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Billy King - You Know Me

Billy King is a home recording pop artist from Michigan. He literally sings and plays it all on this wonderful cd of guitar based pop. This is jangly pure pop that will please fans of Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Lloyd, and Shane Faubert (of Cheepskate's fame). What makes this album so great is its timeless recording approach along with straight from the heart songs that could even make you cry!!!!!! If you long for sincere music free of the slick city sound, be sure to pick this up. The more you hear it, the better it gets. Billy's time has finally come. "YOU KNOW ME" is a totally sincere and heartfelt release! To quote the title song "You know me, I wouldn't hurt a fly" should clue you in to what type of person Billy is. This is very kind sounding music that will caress you ever so gently. ( It's nice music for nice people!) Don't miss out on this one! A must for pop purists! Pure, clean, and very clear!

Sound Samples:
If I Were You
We\'ll Go Far


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