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NEW ALBUM FROM JEREMY MORRIS and company! RELEASE DATE JULY 28th, 2012. (RUSSIAN IMPORT) "FROM THE DUST TO THE STARS" is a delightful new album from JEREMY mixing elements of melodic rock, progressive rock, experimental rock, space rock and psychedelia! . The album (which clocks over a generous 71 minutes) contains 7 vocal songs that will please fans of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Pretty Things (S.F. Sorrow era), early Tangerine Dream, Steve Hackett, Porcupine Tree, Moon Safari, and more! Those of you who long for fresh,creative, melodic music will be delighted as they take this audio adventure and travel " From the Dust to the Stars"" This is a real audio treat! Jeremy Morris and the band has done it again! Bravo! *****

Sound Samples:
The Great Escape
Hearts On Fire
Shake The Dust
Land of Love
Good Shepherd
Storm Trooper
For The Chosen Ones


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