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NEW JAM RELEASE!!! OUT NOW!!! This new 2014 cd release is the latest and absolute greatest from the wonderful BRITANNICAS! For many of you already in the know, The Britannicas are an all star power pop band that is truly international!( with members from USA, SWEDEN, and AUSTRALIA!) This all star line up includes STEFAN JOHANNSON (The Lemon Clocks) JOE ALGERI--(Jack and The Beanstalk, The Jac) HERB EIMERMAN (solo, The Nerk Twins)and MAGNUS KARLSSON (of the Happydeadmen, The Charade) These 4 power pop veterans are well seasoned and with their combined talents the results are outstanding! Here is a 13 track cd that fully delivers on it's promise! The disc starts off strong with the lovely jangle rock of "Got a Hold on Me". The song would have fit easily on any of the Jack and the Beanstalk cds. Great tune!. Up next is the super Byrdsy "Talkin about Summer" The spirit of Gene Clark comes to full force on this gem of a tune. Track #3 "The Moment Passed" kicks out the jams with nice rocking guitar. It's a bit heavier and has a very cool early Kinks feel. Track #4 bowls the listener over with some blow away harmony vocals that have not been heard much since "The Sun King" from the Beatles "Abbey Road". On to track #5 .."Bleed Between The Lines" a great Herb Eimerman/Nerk Twins sound that will truly please the fans with more great harmony vocals on this one. Track #6 is a piano based pop ballad that has a serious nod to the 60's. Track #7 jumps in with power pop chords and the Swedish pop sounds that emerged during the 90's. It sounds like a great lost Wannadies track. Track #8 returns the jingle jangle guitars to the mix and makes one feel very relaxed. The perfect chillax tune for the summer of 2014. (Again, nice harmonies galore!) Track #9 --The spirit of The Byrds "She don't care about time" evoke the rhythm section and the song is obviously Herb Eimerman and could easily fit on one of his solo discs. Track #10 comes as a surprise with a bouncy Happydeadmen/ Jellyfish back drop This song is pure Britannicas with it's classic vocal blend. Track #11 opens with nice organ/ 12 string jangle. The diminished chords remind one of Eddie Money's "Baby Hold on me" and the vocals are totally sublime. Track #12 sounds like Teenage Fanclub at their jangle best! And finally ...Track #13.."Lyin' on the Ground" (one of the best tracks) finishes off everything with a strong Byrds vibration and dash of psychedelia. A perfect mix and a fine ending to a very fine disc. So there you have it! Fans of The Byrds, Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, The Kinks, Herb Eimerman, The Nerk Twins, Happydeadmen, The Lemon Clocks, The Jac, Jack and the Beanstalk, and of course...THE BRITSH INVASION!!! will delight in this great celebration of melodic bliss! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Got A Hold On Me
Talkin' Bout Summer
The Moment Passed
A Shag And A Cup O' Tea
Too Far Gone
I Work At The Post Office
Will Someone Cover Your Fall


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