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JEREMY - ALIVE *(PLUS 9) (25th Anniversary Edition)

Jeremy Morris -"Alive" is available now for the first time on cd! (The original 1984 vinyl lp is long out of print now going for collectors prices.) This limited Deluxe 25th Anniversary cd comes with a full color 20 page booklet,many photos, song lyrics,extended liners,and superb art from the amazing Layne Strickler. The cd is remastered for superior sound from the original master tapes and includes 9 studio bonus tracks (All previously unreleased) 21 tracks total (tracking in at 75 minutes!) makes this a double cd for the price of only one. Fans of Beatles, Cheap Trick, Shoes, classic power pop, progressive pop/rock, and more will rejoice over this special edition!.. An album sure to please all the fans and gain many new ones along the way! Pop journalist (of Yellow Pills ) JORDAN OAKS sited this as top power music listing the songs "Turn my head Around" "Love I Never Knew" and "Magnet Love" as some of his favorites !

Sound Samples:
I Don't Want to See You Cry
Love I Never Knew
Toward the Sky
Heaven at Midnight
Turn my Head Around
Part of Me / Part of You
Tear Down the Walls
Fly Away
Magnet Love
Home Tonight


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