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JAM RECORDS is pleased to present the latest and *greatest* release by THIRD OF NEVER!!! New for JUNE 2013! This cd is a must have for all fans of THE WHO, TAME IMPALA, and THE SMITHEREENS. Amazingly this band contains members of * The WHO (John "Rabbit" Bundrick on keyboards), and *GRIP WEEDS member ( KURT REIL doing Vocals,Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion) *SMITHEREENS drummer DENNIS DIKEN ... JON DAWSON (Guitars, percussion, keyboards, Xylophone, Drums) CJ GROGAN (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, piano) VINCE GROGAN (bass) and MIKE POLILLI (drums) This powerhouse line up has delivered a cd release that is chock full of 14 energetic power pop nuggets that kick out the jams! The spirit of THE WHO, GRIP WEEDS, and SMITHEREENS can't be helped. It really does sound like an amazing and delightful blend of aforementioned bands with a spare dose of psychedelia to ice the audio cake. EVERY SONG A WINNER...ALL KILLER AND NO FILLER!!! Layered vocal harmony ..Keith Moon style drumming..nice keyboards, and Mellotron, cool rockin/ jangly guitars, and most importantly GOOD SONGWRITING!!!One of the years best releases...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! THIRD OF NEVER have now reached an all new high with this wonderful new cd! GRADE A ...gotta put this one on that "must own" list.

Sound Samples:
Green Roses
Man Without A Plan
On My Way
So Long
Yellow House


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