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  New power release from SPAIN ...Just out! MAMA is a guitar rock power pop outfit that sings all their songs in Spanish. We are talking about the classic 3 piece guitar, bass, and drums formula here! Fans of THE BEAT, TOM PETTY, THE PROTONES, NEIL YOUNG...will dig into this...it's power pop with some edge...Not too smooth but not too rough....just the right mix. Check it out and see! (SPANISH IMPORT)

  (SPANISH IMPORT) NEW FOR 2013...here is the latest release from the Spanish power pop band MAMA! The 12 new tracks flow with wonderful jangly power pop rock guitars, bass , and drums. This sound will please the TEENAGE FANCLUB crowd and those who's sonic leanings go towards TOM PETTY and BOB DYLAN. The music is upbeat and happy feeling. ALL SONGS ARE SUNG IN SPANISH. Recommended to power pop fans who want a taste of the excellent music scene coming out of MADRID, SPAIN!

  (SPANISH IMPORT) Here is the new 2015 release from the long lived Spanish power pop band MAMA. A nice morphing of rock with jangle rock has been their lasting formula. So fans of guitars galore and catchy tunes will love the classic sounds of power pop meets folk pop meets British invasion! Spanish power pop is alive and well!

  (SPANISH IMPORT) This nice cd is the brand new release from long lived SPANISH Power pop band MAMA. Another solid release from one of Spain's longest going bands. MAMA produce easy to enjoy crystal clear power pop with lots of jangly guitars and nice melodies. The music fits in the realms of Tom Petty , The Romantics, Teenage Fanclub, and bands with that kind of jangle feel. All the songs are sung in Spanish. A well made and well done power pop cd! Recommended!

  (SPANISH IMPORT) Attention all SHAMBLES fans! Before that great band THE SHAMBLES, there was Manuel Scan. (They existed from 1981-1991 at which time they morphed into The Shambles) The rest is history. Well much to everyone's delight, MANUEL SCAN has reunited and recorded this wonderful new album of NUGGET'S style power pop. Yes, it sounds like THE KINKS, THE WHO, (they even do a killer cover of "The Real Me") COUNT FIVE, THE STANDELLS, THE TROGGS, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS, THE BEAT, THE PLIMSOULS,and THE ROMANTICS. The songs are short. The songs are fast. It's just one burst of power pop energy after another. Great stuff. GRADE A garage flavored power pop.


FANS OF MAPLE MARS and RUBY FREE...Check this out! The new cd from Rick Hromadka is an awesome musical delight! The press kit says this "if you like Tame Implala,Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles you'll love this cd!" I couldn't agree more! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Dreams of A Hippy Summer
Twice A Sunny Day Tomorrow
Tough Love Letter Bomb
Face On
There She Goes
Circular Haze
Listen I'm Waiting To Sleep

  YOWZA!*****POWER POP ALERT!!!! One of the *best* power pop cds to come out in recent times! (GERMAN IMPORT) Great new cd from the fabulous MARK AND THE SPIES. It's full of mid 60's power pop fun infused with British Invasion delight! Inspired by The Beatles,Dave Clark Five, The Monkees, The Yardbirds, The Searchers, The Kinks, The Hollies and more! This is one of the *best* bands to faithfully carry on the awesome British Invasion power pop sound. I have not really heard such a good one as this since THE SPONGETONES--Beat and Torn! Yes, it really is that good! Don't miss out on this! GRADE A

  ( GERMAN IMPORT) This is the stunning debut from this acclaimed retro mod British Invasion quartet. We're talkin' classic 60's circa 1966 ...which means Yardbirds, Kinks, Count Five, Beatles, etc... This is great fun to listen and the band do original tunes that sound authentically like they came from yesterday! (their 2nd cd also available in this catalog) GREAT STUFF! GRADE A

  Arizona's MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT are best known as neo-garage psych-pop maestros! This super cool gatefold sleeve colored vinyl 28 song double lp is totally the cat's pajamas! It's completely groovy and something you won't want to miss. Were talkin' the sounds of The Count Five, The Shadows of Knight, The Seeds, The Music Machine, The Kinks, The Animals, The Chocolate Watch Band, The Electric Prunes, The Leaves, and all those other groovy bands rolled into one sweet sound. It's way fab and highly recommended!

  Brand new cd release for 2015 . MARSTON delivers power pop music straight from the heart of Los Angeles, California. That sweet California sunshine grooves it's way throughout this wonderful upbeat power pop confection. On the MARSTON cd catchy tunes abound with highlights such as title track "The Invisible Girl" : A heart melting slice of pop with perfected vocal delivery and sensitivity. (Marston's vocals are one of the highlights of the disc) The ultra fun up tempo "Shabby Shakes" :a great pop rock opener with unique rhythm. The heart tugging "When you wish upon a Star " :...not the Disney tune but an ultra fine original that rivals most ballads of the 70's. On this fine platter, pure guitar pop tunes abound and will appeal especially to WILCO fans, along side bands like PHONOGRAPH, and SHPLANG...(which happens to be Peter Marston's former band) A very pleasing listen from start to finish! MARSTON is a great way to start off the new year! A pleasant surprise indeed. This is "feel good" guitar based music with superb pop vocals, and catchy melodies! Rated Q for *high quality pop*!

The Mashed Potatoes - Up and Over
  (IMPORT) Hold the gravy! The Mashed Potatoes stand on their own. This CD is hitting on all cylinders. It?s a party CD - -you hear it and you want to have a party. Your friends will love the good mood that comes from listening to this one! A true piece of Living Rock - it's got it all: from the mature silliness of Mexican Donkey Ride and the ultimate party song, Up and Over, to the heart warming My Biggest Fan and the potent Think It Over. One word sums it up - variety! Pink noise drives this classy get-together across the finish line in style. At the time of this writing, I've listened to this CD over 30 times-it keeps sounding new. More Potatoes, please!!! (Reviewed by WellFedFred)

  (NEW SPANISH IMPORT) Lo and behold we have a new power pop band from SPAIN. These 5 guys known as MAWINO make very likable power pop which is guitar based. The cd bursts with a rock n jangle sound that has truly become classic. For fans of BIG STAR, THE PLIMSOULS, RAIN PARADE, CHRIS VON SNEIDERN, THE BYRDS, and TEENAGE FUNCLUB. GRADE A and all songs are sung in English.

  (JAPAN IMPORT) How exciting! Japan's top power pop band THE MAYFLOWERS has a brand new cd for 2014. This is their 7th cd and it's a really, really good one. Fans of Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys, British Invasion etc.. will absolutely LOVE THIS!!! Get it while you can! GREAT!

  Brand new album for 2012! The Mayflowers are one of Japan's best power pop bands. They make a nice mix of everything from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Pilot, The Monkees, and more! Super highly recommended! Songs are in English... Japanese IMPORT!

  If you could only buy one JAPANESE power pop band, THE MAYFLOWERS would be a really good choice! BREMON ROCK is the 2nd album and it's really outstanding! Mixing everything from The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, and even bands like Led Zeppelin in regards to some very serious jammin guitar riffs! A Great cd! JAPANESE IMPORT with songs sung in English!

  This is the 3rd CD from the most wonderful Japanese power pop band THE MAYFLOWERS! The opening track "GET OVER TIME" is like a killer version of the "Daytripper" riff in another key with extra edge! It's outstanding and is also available on the "SWEET RELIEF #2" Hearts on Fire compilation (Also available in this catalog! This cd is a wonderful blend of Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, and Monkees! The music is upbeat, exciting, and truly fun! The vocal harmonies are very exceptional too! Super highly recommended! (Japan import with songs sung in English!)

Men in Plaid - A Tribute to the Bay City Rollers
  Man oh man is this one winning cd. If you don't think a tributecan breathe new life into old pop, then you need to hearthis one. It rules. No kidding! Many of these versionssurpass the originals-killer cuts from The Flashcubes,Masticators, Gary and the Gripweeds, Ed James, ChewyMarble, Anton Barbeau, Words, Tom Davis, Squires of theSubterrain, Kennie Cruz of the Bobbies, Jeremy, Nixon'sHead, Reptopia, Fudge, Boxed Cricket, and the Dipsomaniacs.

BART MENDOZA - PARIS YESTERDAY (Acoustic Demos 1996-2007)
  (LIMITED EDITION CD!) Fans of THE SHAMBLES, MANUEL SCAN, and TRUE STORIES, can now ad this cd by BART MENDOZA to the excellent discography of one very prolific mover and shaker of the indie pop/rock/mod scene. Besides being a limited edition disc...It's a very *HIGH QUALITY* sounding cd that can just barely be called a demo ...due to it sounding so fine. And, although it's titled "acoustic demos" ..some tracks are actually full rock band as well. Since everything Bart does sounds great, there's nothing but more praise to be heaped upon this release. The spirit of this whole cd could be summed up in ALEX CHILTON'S BIG STAR song "THIRTEEN" and if you love that song, I really do think you will love this cd as well. Bart Mendoza is sounding right at home in his own skin on this wonderful "acoustic pop" cd! Grade A ....I dig it! (Hurry up now and get this one before it's out of print)

  (JAPAN IMPORT WITH BONUS TRACK) MERCY MERCEDES are masters of the more current power pop sounds and that means they sound like: ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, NEW FOUND GLORY, SIMPLE PLAN, THE CLICK FIVE, and PLAIN WHITE T'S. The band does this in top form sounding as good as any of their role models. Excellent band and highly recommended!

Michael Carpenter - Limited edition 2003 tour cd.
  There were only 150 of these made and I was very glad to get some copies. These are new tracks (9 of them). All I can say is: Michael Carpenter fans--jump on this now!!!


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