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The Ringles - Dish Full of Ringles

The Ringles have surfaced from Princeton, Illinois where they crank outtheir own special brand of fab four influenced pop! Thinkpsychedelic pop, and then think of bands like The GreenPajamas. Songs like "Sour dour Sky" are really far out !This would have fit nicely on "Revolver" Then there's theopener "Mary Go Round"-I sure-fire hit with crunchy fuzzguitars and swirly fazed vocals. Or, if you like janglypop "I won't be listening" sounds like it could have beenan early Move track. Alas, the finale "Shooting down thesun" sounds like an out-take from the first Rooks album. Sothere you have it, - a straight ahead 60's laced powerpoppin cd just waiting to jump out of your speakers! (Fansof the Reasonars, Get Hip, and Sundazed labels, take note!)The Ringles are fabulous! Listed at #2 in Eric Sorensen'sBEST top 10 power pop cds for 2001!!!!! yeah!!!!

Sound Samples:
Mary Go Round
I Won't Be Listening


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