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GUILLERMO CAZENAVE has just released the best album of his 30 year recording career. A true pioneer of cosmic music long before it became fashionable, Cazenave has refined his craft after years of experience. Getting better and better with every release, he has now become the real master of his creation! This album is the crown jewel in his long musical career! SER is essential listening for all progressive and space rock music fans. This album is *not* new age music, so if you are looking for something boring, please look elsewhere! The album 'SER' is one beautiful 45 minute long track broken into many moods and spirits. The album flows perfectly and is mainly progressive instrumental with the inclusion of a couple guest vocal spots from Jeremy Morris. There are shades of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Klaus Schultz, with a connection to early Genesis, (The album was recorded at ANTHONY PHILLIPS studio in England) This album comes together perfectly and is one of the top progressive releases for 2008. What makes this album so outstanding is that this 45 minute track never once gets boring for even one minute. (That's not an easy feat to accomplish but CAZENAVE has pulled it off in a way that appears to be effortless. The music keeps changing dynamics, landscapes,and shifting moods and styles. It's full of surprises! SER is a wonderful journey, an adventure, a real experience. So go ahead and get this album SER, you'll be glad you did. One of the years best! GRADE A (FRENCH/SPANISH IMPORT) Released on the superb ASTRAL label.

Sound Samples:
Correo Celestial
El AveZen
El Gran Dawn
El Rito Del Sir


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