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Planet of Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation

Here's a great new power pop cd compilation with 25 super new tracksfrom:Lolas, Kelly's Heels, The Finkers, The Sugarrush, Shy Nobleman, Champale,Vocoder, Pipitone,Sweet Apple Pie, Florapop, Bondage, The Samurai Seven, Movin Jelly, Goyou Huskies, The Oranges,Michael Carpenter, Ed James, The Ritchies, Ben's Diapers, Dom Mariani (ofDM3), Danny McDonaldThe Sunbeams, Jeremy, Joe Algeri and Magnus Karisson, Salt Water Taffy! Released through Popboomerang(Austrailia), Wizard in Vinyl (Japan), and Jam (USA). Experience theexploding global pop scene with thiswonderful release! So much great music, so much fun! Includes extensiveliners and cd booklet!

Sound Samples:
Lolas - Don't Change a Thing
Sweet Apple Pie - She Whistles in the Tube
Michael Carpenter - Rolling Ball


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