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The latest 2008 release from JEREMY is here! "GLOW IN THE DARK" is a brand new progressive rock album with 12 new tracks totaling over 70+ minutes of music. This album is an amazing musical voyage of incredible sounds which will take you to other worlds far and beyond.The album is filled with stunning lead guitar work and also utilizes many vintage keyboards such as the Mellotron, Mini-moog, Arp Synthesizer, etc.. Fans of Pink Floyd, psychedelic music, Porcupine Tree, Space rock, Tangerine Dream, Eno, Camel, Ash Ra, early Mike Oldfield, Sigur Ros, and Steve Hackett will find much to enjoy! ***** "A highly focused and delightful cd"..."One of the best classic style progressive rock albums to come out in years!" *****

Sound Samples:
Glow in the Dark
Another Dimension
Electric Warrior
White Horse Rider
Time Tunnel
The Final Act
Endless River


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