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BRAND NEW! Official release date September 1st, 2015. Here is the first review in from "SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS" by Beverly Paterson: For the past 30 years or so,Jeremy Morris has been releasing one album after another. Not only is being so prolific an accomplishment in itself, but the quality of these dozens upon dozens of discs is consistently excellent...Following the lead of bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, and The Moody Blues, Jeremy has whipped up a freewheeling collection of majestic marvels transcending his influences. A modern day classic rock masterstroke, NOT OF THIS WORLD is truly out of this world! "... The new JEREMY cd NOT OF THIS WORLD is a sure fire hit for fans of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tangerine Dream, The Byrds, The Pretty Things (S.F. Sorrow era), Barclay James Harvest, Mike Oldfield, and those who appreciate a nice dose of melodic rock. The music found here is interspersed with Progressive rock, Power Pop, Jangle rock, Psychedelic and ambient soundscapes. The four piece band on this new disc includes long time drummer DAVE DIETRICH, STEFAN JOHANSSON (The Lemon Clocks) on guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums, TODD BORSCH (The Ringles, The Gillegans, The Lemon Clocks) on bass, and Jeremy Morris on a vast array of instruments such as guitars, bass, piano, mellotron etc.... Never a dull moment, the music is well crafted and abounding with artistic invention. The disc shines with melodic sensibility all the way through. ( This is not an common achievement in this day of push button/ fast food music.) The cd beams bright with real music that is hand crafted and made for real people. A high mark release in the extensive cannon and catalog of Jeremy Morris this one is not to be missed!

Sound Samples:
Clouds Are Lifting
I Am The Eye
Not of This World
From Outer Space
What Planet Are You From
Candy Mountain
Finding My Way Home


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