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BRAND NEW RELEASE officially out October 7th, 2015. The 2nd cd from THE LEMON CLOCKS is certain to bring audio delight into your home. (Those who bought the debut "NOW IS THE TIME" are already in the know.) The Lemon Clocks has made it into the top lists of best psych pop bands around! Check out the book "The Knights of Fuzz" to read further high praise! So on the new disc, the band continues making their special brew of psych/jangle/power pop..Sounds abound from all the classics..Think--- The Beatles, Stones, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, Pretty Things, The Kinks, and even Tangerine Dream. But it doesn't stop there..They also draw inspiration from the new breed of psych that includes bands such as The Black Hollies, Temples, Wooden Shiijps, Moon Duo, Butterscotch Cathedral, The Luck of Eden Hall, Carlton Melton, and many more. In short, the Lemon Clocks draw sounds and inspiration from all decades of the best psych/power pop/ jangle..(and they do it like no other.) All series music collectors: This cd needs to be in your collection!

Sound Samples:
The Beginning of the End
Walk Upon The Water
Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Underwater Dream
Time To Fly
And I Follow
Electric Tomatoes


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