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RELEASE DATE 7/17/17 Brand new release from JEREMY MORRIS. This is technically the very first album of Jeremy. It was released as cassette only back in the 70's with a limited run of 500 copies. It has never appeared on cd before. The full original album is included here along with extended liner notes. (mixed directly from the original master tapes for superb sound) --- along with 5 bonus tracks from the original sessions which have never before seen the light of day ...until now that is. The recordings date back to 1975 --1977 era and are suberb, unique atmospheric dream pop soundscapes. The easiest comparison of the style of this cd would be the BEATLES, especially John Lennon , and also BIG STAR..especially BIG STAR'S "3rd". The music is very personal and will take you on a reflective journey to some amazing places. Highly recommended to fans of 70's music and to those who want to go a bit deeper with their music. Also, fans of psychedelic music will dig this too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sound Samples:
Happy Sad
Foggy Nights
All My Love
Fading Away


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