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Official release date September 13th, 2016.CARDBOARD HIGHWAY is a new Michigan indie rock band and this is their first official full length debut cd on Jam records. The trio consists of Matt Willsea (electric guitars) Christopher Peters (bass) and Peter Morris (drums, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) The album is superbly produced by Mark Andrew Morris ( of the bands glowfriends, and Overly Polite Tornadoes) The sound is a wonderful blend of indie rock, Shoegaze rock, and psychedelic atmospheres. This results in a finely crafted cd which has sonic elements from bands as diverse as, Explosions in the Sky, Pink Floyd, glowfriends, Overly Polite Tornadoes and Built to Spill. What sets the bands sound apart from others is their fine use of dynamics and a variety of wide musical textures. Moments of quiet ambience are balanced with powerful explosive rock passages that take the listener on a musical journey. The music is ever changing, full of energy one moment, dreamy the next. Highly recommended and a sure fire indication of a band that is going to go places. Grade A

Sound Samples:
Art Room
Unplugged Alarm Clock
Closed Lid


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