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The JEREMY BAND - Hit You With A Flower

NEW!!! . Official release date JUNE 7th, 2016... Here is the latest cd from Jeremy Morris and company! aka ..THE JEREMY BAND! 10 brand new recordings of power pop/ classic rock/ psych pop/ jangle pop/ bliss. It's all good solid tunes with walls of cool guitars, loads of harmony vocals, thumpin' bass and big beat drums. Fans of the Beatles, The Byrds, The Pretty Things, The Records, Big Star, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, The Move, and all things classic will find much here to enjoy. Jeremy has made over 60 albums to date but we're starting to lose count. What's the point? This is one of top cds in a long music career that is only "getting better" Highly recommended~! Check it out!

Sound Samples:
Hit You With A Flower
Get It Right First Time
Angels In The Air
Big Black Bike
Big Disgrace
See The Light
Watch What You're Doing


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