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NEW RELEASE FOR 2011. Phil Angotti is back with a wonderful new power pop cd which is sure to please all the fans. Phil Angotti is in classic form on "PEOPLE AND PLACES" with a full band called the LAZY APPLE ORCHESTRA. The classic power pop (guitar,bass,and drums) lineup is further enhanced with the addition of instruments such as violin, cello, trumpet,piano, organ,steel guitar, etc.. This expanded lineup makes this the most 60's sounding release by PHIL ANGOTTI to date... echoing vibrations of classic Left Banke, BEATLES, Zombies, early Todd Rundgren..and more! The disc is further enhanced by the appearance of power pop luminaries such as BRAD ELVIS on the drums. THIS IS GRADE A POP >Fans of the 60's sound will not be disappointed..there are plenty of good vibrations to be found on this wonderful new release. ***In other pop news... Phil has he also replaced the late Jim Ellison in the recently reformed MATERIAL REISSUE! Phil joins the original members to pay tribute to this wonderful power pop band. Catch them live if you can!

Sound Samples:
My Old Records
You Were Right (Probably)
I'm Yer Man


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