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  NEW JAM RELEASE (March 2015) CARDBOARD HIGHWAY is a new band consisting of PETER MORRIS, MARK MORRIS, MATT WILSEA, and CHRIS PETERS. Their sound walks the fine line of indie rock/pop rock/alterna rock/shoegaze/and folk rock. Reference points for bands with similar sounds include GLOWFRIENDS, and OVERLY POLITE TORNADOES...(an easy comparison as Mark Morris is a member of both those bands as well!) Other comparisons include bands such as PEDRO THE LION, IRON and WINE, BUILT TO SPILL, Guided by Voices, and Elliot Smith. This debut 5 song EP is a fine starting point for a band which promises a very bright future. A full length cd is coming soon later on this year! LIMITED EDITION RELEASE! Check it out!


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