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POP ALERT*****LISTED IN BEVERLY PATERSON'S TOP 10 *BEST* CDS FOR 2012!!! NEW RELEASE (SPANISH IMPORT) Official release date Tuesday, October 9th, 2012. The new power pop rock album from JEREMY and friends is here! LOVE EXPLOSION ! Here are 12 tasty slices of power pop bliss for all the those who love those classic power pop sounds! Fans of THE WHO, THE MOVE, THE BYRDS, PINK FLOYD, THE PRETTY THINGS, THE BEATLES, CHEAP TRICK, BADFINGER, etc....You *know* what we're talking about! A high water mark release that delivers the goods! Cheers!

Sound Samples:
Love Explosion
Save Me From Myself
Breaking Out of This Cage
New Creation
Miracle Mile
Best Is Yet To Come
Love Is Alive


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