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Pop Matters - Pop Matters
  (15 POWER POP BANDS) This is one of thefirst compilations (besides Yellow Pills) to help spark thePOWER POP REVOLUTION. Since then, an amazing amount ofexcellent compilations have been released! This disc wascompiled by the wonderful pop crusader Kevin Hepner. Poplegend Paul Collins (the Beat) and Rick Wagner then agreedto release it on their own WAGON WHEEL records . More thanhalf of these excellent tracks are unavailable elsewhere! Agreat way to sample the POWER POP underground. Bandsinclude Major Nelson, TWIN BEES, Million O'clock, TheGripweeds, The Idea, Big Hello, The Critics, TheHippycrickets, The Jennifers, Prellys, The Tearaways, TheRockinghams, The Kicksouls, Cockeyed Ghost, Jeremy....etc.This CD is now in the endangered species category. Inshort, Wagon Wheel records will not be repressing it!) Thisis going to be a COLLECTORS ITEM!


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