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***Only a few copies left of this one. (One of his most popular releases) Rave reviews are out and Jeremy just keeps getting better and better with each release. "Find the Way to be Happy" is a delight for fans of melodic, jangly, uplifting rock. Inspired from the best moments of Byrds, Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star, and so much more...merging into his own unique creation of power pop soundscapes. "Find the way to be Happy" will keep the listener's ear glued to the speaker with an easy flow of pleasant sounds highlighted by masterful guitar work and vocal harmonies galore. Excellent and well done. THE ROCK AND ROLL REPORT SAYS: "Jeremy and his band manage to peel off some incredibly tight power pop riffs mixed in with great vocals and impeccable production." ..Badfinger and Big Star come immediately to mind without sounding cliched...some amazng guitar breaks that sound just right for each song." BEVERLY PATERSON OF TWIST AND SHAKE SAYS: " Brilliant doesn't even begin to describe the latest album from Jeremy Morris. It seems like this multifaceted musician gets better and better with every disc. One of the year's best

Sound Samples:
Find the way to be Happy
Highway to Heaven
Turn this Around
Heaven to Pay
Time for Action
Good Love
Great to be Alive


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