with melodic invention and hooks aplenty. The Mayflowers "Get Over Time" is a powerfully kinetic updating of the "Day Tripper" riff, while DM3's "Foolish" is one of the most enduring power pop numbers of the past 20 years. Much of the collection relies on the sweet sound of gently ringing guitars to power the tunes. The Primary 5 (featuring former Teenage Fanclub member Paul Quinn), Dropkick, Cosmic Rough Riders, and Byrds disciples Starry Eyed and Laughing,all succeed mightily! Artists such as The Grip Weeds and Gravelberrys offer up marvelous tracks! Other instant grabbers include Greg Pope's "Fall into Your Arms" which sounds like something that leaped straight off of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything record. The Thick jangle of Daniel Wylie's "Make Love to the World" and two songs that bring to mind the layered low-key beauty of the late 70's/early 80's Britpop act The KORGIS: The Junipers "Gordie Can't Swim" and Paisley and Charlie's innocently gorgeous "Sebastian" (Come Home). Throw in previously released winners from The Records, Seth Swirsky, and Nelson Bragg, and a new one from Jeremy Morris himself (featuring some very "Eight Miles High"-inspired lead guitar) and it all adds up to one of the finest power pop comps of the past decade. Don't miss this one--John Borack --Goldmine Magazine - Winter 2011

Sound Samples:
My Hearts On Fire - Jeremy
Strange Bird - The Grip Weeds
Love Will Rule Our Hearts - Marc Carroll
Sebastian - Paisley and Charlie
Movie Set - Seth Swirsky
Tears - Nigel Clark
The Pain Inside - Cosmic Rough Riders




Sound Samples:
Yeh-Yeh - And We Still Fell The Same
Mark Le Gallez & The Eddies - Don't Know Where To Start
The Lola's - I Can't Don't Want To Faster
Mod Fun - Nothing Can Be Everything
The Ringles - Innocence Becomes You
Jeremy - I Believe
Marie Haddad - Where Are You


***POP ALERT*** This is TOP OF THE POPS POWER POP!!! THE THIRD ALBUM IS THE BEST so far!!!! It's the CAT'S MEOW!!! If you only buy one album by CHRIS RICHARDS....This would be an excellent choice..it pops and it rocks!!! IT'S KILLER DILLER and there ain't NO FILLER!!!! Classic power pop ala...POSIES..TEENAGE FANCLUB, MATTHEW SWEET, ETC>>> GRADE A RELEASE!!!

Sound Samples:
I Can't Quit Her
Sunny Day
Take It From Me


The 2nd album from Chris Richards is a corker and takes it to the next level. So if you like The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, The Who, Matthew Sweet, etc... You oughta like this too!!!

Sound Samples:
Is There Anybody Else
Your First Mistake
She Belongs To Me


(FRENCH IMPORT) Jeremy Morris and Guillermo Cazenave have made an impressive progressive rock cd on the ASTRAL label from Europe. It's called TWO SIGNALS This lovely album of all instrumental space rock and will appeal to fans of STEVE HILLAGE, ASH RA TEMPLE, JOE SATRIANI, NEU, HAWKWIND, and cosmic space rock in general. This music will take you places you've only dreamed of. There is plenty of jamming electric guitar on this one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sound Samples:
Cosmic Jam 1
Trash Zen Dental Meditation
Two Signals
Chicago Strut
Cat Grec Rally


SWEET RELIEF #2 is finally out now! It features 24 outstanding power pop songs from around the globe. (Volume #1 was voted by many fans as one of the best power pop compilations they have heard.) The same care has been taken in making volume #2! No expense was spared in making this another stellar release. The artists on this compilation include: The Gravelberrys, The Mayflowers, DM3, Greg Pope, The Lolas, The Records, The Grip Weeds, The Kubes, The Temponauts, Jeremy, The Shambles, Cosmic Rough Riders, Daniel Wylie, Nigel Clark (Dodgy), The Tangerines, The Suns, Starry Eyed and Laughing, Nelson Bragg, Dropkick, and many more!!! The 75 minute plus cd is a double albums worth of music for the nice price of one. Special high grade mastering, superb art, and detailed liners make this a great value and best of all...it's a charity cd to help provide aid to victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc... Read more about it all at www.myspace.com/sweetreliefcharitycd Please help support such a worthy cause! You'll be glad you did!

Sound Samples:
Jeremy - My Hearts On Fire
The Gravelberrys - Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Greg Pope - Fall Into Your Arms
Daniel Wylie - Make Love to the World
Lolas - Popism
Starry Eyed and Laughing - Strangers All Over Again
The Junipers - Gordie Can't Swim
The Kubes - She's a Monkey
The Records - That Girl is Emily
The Suns - Dream About Nothing
The Tangerines - Don't Get Lonely
The Temponauts - She's an Animal


Here is one of the *BEST* POP RELEASES OF 2010!!! Yes, that's right! SETH SWIRSKY is a master songwriter of the Beatle school institute! Seth knows how to pen a mighty catchy tune and give it the perfect arrangement with superb harmony vocals and rich sound production! There is a blending of Beach Boys--Pet Sounds--Paul McCartney---Emitt Rhodes--Klaatu--ELO--and The Association! and still there's so much more. The music is extremely rich! ... A beautiful tapestry of pop sound that will demand repeated listening! Cloud Eleven main man Rick Gallego is also on board for this release and along with Seth they make an amazing musical team. Seth Swirsky has done his pop homework and he understands what it takes to craft an amazing pop song. Just listen to the cd from start to finish and it won't take long to figure that out! GRADE A --It's the TOP OF THE POPS!!!

Sound Samples:
Watercolor Day
Summer in Her Hair
Matchbook Cover
I'm Just Sayin'
Living Room
Movie Set
Song for Heather
Twenty Minutes to Myself

  New 2010 release from the excellent 5 piece shoegaze/indie power pop band GLOWFRIENDS! This is the quintet's 5th release and very strong in the style of last years "To have and to hold" cd album. The line up is the same featuring April, Mark, and Holly Morris and J.W.and Jenn Hendrix. Here is a full albums worth of music clocking in at over 30 minutes. These new tracks bring to mind bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Sundays, The Cure, Ride, Modern English, Iron and Wine, The Church, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Stapleton, and Silver Sun Pickups. The sound production is crystal clear and very pleasing. Highlights include songs like "Perfect Ending" and "Can't be your Shoulder" which carry the spirit of shoegaze music into the future. A great release and grade A all the way.


New 2010 release from the excellent 5 piece shoegaze/indie power pop band GLOWFRIENDS! This is the quintet's 5th release and very strong in the style of last years "To have and to hold" cd album. The line up is the same featuring April, Mark, and Holly Morris and J.W.and Jenn Hendrix. Here is a full albums worth of music clocking in at over 30 minutes. These 8 new tracks bring to mind bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Sundays, The Cure, Ride, Modern English, Iron and Wine, The Church, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Stapleton, and Silver Sun Pickups. The sound production is crystal clear and very pleasing. Highlights include songs like "Perfect Ending" and "Can't be your Shoulder" which carry the spirit of shoegaze music into the future. A great release and grade A all the way.

Sound Samples:
Be Surprised
Perfect Ending
We're All... Different
Can't be your Shoulder




New release for 2009 from recording artist JEREMY MORRIS also known as "JEREMY". The new album "JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE HEART" finds Jeremy performing well within the "POWER POP--PSYCH POP--ROCK" mode with 13 fresh melodic tracks of power pop bliss. Following fast on the heels of last years highly successful "POP EXPLOSION",Jeremy picks up where that album left off. This time around Jeremy celebrates many of his favorite inspirations ranging from THE BEATLES, THE BYRDS, BIG STAR, THE WHO, CHEAP TRICK, TEENAGE FANCLUB, BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, STATUS QUO, and Syd Barret era PINK FLOYD! The opening tracks "HOME" and "WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY" (*in memory of the great late WIL WOODROWE*) are filled with classic WHO style guitar chord riffs amidst psychedelic sounds. Songs like "VANITY FARE" and "CHURCH OF BYRDS" are excellent tributes to the jingle jangle sound with layered sweet harmony vocals. Within this cd many interesting sound effects are tastefully sequenced within the mix-- backwards guitars, sounds of nature, layered harmony vocals etc..The spirit of "Revolver" "5D" and "Piper at the gates of dawn" are floating freely in the mix. Most of the songs range within two to three minutes holding true to the tried and tested power pop formula. Early reports agree that this is one of JEREMY'S best albums to date...sure to win many new fans and continue to please those who already know! Try it you'll like it. *****

Sound Samples:
Where There's a Will There's a Way
Vanity Fare
Sweet, Sweet, Relief
Journey to the Center of the Heart
Walk Right By
Church of Byrds
Love is Gonna Win
Hurry Up and Wait
Sleep Good


( UK IMPORT )Here at last is a wonderful tribute to the British pop band THE JETSET which emerged on the scene in 1982 picking up where The Beatles, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys left off! Great 60's and 70's style tunes can be heard from: THE EDDIES, THE SHAMBLES, YEH YEH, JEREMY, HERB EIMERMAN, RUSS SCHNEIDER, MEGA SUPER ULTRA, THE CHE MEN, THE RINGLES,THE SPRING COLLECTION,ED JAMES, THE RISK, RINALDI SINGS,HANNA TRANCE, RICHARD FAIRCLOUGH, TETTERS PLAYS POP, and COLA JET SET! The album is refreshing, consistent, and sounds like everything you'd hope for! Lots of hooks, happy sunshine, jingle, jangle, and mod fun! GRADE A TRIBUTE!


New release for 2009 on Jam Records... The 4th amazing full length cd from the Michigan Shoegaze/Dream pop/Indie pop quintet "glowfriends" is here. The band takes the listener into further and deeper sonic landscapes making this their finest and most uplifting release to date! The songwriting is melodically strong, production is crystal clear with walls of layered guitars, bass, drums and vibraphone. Ambient effects abound through a slipstream of sonic delight. Thanks to the talented mixing hands of Charlie Piper this is top gear production. Sweet layered male/female harmonies from Mark, April, and Holly Morris bring a perfectly smooth genetic blend that is rarely found in most groups. Bottom line: This is a sublime Shoegaze/dream pop cd that will please fans of DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, RIDE, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, SLOWDIVE, IRON AND WINE, PEDRO THE LION, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, ASOBI SEKSU, JIMMY EAT WORLD, SUFJAN STEVENS, SWERVEDRIVER, THE SMITHS, and TREMBLING BLUE STARS! This one goes down smooth and is easy on the ears while demonstrating some nice time signatures and sonic excitement. GRADE A *****

Sound Samples:
Scared of Love
Go Back to Sleep
Make Things Clear
Today Could be the Day


New for 2009, "My name is Willy" is the sophomore release from the Illinois power pop band THE GILLIGANS. The band features David Krieger, Scott Pellican, Todd Borsch of the Ringles and Dan Mckenzie of The Porcupines making this an all star power pop lineup. This album continues to explore the highlights of British Invasion, Mersey Beat, and 60's psychedelic sounds. So just who do this guys sound like? They sound like The Beatles, The Monkees, Count Five, The Blowpops, The Reasonars, The Hi-Risers, The Kinks, The Hollies, and The Pretty Things...Get the picture??? This is retro 60's at it's finest. Fans of the Sundazed label and Get Hip Records, this is essential for you! Grade A retro-active power pop.

Sound Samples:
I Wanna Wear Your Sunshine
I Want to be Your Loving Man
In a Flash
Fireflies in a Jar
This All Starts with You


New release on Jam for 2009! SHPLANG has just released the *best* album of their career so far. This is the 4th release from this ultra fine L.A based psych-pop-rock outfit. SHPLANG is a very fun group to listen to and their crystalline sound is rooted in 60's psychedelia while adding a modern twist to the mix. You can hear the inspiration of first generation 60's bands such as Beach Boys, Pink Floyd,and Electric Prunes filtered through the more recent vibes of bands like Cake, High Llamas, Guided by Voices, and U2. This unique morphing of styles makes for a very fun audio experience taking the listener through at least 5 decades of creative rock music! "My Big Three Wheeler" is a retro-active bundle of psychedelic joy! Highly recommended, fun, and free music for the open minded!

Sound Samples:
Spanish Galeons
Let's Get High
No One Knows
Keep it Down
Last Match in the Tinderbox

  Appearing now for the first time on DVD is a JEREMY concert from 1997. Jeremy performs here with a five piece band. The concert was filmed especially for television at the time by a local TV station. The results are a nice quality concert including the following tracks: I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU, SMASH THE IDOL, STAY WITH ME, BIG BRAIN, KEEP AWAY, WHERE ARE WE GOING?, SOLID ROCK, and COMING HOME TO YOU. Approximately one hour long. Remixed and remastered from the original soundboard tapes for superior sound!


NEW JAM RELEASE!!!!! ELECTRIC FORGIVENESS is a new band consisting of: JOHN BUNDRICK: (The Who's keyboardist) JON DAWSON: (From the band THIRD OF NEVER).. with JEREMY MORRIS on electric guitar and TONY STIGLITZ on drums. This album is a delight for both progressive rock and electronic music fans alike! Highly instrumental, the easiest sound comparison would be PORCUPINE TREE'S : VOYAGE 34 album. There are many shades of PINK FLOYD (Meddle,etc.. ), TANGERINE DREAM, THE ORB and space rock floating in the mix. Psychedelic journey soundtrack music is the theme with a tongue and cheek flashback to the hippie days of the innocence and ignorance. With titles like "Gilmour was Pink" and "Dark side of the Sun" the inspirations should be obvious! An audio treat for headphone buffs! Superb sounds with lots of ear candy! Highly Recommended!

Sound Samples:
In My Mind I'm Going to California
The Escape
Intrigue at the Peach House
Gilmour was Pink
Eno the Disco


GUILLERMO CAZENAVE has just released the best album of his 30 year recording career. A true pioneer of cosmic music long before it became fashionable, Cazenave has refined his craft after years of experience. Getting better and better with every release, he has now become the real master of his creation! This album is the crown jewel in his long musical career! SER is essential listening for all progressive and space rock music fans. This album is *not* new age music, so if you are looking for something boring, please look elsewhere! The album 'SER' is one beautiful 45 minute long track broken into many moods and spirits. The album flows perfectly and is mainly progressive instrumental with the inclusion of a couple guest vocal spots from Jeremy Morris. There are shades of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Klaus Schultz, with a connection to early Genesis, (The album was recorded at ANTHONY PHILLIPS studio in England) This album comes together perfectly and is one of the top progressive releases for 2008. What makes this album so outstanding is that this 45 minute track never once gets boring for even one minute. (That's not an easy feat to accomplish but CAZENAVE has pulled it off in a way that appears to be effortless. The music keeps changing dynamics, landscapes,and shifting moods and styles. It's full of surprises! SER is a wonderful journey, an adventure, a real experience. So go ahead and get this album SER, you'll be glad you did. One of the years best! GRADE A (FRENCH/SPANISH IMPORT) Released on the superb ASTRAL label.

Sound Samples:
Correo Celestial
El AveZen
El Gran Dawn
El Rito Del Sir


Guill and Jem is GUILLERMO CAZENAVE and JEREMY MORRIS. This new 2008 release finds them breaking new ground creating another beautiful atmospheric sound scape. Combining both instrumentals and vocals...Imagine if members of Pink Floyd, Eno, The Beatles, Ash Ra Temple, Tangerine Dream, and Anthony Phillips got together to record an album...It might sound something like this. Both acoustic and electric 12 string guitars merge with spacey keyboards, and cosmic percussions creating a very beautiful vibration! Highly recommended! Uplifting music that is a breath of fresh air! (Spanish/French Import) released on the Astral label!

Sound Samples:
High Rider
If I Could
In Love With You
Mirror / Open the Door to Love
Never Ends at Night
Sweet Peace
Teardrop Explosions
Tell me How

JEREMY - ALIVE *(PLUS 9) (25th Anniversary Edition)

Jeremy Morris -"Alive" is available now for the first time on cd! (The original 1984 vinyl lp is long out of print now going for collectors prices.) This limited Deluxe 25th Anniversary cd comes with a full color 20 page booklet,many photos, song lyrics,extended liners,and superb art from the amazing Layne Strickler. The cd is remastered for superior sound from the original master tapes and includes 9 studio bonus tracks (All previously unreleased) 21 tracks total (tracking in at 75 minutes!) makes this a double cd for the price of only one. Fans of Beatles, Cheap Trick, Shoes, classic power pop, progressive pop/rock, and more will rejoice over this special edition!.. An album sure to please all the fans and gain many new ones along the way! Pop journalist (of Yellow Pills ) JORDAN OAKS sited this as top power music listing the songs "Turn my head Around" "Love I Never Knew" and "Magnet Love" as some of his favorites !

Sound Samples:
I Don't Want to See You Cry
Love I Never Knew
Toward the Sky
Heaven at Midnight
Turn my Head Around
Part of Me / Part of You
Tear Down the Walls
Fly Away
Magnet Love
Home Tonight


A MUST FOR ALL SHOEGAZE and DREAMPOP fans!!! One of the most beautiful, elegantly sequenced collections of tunes you may ever hear! This is what fans of RIDE, SLOWDIVE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, ADORABLE, POWER OF DREAMS and SWERVEDRIVER have been longing for! A stellar worldwide collection with many exclusive tracks only available here. The 75 minute plus disc includes the following bands: MALORY, THE MORNING PAPER, AIRIEL, THE BROTHER KITE, BRIEF CANDLES, TEARS RUN RINGS, CRASH CITY SAINTS, SECRET SHINE, THE JOY BUS, JE SUIS ANIMAL, GLOWFRIENDS, THE FLOWER BEDS, PANDA RIOT, SOUNDPOOL, IN CIVILIAN CLOTHING, THRUSHES, THE FAUNS, SUNLIGHT ASCENDING. ***** five stars for fabulous!!!

Sound Samples:
Malory - Just Be
Airiel - Cinnamon
The Brother Kite - The Finest Kind
Crash City Saints - Panic Queen
Secret Shine - Oblivion
The Joy Bus - Something Wrong Inside
Je Suis Animal - Sparkle Spit
Glowfriends - Sensible
The Flower Beds - Mean to Me
In Civilian Clothing - Current Therapist

JEREMY - POP EXPLOSION (regular edition: single cd)
  The regular edition of "Pop Explosion" is a single cd of 14 brand new power pop originals by Jeremy Morris. (This edition does not contain the 2nd bonus disc) * See double disc edition for details. Fans of The Beatles, Byrds, Big Star, The Kinks, The Who, and all the classics will feel right at home with "Pop Explosion" which is one of Jeremy's most radio friendly cds to date! The sound culls the best from the 60's and 70's school of classic melodic rock and pop. The home run hits abound on this platter of pure pop heaven. Stellar power pop indeed.

JEREMY - POP EXPLOSION (Double cd!) Limited Edition

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ***** POP EXPLOSION ranks at #16 in David Bash's top 125 BEST POWER CDS! *****Also listed in Not Lame's top 75 BEST POWER POP CDS! "The well favored double cd from Jeremy Morris "POP EXPLOSION" is a double dose of power pop and a must for all the fans!" It's two cds for the price of one making this a real deal! Here's the scoop on the cds. ***Disc One: 14 brand spanking new originals that rock and pop in the school of The Byrds,The Kinks, Beatles, Big Star, Badfinger, Sweet, etc..This is classic power pop. Not to be missed! ***Disc Two: A free limited edition bonus disc which comes only with the original copies of "Pop Explosion". Contains 24 covers by classic bands such as Teenage Fanclub, The Monkees, Sweet, Idle Race, Lou Reed, 10cc, The Byrds, The Who, The Beatles, Left Banke, Klaatu, Genesis, Yo La Tengo, The Replacements, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Neil Diamond, Squire, The Jetset, Big Star, Bay City Rollers, and more!!!

Sound Samples:
Come on Over
Come Clean
Time is Running Out
Happy all the Time
You're Gonna Get It
Everyone Makes Mistakes
As Long as You're Around
Sweet Salvation

  Brand new DVD release for 2008. JEREMY- POP RULES : THE DVD is a collection of music videos from the "POP RULES" album and also features a complete concert from NEW YORK CITY taped at THE ARLENE GROCERY! The band is an all star line up with Ed James, Phil Angotti (The Idea), April Morris (glowfriends), Todd Borsch, (The Ringles),David Dietrich, and Tony Gettig in the band. Excellent quality and great sound, fans will be delighted with this collection! Songs featured include: ITS GETTING BETTER (music video), WALKING IN THE SUNSHINE (music video), HAPPY HELMUT (music video) plus.. LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY: Here we go now, Chain Reaction, It's getting better, Pop Rules, Highway to Heaven, It's all too much (Beatles cover--and tribute to the late George Harrison)


The latest 2008 release from JEREMY is here! "GLOW IN THE DARK" is a brand new progressive rock album with 12 new tracks totaling over 70+ minutes of music. This album is an amazing musical voyage of incredible sounds which will take you to other worlds far and beyond.The album is filled with stunning lead guitar work and also utilizes many vintage keyboards such as the Mellotron, Mini-moog, Arp Synthesizer, etc.. Fans of Pink Floyd, psychedelic music, Porcupine Tree, Space rock, Tangerine Dream, Eno, Camel, Ash Ra, early Mike Oldfield, Sigur Ros, and Steve Hackett will find much to enjoy! ***** "A highly focused and delightful cd"..."One of the best classic style progressive rock albums to come out in years!" *****

Sound Samples:
Glow in the Dark
Another Dimension
Electric Warrior
White Horse Rider
Time Tunnel
The Final Act
Endless River


OUT OF PRINT (VERY LIMITED COPIES) For fans of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream. All songs contain vocals. This is Jeremy at his most psychedelic! Released on the awesome MALS label from RUSSIA!!!, this cd is highly recommended to all fans of experimental pop, psychedelic rock and progressive rock music. You can hear the entire cd by going to http://mals.ru Since its a Russian website, click on the English translation button and you will be all set! Check it out!

Sound Samples:
The Mystery Train
High Rider
Float Upstream
Mystery and Illusion
Sky Song


NEW JAM RELEASE!!! What do you get when you morph the sounds of The Byrds, The Beatles, The Orgone Box, The Grip Weeds, The Rooks, The Green Pamamas, and the Pretty Things together ??? ANSWER: THE RINGLES!!! "Rickenbacker Ballet" is the 3rd release from The RINGLES. It's the latest and certainly the greatest from this wonderful psychedelic jangle pop rock band. (For the enlightened, the RINGLES sound like many of the bands from the RAINBOW QUARTZ LABEL )Come visit the spirit of 67 and let it take you higher! Thank God there are still bands out there making this type of music. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Lisa's Riding on a Star
I am
April's Wish
Early Morning Tea


LORD OF LORDS is the 2nd cd release in an long run series of Christian Praise and Worship music. Fans of power pop, Beatles, Byrds, etc.. will enjoy the approach Jeremy has taken with this release. Tons of harmony vocals, pianos, guitars, and beautiful arrangements. This is inspiring and extremly uplifting music. 25 original tracks

Sound Samples:
Cleanse me Lord
Lord of Lords
Perfect peace
Sing a New Song


KING OF KINGS is a cd of all original Christian Praise and Worship music. Stylistically it is in keeping with Jeremy's other power pop releases containing a strong Beatles, Byrds, Buddy Holly, and Everly Brothers vibe! Uplifting and inspiring! Contain 32 original heartfelt tracks!

Sound Samples:
Singing Praises
The Truth, The Way, The Life
Let it be Known
So Good to Me


New for 2005, "Home in the Sky" is an absolutely beautiful release of all instrumental piano music. Fans of chill out, dreamy , reflective, music will truely enjoy this. ...a more melodic George Winston, also evoking the finer moments of Anthony Phillips, Philip Aaberg, and Tony Banks. Strong melodies, strong vibes, Grade A

Sound Samples:
Bright Morning Star
Falling Tears
Home in the Sky
Mustard Seed
Song for Peter


Wonderful new 2005 release. GLOWFRIENDS are a 6 piece band (guitars,piano,violin,cello,bass,drums,and vox) hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their sound is sublime orchestral pop music with acoustic leanings and sheer high quality. Fans of Nick Drake, The Sundays, Mazzy Star, Ivy, Splendid, Colin Blunstone, Tamas Wells, Tim Reid, Trembling Blue Stars, etc.. will all find themsleves right at home with this cd. Fantastic and highly recommended.

Sound Samples:
First Day of Spring
Real Careers
How You Hurt Her
Nighty, Night
Breaking Up the Band
And Love Conquers All


OUT OF PRINT CD! Released in 2005 on the Russians MALS label, this cd sold out in less than a year. We only have a handful of copies here. This cd is pure instrumental progressive rock. Imagine Joe Satriani jamming good with Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre and you have an idea. "The Pearl of great Price" is further recommended to any serious Pink Floyd fan. The guitar leads on this disc often remind one of classic David Gilmour in his prime: atmospheric and intense! (Those who long for soloing electric prog-rock guitar, put this on your list! ) Synthesizer solos abound as well with majestic interplay ! This cd release perfectly merges the best moments of Rock,Electronic,Symphonic,and Space Music, into one amazing sound. Highly recommended! Grade A (Russian/French Import released on MALS/MUSEA )

Sound Samples:
Desert Winds
Spiral Vortex
Alien Nation
Pearl of Great Price
Battle Zone


New release from Ear Theory Recordings: Some of the best pop and rock artists from around the world get together to pay tribute to Jeremy Morris and his music. The all star line up of artists include: The Lolas, Phil Angotti, Lisa Mychols, The Shambles, The Ringles, Herb Eimerman, Kat Parsons, Ed James, Mark Flora, Glowfriends, Goldoolins, Shplang, Stefan Johanssen, and The Hipnotes. The tribute cd features photos and bios of each artist along with commentaries from Gary Pig Gold, David Bash, John Borack and others. This is a wonderfully well done tribute cd and is recommended to all fans both past, present, and future!

Sound Samples:
It's Getting Better
You're Not Alone
Pop Rules
When You See Her
I\'m Flying


***Only a few copies left of this one. (One of his most popular releases) Rave reviews are out and Jeremy just keeps getting better and better with each release. "Find the Way to be Happy" is a delight for fans of melodic, jangly, uplifting rock. Inspired from the best moments of Byrds, Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, and so much more...merging into his own unique creation of power pop soundscapes. "Find the way to be Happy" will keep the listener's ear glued to the speaker with an easy flow of pleasant sounds highlighted by masterful guitar work and vocal harmonies galore. Excellent and well done. THE ROCK AND ROLL REPORT SAYS: "Jeremy and his band manage to peel off some incredibly tight power pop riffs mixed in with great vocals and impeccable production." ..Badfinger and Big Star come immediately to mind without sounding cliched...some amazng guitar breaks that sound just right for each song." BEVERLY PATERSON OF TWIST AND SHAKE SAYS: " Brilliant doesn't even begin to describe the latest album from Jeremy Morris. It seems like this multifaceted musician gets better and better with every disc. One of the year's best

Sound Samples:
Find the way to be Happy
Highway to Heaven
Turn this Around
Heaven to Pay
Time for Action
Good Love
Great to be Alive

COOL KING CHRIS - Mysterious World

NEW JAM RELEASE! Its been 5 years since Cool King Chris released his first cd on Jam. Now his second cd is finally here. Just like his first one, this cd is produced by Jamie Hoover of the Spongetones who also guests on the disc. What you get is a cd that will appeal to fans of later era Beatles, The Rutles , XTC, Jamie Hoover, and The Spongetones . This is a witty and fun album filled with lots of adventure, good humor, and audio excitement! Those of you who enjoyed his last cd will find more of the same. CKC bats in a league all his own. Brilliant.

Sound Samples:
Calling Lady Luck
Who Do You Hoo Doo
High Glass Jingle
Kissing Tree


The fantastic 3rd release from the amazingly talented Ed James is finally here! Those who enjoyed his previous releases will find more of the same great positive power pop sounds. What that means is fans of Beatles, Jellyfish, Styx,and Rubinoos will rejoice when they hear this release! Ed James is one of the best underated power pop talents on the planet. This cd is grade A !!!

Sound Samples:
You and Whose Army
Shiver and Shake
Best Laid Plans


New on JAM! Great sophmore cd release from Illinois power pop giants The Ringles. The Ringles are masters of the circa 1967 psych-pop sound. The band has much in common soundwise with The Green Pajamas, The Rooks, The Moon, The Pretty Things (Think S.F.Sorrow)The Resonars, and all the great 60's influenced revival power pop bands. Well done and true to the genre! Highly Recommended. This is a ride worth taking!

Sound Samples:
Take A Ride
Raisin Sea
Paste Your PIcture Here
Sample One


The Eddies are brothers Dale and Dean Hoth (Guitar and Bass) along with Cris Cordero (Drums) This band creates fun power pop that is a morphing of early Who, The Cars, Weezer, Shambles, and some B52s. The sound is basic, no frills power pop rock. Definately a must for those who prefer the indie sound! Well done and true to its genre.

Seth Swirsky - Instant Pleasure

Voted as one of the top 10 power pop cds for 2004!!! Be sure to pick this one up because its grade A all the way. Seth Swirsky sounds like a perfect blend of Beatles, Jellyfish , and Merrymakers! And for good reason!!! Mr Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish fame appears on this disc. But more importantly Seth Swirsky is a GREAT songwriter with a really cool sounding pop voice!Fantastic and essential!Get it. Every song on this cd is a winner!

Sound Samples:
Instant Pleasure
Herman Cherry
Only Me Fair May
It\'s Still Love

Jeremy and Cazenave - Two Suns

Brand new double cd for the price of one!!! TWO SUNS is the first in a series of collaborations between Jeremy Morris and Spanish musician Guillermo Cazenave. TWO SUNS is truely a pop record filled with Beatle influenced sounds (especially Beatle John circa Imagine). Furthermore, this album contains shades of Big Star (third), early Genesis(their pastoral side ala Anthony Phillips) and some fantastic progressive moments as well. Their sound is heavy folk pop to some degree while also being very cosmic and ambient. A sumblime recording, TWO SUNS has already become a favorite among many! Highly Recommended/GRADE A (Spanish Import) *note:All songs are sung in English

Sound Samples:
I Know About It
Through the Void
You'll Come Back

Jeremy - Lost and Found

*OUT OF PRINT. Only a handful of these are left. (JEREMY'S out of print releases have been selling on the web in some circles for hundreds of dollars.) This album is a double cds worth of songs on one disc. Here's what Big Takeover has to say about Jeremy's 30th release. Michigan's finest son, Jeremy Morris returns with his most bountiful collection yet, the 27 track "Lost and Found" is blissed out power pop! (Neal Agneta--Big Takeover) ...Inspiration from The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, Teenage Fanclub, The Monkees, The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger, and many more can be heard on this wonderful silver platter! It's easy to listen to, and easy to enjoy. Timeless, tried, and true, LOST AND FOUND is GREAT listening. The cd features an all star lineup with guest appearances from Lolas, Ed James, Robbie Rist, Kenny Howes, Gary Pig Gold, Shane Faubert, Lynn Waterman, and many others! A true classic in the making. "Lost and Found" delivers pure audio pleasure!

Sound Samples:
Here with me
Be there for me
If we try

Chris Richards - Mystery Spot

Great release from Michigan power pop powerhouse: Chris Richards! One of powerpop's best kept secrets but not for long! The secret is out ! and this "mystery spot" is finally getting discovered! Fans of Posies, Matthew Sweet, Wannadies, Marshall Crenshaw, and Fountains of Wayne, heads up! This is no filler pop that delivers one solid tune after another. As for the newcomers, this is as good a place to start as any! Good, good, stuff!

Sound Samples:
Is There Anybody Else
Your First Mistake
She Belongs to Me

Terry Eason - Bees Will Bumble

Solid new cd on Jam for 2004. This is a great pop/rock release for fans of Neil Young, Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, Dumptruck, Teenage Fanclub, Elliot Smith, and a bit of Byrds for good measure! Highly recommended. IF you have never heard his music, this is a good place to start! Heartfelt and sincere sounding music for real people! Terry's music just keeps getting better and better!

Sound Samples:
Agony of the Thrill
Bees Will Bumble
Hurricane Hill
The Cat and the Centipede

Jeremy - Still Waters

New for 2004! This time around Jeremy presents an all acoustic instrumental guitar album. Fans of Anthony Phillips, Gordon Giltrap, Steve Howe, Leo Kottke, and Steve Hackett, will want this in their collection! Timeless, beautiful melodies with strong production make this a winning cd. Jeremy takes command of both 6 string and 12 string guitars which shimmer and glisten bringing a wonderful sonic pleasure to the listener. A peaceful and beautiful audio landscape which will provide hours of enjoyment! Grade A

Sound Samples:
Hour Glass
Over The Hills
Still Waters

PHIL ANGOTTI - Juliette Foster Soundtrack

We recently found a very limited number of copies of this wonderful Jam release that has long been OUT OF PRINT and is HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE. This time around Phil scores a home run by creating a truly beautiful dream pop cd. Fans of Left Banke, Nick Drake, Duncan Browne, Colin Blunstone, and of course, the Beatles are going to love this disc. The sound is loaded with real life cellos, violins, acoustic guitars, and superb vocals. Rarely can an artist make an acoustic dominated cd that retains such a vibrant energy. Phil has done just that. The musical arrangements are brilliant and sound truly sublime! And most importantly, Phil has got one of the BEST pop voices on the planet! Be sure to pick this up!

Sound Samples:
Juliette Foster
No Way to Be
Upside Down

Herb Eimerman - & i you

BACK IN STOCK--CHECK IT OUT Herb Eimerman is a veteran of the Chicago power pop scene having played in the Nerk Twins with Jeff Murphy of Shoes and also having released many fine solo cds over the years. This new release is a power pop testimony loaded with jangly guitars, lucious layered vocal harmonies, and fine melodies. The cd brings to mind the finer moments of The Spongetones, Shoes, Teenage Fanclub, Beatles, Byrds, and all the jangly pop giants! Pick this up now and discover one pure pop's best kept secrets!

Sound Samples:
I Don't Want To Know
All I've Gotta Say
I Hope You Find

Raquels Boys - Music for the girl you love

LISTED IN THE TOP 20 POWER POP CDS of the last 10 years by journalist by GARY PIG GOLD! Check this one out! This is their *best* cd containing a purely fun power pop approach. A blast of simple sunshine pop for fans of The Byrds, Turtles, Shoes, Beatles, and 60's power pop! The cd is solid from start to finish! A must for all fans of the SUNDAZED and GET HIP labels (Produced by Jeremy Morris who also plays on the album )

Sound Samples:
Elevator Ride
This Green Lawn
Sample One

TIM REID - Any Given Day

This wonderful Jam release by Tim Reid is awesome guitar strumming pop music for fans of The Beatles, Lilac Time, Crowded House, Magna Carta, Marshmallow, Travis, and The Grapes of Wrath. This cd is by far the best thing Tim has ever done and hands down recieves big kudos! If you like great singing and all around nice sounding music, this is it! Tim Reid is one of Austrailia's best kept secrets. But not for long! Pick this up now because you'll be glad you did!

Sound Samples:
Air With Words
Any Given Day
We All Need


     Hi Fi Christmas*Various Artists (VOLUME ONE)

HI FI CHRISTMAS PARTY VOLUME ONE IS GETTING VERY LOW ON COPIES!!! IT WILL SOON BE OUT OF PRINT!!! IT'S A WONDERFUL CD, SO GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! All the profits go to charity, so be a big hearted person and pick this up! Here is the lineup: BIll Lloyd, Jellybricks, Spongetones, Jeremy, Bradburys, Lolas, Glowfriends, Phil Angotti, Cool King Chris, Dom Mariani, Don Dixon, Lisa Mychols, Andrea Perry, John McMullan and more!!! This is one awesome collection and actually is so good that you can listen to it year round !!!

Jeremy - Fruit Tree

The lastest cd from Jeremy consists of pure instrumental songs performed on the grand piano. The music is timeless, peaceful, beautiful, atmospheric, and very moving. Certainly this will touch even the most jaded of ears. "Fruit Tree" is a special offering on par with George Winston's "December" cd and the piano works of Tony Banks, Tim Story, Mike Oldfield, and Anthony Phillips. The 10 tracks flow together very nicely and make for a listening experience that you will want to hear again and again! Real music is still alive and well! Fruit Tree is quickly becoming one of Jeremy's most popular releases! It's refreshing music full of life and love. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Fruit Tree
Open Door

Blank Pages - 45 and 33

After just delivering a killer live set at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Philadelphia, Blank Pages have proven that they are truely an awesome power pop band! The sound of their new cd evokes Big Star's "Radio City"!!! But for sheer dynamics, the production and sound quality of this cd eclipses that album. Along with Big Star, this band sounds like The Who (check out the Keith Moon drumming),and Teenage Fanclub (in the vocal and guitar department) This cd is bursting forth with pure power pop energy! This New Jersey band is one to keep your eyes on! Grade A

Sound Samples:
45 and 33
More than a Million Times
End of Time

Planet of Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation

Here's a great new power pop cd compilation with 25 super new tracksfrom:Lolas, Kelly's Heels, The Finkers, The Sugarrush, Shy Nobleman, Champale,Vocoder, Pipitone,Sweet Apple Pie, Florapop, Bondage, The Samurai Seven, Movin Jelly, Goyou Huskies, The Oranges,Michael Carpenter, Ed James, The Ritchies, Ben's Diapers, Dom Mariani (ofDM3), Danny McDonaldThe Sunbeams, Jeremy, Joe Algeri and Magnus Karisson, Salt Water Taffy! Released through Popboomerang(Austrailia), Wizard in Vinyl (Japan), and Jam (USA). Experience theexploding global pop scene with thiswonderful release! So much great music, so much fun! Includes extensiveliners and cd booklet!

Sound Samples:
Lolas - Don't Change a Thing
Sweet Apple Pie - She Whistles in the Tube
Michael Carpenter - Rolling Ball

Dipsomaniacs - Freakin Eureka

THIS IS A WONDERFUL CD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Great pop power from New Jersey's Dipsomaniacs!!! Fans of THE Who, Neil Young, Replacements, take note! Their influences here are clearly defined with a melting pot of further die hard Teenage Fanclub, Who, Replacements, and some Neil Young guitar style. Lead Dipso Mick Chorba delivers the goods once again and pens some mighty fine tunes on this silver platter ! " Sun shine through" is a surefire hit while "Black Cloud" is a powerful stance against negativety! " Freakin Eureka" is an uplifting, empathic, and touching cd that will connect with the listener at ground level. Check out what areal rock and rock band is all about! Real rock still exists, and the Dipsomaniacs are living proof of that! Mighty fine indeed!

Sound Samples:
Black Cloud
Always Forgetting Something
Sun Shine Through

Terry Eason - Elephant Garden

DEBUT RELEASE FOR JAM RECORDS. Terry Eason creates sublime pop music that has threads of Wilco, Neil Young, Dump Truck, Bobby Sutliff, Marty Wilson Piper( of the Church)and much of today's current indie power pop scene. Terry's voice is wispy, soft and gentle. He multi-layers lots of sweet vocal harmonies in a very genteel kind of way. This vocal delight is interspaced with many layers of Neil Young style guitars. The music is disciplined and never grunge, staying true to the pop format. In this context,the sound is unique and groundbreaking for pop music. The lyrics are often sureal and yet connected telling stories of broken relationship and struggle. This cd gets a 10 out of 10 and sends a strong message that pop-art is alive and well! The cd will also be a great addition to any serious music fans collection.

Sound Samples:
Antique Mall
God Knows That We Try
I Never Told You

Lolas - Silver & Gold

(IMPORT - CD ) 27 track compilation of one of the finest power pop bands on the planet! (15 of these tracks are new!) This is an AMAZING collection and an absolute must for all LOLAS fans!!! Fans of the Beatles, ELO, The Move, Sweet, The Records, Shoes, and all classic power will absolutely love this!!! A+(Import)

Sound Samples:
End of the Summer
Let's Keep Talking
Little Deedra

Jeremy - Pop Dreams

Only a few copies left of this one. 2003 release from prolific artist Jeremy Morris. On this stellar release, the style remains true to his pop roots exploring the sounds of Beatles, Byrds, Hollies, Big Star, etc.. merging with some psychedelic sounds and rings true with the jangly pop spirit of 60's and 70's pop! Harmonies galore, and Rick string guitars abound awash a shimmery and uplifting production! ..."Pop Dreams" proves to be his best yet. Now that's saying a mouthful, as everything Jeremy creates is fabulous. --Beverly Paterson--music journalist

Sound Samples:
Pop Dreams
Why don't you love me?
One true love

Jeremy - Kingdom Come

Amazing all insturmental progressive rock cd. Fans of Anthony Phillips, Tangerine Dream, Steve Hackett, Camel, etc... will LOVE THIS! The title track alone is 35 minutes! 7 tracks in all!

Sound Samples:
Flying Hearts
Flaming Hearts

Wizzard Brew (Pop Compilation) Vol. 1 - Wizzard Brew

(JAPAN--IMPORT) Great new power pop compilation from the wonderful Wizard in Vinyl label. All new tracks, here's some the artists Lolas, Ed James, Jeremy, General Store, American Suitcase, P76, Cloud Eleven, Einstein's Sister, Ben's Diapers, Maple Mars, Movin Jelly, Eytan Mirsky, Salt Water Taffy, Fuzzbubble, CVS, The B-sides, Martin Luther Lennon, Stateside, White Flag. Hot of the press, this is a MUST!

Sound Samples:
Jeremy - Walking With You
Ed James - Mikki's Gotta Dance

Pet the Pig! - Mothman and Other Twisted Tales

This is Ed James and friends in disguise!!!! Sounds like Rutles, Beatles, Rubinoos, Jellyfish.

Chris Richards - Pathetic History

A melting pot of Marshall Crenshaw, Matthew Sweet, and a pocket full of Posies. This is a sweet cd (just ask Matthew) so dig in and dig it. Super fine power pop from Michigan that will satisfy your sugar needs! And if you have not yet heard his latest "Mystery Spot" you really need to check that out too!!!! Great stuff!

Sound Samples:
Easy Come, Easy Go
Superman II

Florapop - Sunshine Saturday

ATTENTION ALL SUNSHINE POP FANS!!! If you like happy, happy, music, you need this cd! ...Shades of Beach Boys "Pet Sounds", Big Star,The Archies, Left Banke, and The Sweet make for one of the most beautiful pure pop/rock records to come out in a long time! This disc abounds with pleasant stellar sounds, and amazing walls of pure pop harmonies!!! This blissful cd shares the vocal talents of Mark and Lisa Flora at the pinnacle of their craft!!! Grade A on the JAM label

Sound Samples:
For You Two
Wouldn't it Be Cool?

Ed James - Poprocket

Flawless power pop gems from this master of the genre! Butt kickin joyful energy will burst out the speakers making you smile again and again!!! Fans of Rubinoos, Beatles, Syyx, Jellyfish, etc... This is your power pop ticket to paradise!!!

Sound Samples:
Welcome to the show
Get up and go

The Tonies - Daily Dose

OUT OF PRINT...Last copies. This is catchy pop/punk which will appeal to those of you who long for honest-to-goodness,energetic music! The Tonies sound like a fine blend of TheRamones, Green Day, Nirvana, and Blink 182! What makes the Tonies special are their positive and radiating sounds!(no nasty swearing ---so this get's a "G" rating kids) Thisis one of Jam records earliest releases and the copies are getting low. If you want this be sure to grab one soon!

Sound Samples:
Daily Dose

The Ringles - Dish Full of Ringles

The Ringles have surfaced from Princeton, Illinois where they crank outtheir own special brand of fab four influenced pop! Thinkpsychedelic pop, and then think of bands like The GreenPajamas. Songs like "Sour dour Sky" are really far out !This would have fit nicely on "Revolver" Then there's theopener "Mary Go Round"-I sure-fire hit with crunchy fuzzguitars and swirly fazed vocals. Or, if you like janglypop "I won't be listening" sounds like it could have beenan early Move track. Alas, the finale "Shooting down thesun" sounds like an out-take from the first Rooks album. Sothere you have it, - a straight ahead 60's laced powerpoppin cd just waiting to jump out of your speakers! (Fansof the Reasonars, Get Hip, and Sundazed labels, take note!)The Ringles are fabulous! Listed at #2 in Eric Sorensen'sBEST top 10 power pop cds for 2001!!!!! yeah!!!!

Sound Samples:
Mary Go Round
I Won't Be Listening

Pop Matters - Pop Matters
  (15 POWER POP BANDS) This is one of thefirst compilations (besides Yellow Pills) to help spark thePOWER POP REVOLUTION. Since then, an amazing amount ofexcellent compilations have been released! This disc wascompiled by the wonderful pop crusader Kevin Hepner. Poplegend Paul Collins (the Beat) and Rick Wagner then agreedto release it on their own WAGON WHEEL records . More thanhalf of these excellent tracks are unavailable elsewhere! Agreat way to sample the POWER POP underground. Bandsinclude Major Nelson, TWIN BEES, Million O'clock, TheGripweeds, The Idea, Big Hello, The Critics, TheHippycrickets, The Jennifers, Prellys, The Tearaways, TheRockinghams, The Kicksouls, Cockeyed Ghost, Jeremy....etc.This CD is now in the endangered species category. Inshort, Wagon Wheel records will not be repressing it!) Thisis going to be a COLLECTORS ITEM!

Jeremy - Seven

OUT OF PRINT. *Rated by journalist DAVID BASH as one of Jeremy's finest releases. (This album is overflowing with sensitive acoustic tunes featuring piano and guitar in a simple setting.) If you like pretty, melancholic, dreamy, heartfelt pop, then this is for you. Consider JOHN LENNON'S "IMAGINE" album as a reference point. Journalist David Bash considers SEVEN to be one of Jeremy's best albums along side albums such as "POP HEAVEN" "POP RULES" and "POP EXPLOSION"

Jeremy - Seven (DVD)

This dvd is a nice companion to the "Seven" CD. Easy going laid back power pop and dreamy rock enjoyment. This surreal collection also includes some nice animation. The DVD features 11 music videos all taken from the "Seven" album. A mellow and pleasant experience.


OUT OF PRINT. Collectors have been paying hundreds of dollars for JEREMY'S out of print cd and lp releases. This is one of those which has been seen several times selling for over $200.00 on the web. Released on the short lived MOONCHILD label. This all instrumental space progressive rock release delves into new territory where Jeremy has never gone before! This disc makes heavy use of the guitar synthesizer! The songs are very upbeat and fast moving while also being extremely spacey and drifting! Heavy use of sequencers and electronic sounds abound!!! This will appeal to both fans of electronic and space rock among the likes of ASH RA, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, KRAFTWERK, MICHAEL GARRISON, and TANGERINE DREAM

Sound Samples:
Salt The Planet

Jeremy - Rare

For those who enjoyed the pure power pop of "POP HEAVEN" this follow up CD picks right up wherethe last disc left off! "Another spanking new record from our boy Jeremy who must never eat or sleep because he is so busy making music! And beautiful music it is, regulated by angelic vocals, chiming guitars, mountain-sized hooks and inspirational lyrics. "Rare" is a colorful kaleidoscope of rapturous pop performances covering everything from the playful rock and roll of "Here We Go Now" to "Waiting There" a heart-stopping piano laced ballad... Encore encore! (Beverly Paterson,-Twist and Shake)

JEREMY - Pilgrims Journey

Released on the excellent KINESIS label, "Pilgrims Journey" is regarded by many as a symphonic progressive rock masterpiece! The title track alone is 25 minutes long. This will appeal to fans of CAMEL, GENESIS, ANTHONY PHILLIPS, STEVE HACKETT , MIKE OLDFIELD and GANDALF! A best seller and a classic prog release! Check it out. This is all instrumental music. Hear further sound samples, read extensive reviews etc...at http:www.kinesiscd.com

Sound Samples:
Rivers of Life
Deep Sleep
Valley of Vision
Pilgrim's Journey

Jeremy - Open Your Heart (LP)
  (LP) Jeremy's second album from 1987 and a favorite of many! The track "Let's go Up" was a number one pick on Gary Pig Gold's top pop list! Nice beautiful album art and lyric sheet included! (Something sadly missing these days due the small size of compact discs.) 6,700 copies were pressed and our stock is gettinglow! When they're gone, that's it.

Jeremy - Open Your Heart

Originally released in November 1987, this classic pop rock lp is now available on CD with 7 bonus tracks from the original sessions! A landmark album that did especially well in parts of Europe! The openingtrack "Tear down the walls" became a European hit coinciding with the tearing down of the Berlinwall! "Striking are his vocals which are crystalclear, emotive, vibrating---A true voice of pop....He's got a waywith guitars too, constantly a-ringing, throwing out riffs that would work everywhere. Always free of the insistenceor obtrusiveness which characterizes the common major company stuff"-HARTBEAT magazine (GERMANY)

Sound Samples:
Tear Down The Walls
Open Your Heart
Sunny Day
Let Me In
Love Waits
Home In Your Heart

Jeremy - Musica Para Alabar Al Senior

Out of print. (SPANISH IMPORT CD) This is a collection of what could be called "spiritual pop music". Again, this is all sung in English and available as an import from the Astral label. Twenty songsfill this disc to the limit! Released for the first time on CD, this is a compilation of songs recrded between 1978-1999. Fans of progressive and pop music, both, will find plenty to like here. A very moving album indeed, this iscelestial music with an expression of love to the One up above!

Jeremy - La Musica Del Peregrino

Out of Print! (SPANISH IMPORT CD) Available from the great Astral label in Spain, this disc is a compilation of songs by Jeremy with some unreleased tracks and rarities. the CD contains 19 tracks by Jeremyrecorded between 1983-1999. Both progressive and pop fans will love this! As with Jeremy's other releases, the vocalshave a strong influence recalling Beatle John. Spanish musician Guillermo Cazenave also guest on one of the songs.All sung in English, this CD is a nice compilaton from one of power pop's and prog's most prolific artists.Recommended.

Sound Samples:
Neverending Friend


It's power pop that rocks!!! Repressed for the 5th time!!! This album continues to be a highlight in the JEREMY canon and continues to sell. Jeremy has released NEARLY 50 albums in his lifetime so far. "INVISIBLE" was originally recorded in the 1988 and having sold out 5 PRESSINGS!!!, is once again available to the public. This cd has proved be an enduring power pop/rock classic. The sound is guitar heavy and will appeal to fans of Cheap Trick, The Records, Beatles, and more. Contains the underground hit "I WANNA BE WITH YOU" from the "POP MATTERS" compilation. This track is listed in JOHN BORACKS book SHAKE SOME ACTION..which lists the most outstanding power pop tunes of all time! This has been one of his most popular CD's. ---"marrying his sunny voice to a melody borrowed from CHEAP TRICK and the RASPBERRIES, MR MORRIS makes nice noise indeed! Classic.-John Borack-GOLDMINE

Sound Samples:
I Want To Be With You
Come Into My Heart
Turn To Me Now
Take a Look Into My Eyes


(OUT OF PRINT) RARE COLLECTOR's CD from 1991. Out of print now for years and very hard to find. POWER POP FANS HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE ONE OF THEIR FAVES.... Sounds of Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Emitt Rhodes, etc.. "Bringing forth the simple beauty of his pop as well as the fragility of his voice and the niceties in his guitar playing. It's Jeremy's album of love and positive vibrations-perhaps best summed up in "KATHERINE"' an ode to his wife.''-HARTBEAT magazine.(GERMANY)

Jeremy - Dreams Come True

If you are into progressive rock, we highly recommend you check out "Dreams Come True" by Jeremy. This all instrumental release features lots of superb guitar soloing throughout! Along with that, you will find layered synths and strong melodies. The cd has recieved high praise from fans of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Ashra, Steve Hackett, and Anthony Phillips. New limited edition pressing at a new nice price!

Sound Samples:
Danger Zone
Liquid Love

Jeremy - Celestial City

Many of JEREMY'S out of print cds fetch for high prices on the web these days. This is one of those releases. (OUT OF PRINT!) Only a few copies in stock. Great for fans of GENESIS, STEVE HACKETT,ANTHONY PHILLIPS, CAMEL, and TANGERINE DREAM . UPLIFTING PROG! More symphonic instrumental rock that delivers on an uplifting and spiritual plane! Give a listen and check it out! Extensive information and sound samples at http://www.kinesiscd.com

Sound Samples:
Invisible War
Laser Love
Hour Glass
Celestial City

Glowfriends - So Glad to be Here

New from Jam records, Glowfriends are the songwriting duo of April andMark Morris. A bright new hope, Glowfriends have crafted atruly fine debut many will love! The sound is fresh andwhile comparisons are inevitable, Glowfriends radiate amusical euphoria all their own. A breather for thoseseeking creative soundscapes, ...come up for air!!! "Soglad to be here" will not disappoint! The jangle folkguitar of the 60's pushes straight into the newmillenium. "So glad to be here" contains 12 guitar basedtunes fronted with dreamy beautiful female vocals. If youenjoy genteel pop ala Sixpence None the Richer, TheSundays, Mazzy Star, or any band with sensitive female vox,check this one out! More reviews to come!

Sound Samples:
21,000 Sunny Days

Cool King Chris - Heard it Before

Fans of Spongetones, XTC, Beatles, etc...You will want to pick up COOL KING CHRIS!!! Jamie Hoover of the Spongetones is all over this disc and in many ways it is a Spongetones side project. A very POPULAR selling disc in the JAM catalog...COOL KING CHRIS is adventurous, exciting, witty, and fun!!!!!!

Sound Samples:
Everything's Alright
Heard It Before

Billy King - You Know Me

Billy King is a home recording pop artist from Michigan. He literally sings and plays it all on this wonderful cd of guitar based pop. This is jangly pure pop that will please fans of Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Lloyd, and Shane Faubert (of Cheepskate's fame). What makes this album so great is its timeless recording approach along with straight from the heart songs that could even make you cry!!!!!! If you long for sincere music free of the slick city sound, be sure to pick this up. The more you hear it, the better it gets. Billy's time has finally come. "YOU KNOW ME" is a totally sincere and heartfelt release! To quote the title song "You know me, I wouldn't hurt a fly" should clue you in to what type of person Billy is. This is very kind sounding music that will caress you ever so gently. ( It's nice music for nice people!) Don't miss out on this one! A must for pop purists! Pure, clean, and very clear!

Sound Samples:
If I Were You
We\'ll Go Far


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