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  Great psychedelic rock from Chicago. This cd is surprisingly good Beatles, Pink Floyd type psych-rock! PAR CRONE is in fact the alter ego of another really great psych band "THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL" (both of these fine bands are available in this catalog.) Highly recommended and well worth checking out. Grade A

  (SPANISH IMPORT ) POWER POP ALERT! This is an import released in SPAIN from Dave Parasite and his excellent band! They makes super short, super fast tunes that put the power back into the pop! Fans of Green Day, Blink 182, The Ramones, The Romantics, The Protones, etc...will dig this pure, high energy, fun filled cd. This is a nice power pop cd and nothing dirty about it. How refreshing! Grade A

  This is GRADE A pop/rock music perfectly crafted and utterly delightful. KAT PARSONS writes catchy songs and has a beautiful singing voice. The cd features guitars, piano, strings, and a full band sound. A good blend of fast and slow songs rounds out the disc. Fans of Sarah MacLaughlin, Cheryl Crow, and some of the classier female artists will enjoy this cd! Highly recommended!!!

  (LIMITED SPECIAL SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED COPIES!!!) This beautiful releases comes in special packaging and is a perfect pure pop album. Kat is a great singer/songwriter and she knows how to write great heartfelt pop songs. Every song sounds like a hit! It's all killer diller without any pop filler. (GRADE A)

  (SPECIAL LIMITED SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED COPIES) Kat makes wonderful heart felt pure pop music that is truly the pop of the pops. She has one of those "special" singing voices that carries her through any song with ease. It's all good all the time and blows away the majority of stuff on the radio. You can't argue with the talent of Kat Parsons. This is pure pop! It's grade A all the way!

  (SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED COPIES) KAT PARSONS is living proof that the world doesn't know a musical diamond if they held it in their hands. Her music is pure pop and it outshines just about anything that you would hear on the radio these days. Most of the songs are centered around a yearning for true love. This music runs deep into the soul, drawing out pure passion and emotion. This is the real deal and a rare treat in a superficial and plastic world. I am thankful Kat has stayed pure and true to her musical vision and passion. In the end she will come out winning the race!

  ( SPANISH IMPORT) Released on the great ROCK INDIANA label. Every serious power pop fan knows that THE BEAT...the first self titled album was a power pop classic ! Well, after all these years...nearly 30 years later...Paul Collins has delivered another one of the best albums of his career.! He is really on with "Ribbon of Gold" The of the best things he's done since that first album all those years ago! Get this.

  (SPANISH IMPORT) Hector Penalosa was once in that great power pop band FLYING COLOR.This is his great rare solo album after leaving that band. It's real power pop with special guest Chris Von Sneidern. Check out this great jangly rocking power pop that is highly recommended!

Pet the Pig! - Mothman and Other Twisted Tales

This is Ed James and friends in disguise!!!! Sounds like Rutles, Beatles, Rubinoos, Jellyfish.

  60's POWER POP ALERT!!!!!(GERMAN IMPORT: NEW RELEASE) When you least expect it along come THE PHANTOM KEYS...A new British Invasion sounding band from SPAIN. On this excellent cd we find a sound of authentic 1965 Mersy Beat /British Invasion/Rock n Roll ! Bands to easily name check the PHANTOM KEYS sound are: early ROLLING STONES, THEM, THE SEARCHERS, THE PRETTY THINGS, THE SHADOWS OF NIGHT, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS. Get the picture? Herein this disc contains 12 slices of bursting energy that brings future sounds of THE NUGGETS BOX SET to life!!! THE PHANTOM KEYS is a fun cd to listen to, and truly a must have for any serious collector of 60's sounding rock n roll. GRADE A retro 60's music!

  Amazinging beautiful soft pop sounds are mixed with heavenly instrumental pieces of fantastic music. "Soft Vivace" is one Ant Phillips finest releases and compiles many pieces of music from his prolific career. Originally a member of Genesis, Anthony persued his own path early on, making solo albums that often surpass the quality of his former band. If you are ready to hear one of the most beautiful albums ever made, "Soft Vivace" is your ticket to audio paradise! Contains a blend of both vocal and instrumental pieces! 16 amazing tracks of lush heavenly music that will bless your soul! Grade A

  (FRENCH IMPORT) Pilot released their 3rd album in 1976 and took a change of direction ...their music became more progressive and they hired Roy Thomas Baker as producer. Gone were the hand claps and the 'light pop' of "MAGIC" their biggest hit. On this one the songs became longer, the guitar sound heavier, and yet it all still retained it's power pop sensibility. For many fans it's one of their favorite Pilot albums. If you don't mind a bit of progressive rock mixed in with your power pop...You'll probably LOVE this! For fans of bands like 10cc, City Boy, Charlie, etc... A very good cd in it's own time.

Pipitone - Music for Minivans

Great new jangly pop with super pure harmonies! Fans of the Chevelles, Posies, Hollies, and good old fashioned power pop will really LOVE this! Get it! Already being raved about as one of the best power pop cds of 2003!!!!


AWESOME NEW 2013 Power pop delight from MICHIGAN! NICK PIUNTI sounds a lot like CHRIS RICHARDS (another Michigan power pop wonder) and this album is chock full of delightful tunes bursting with sheer pop energy and appeal. One of this years *best* surprises! Yeah!

Sound Samples:
13 In My Head
On The Way Out
Good Thing Going
We'll Be Together
Every Light On
Sleeping On The Pavement

  New for March 2015! This is the new follow up cd to Nick's previous and ultra fantastic "13 in my head". That cd was voted as one of the best power pop cds of the year. Which brings to question "Can Nick pull it off again?" The answer is a resounding absolute "YES"!!! The new cd delivers in full force from the moment you pop it in! Power pop fans will not be disappointed. This is classic Michigan power pop that both rocks and pops with catchy tunes, stellar vocals, and killer production. No need to drag this out..just get it! You'll be glad you did!GRADE A

  POWER POP ALERT...This is the latest cd from power pop great NICK PIUNTI. His 3rd release stands tall and strong with 10 perfectly crafted power pop gems (It's No wonder it's released on the resurrected JEM label! ) It says in the liners that Nick plays "lots of guitars" on the cd and it's oh so true! A beautiful wall of jangly and electric rockin' guitars flush out the sound! Now let's talk about the vocals. Nick has a great, strong, power pop voice. He also has quite an extended vocal range and can sing high without sounding gruff or rough. That's what makes this such a nice/melodic power pop release . The music has power but never gets nasty, or down and dirty. For me, I find this to be really refreshing. Why can't more bands go with this approach? What's my point? This is a great cd and gets a well deserved 10 out of 10! Don't miss out on this one.

Planet of Popboomerang - A Global Pop Compilation

Here's a great new power pop cd compilation with 25 super new tracksfrom:Lolas, Kelly's Heels, The Finkers, The Sugarrush, Shy Nobleman, Champale,Vocoder, Pipitone,Sweet Apple Pie, Florapop, Bondage, The Samurai Seven, Movin Jelly, Goyou Huskies, The Oranges,Michael Carpenter, Ed James, The Ritchies, Ben's Diapers, Dom Mariani (ofDM3), Danny McDonaldThe Sunbeams, Jeremy, Joe Algeri and Magnus Karisson, Salt Water Taffy! Released through Popboomerang(Austrailia), Wizard in Vinyl (Japan), and Jam (USA). Experience theexploding global pop scene with thiswonderful release! So much great music, so much fun! Includes extensiveliners and cd booklet!

Sound Samples:
Lolas - Don't Change a Thing
Sweet Apple Pie - She Whistles in the Tube
Michael Carpenter - Rolling Ball

PLANET OF THE POPBOOMERANG :VOLUME 2 - A Global power pop compilation
  Mega awesome double cd set just out for 2005. This cd is killer-diller with stellar tracks (46 total) from: Michael Carpenter, Blue Ash, The Hipnotes, Chris Richards, Cloud Eleven, Brad Harvey, Tamas Wells, Bedsit Poets, Dutch Elms, Glowfriends, Brian Jay Cline, Herb Eimerman, Bobby Sutliff, Lolas, The Lemon Clocks, Chris Murphy, American Suitcase, Jeremy, Daizy Pops, Spinning Jennies, Shiner 22, The Oranges, Gigantic, Green Peppers, Cosmic Rough Riders, Milli Davis, Scambled Eggs, Ricky , Go you Huskies, Kelly's Heels, Tim Reid, The Rumours, Ryan Ellsmore, Paul Vallen , Idiot Grin, Vocoder, The Ritchies, and more. These are exclusive tracks. Fantastic art design, deluxe booklet, great in every way!!! Grade A

  (CANADIAN IMPORT) This music is rooted in the wild 60's and brings to mind THE GREEN PAJAMAS, APPLES IN STEREO, THE GRATEFULL DEAD, THE DEADBEAT POETS, THE BEAT RATS, VELVET UNDERGROUND, and a bit of a Bob Dylan attitude in the song delivery. This sound will especially appeal to those who prefer a less conventional approach to their power pop. Well done!

  (SPANISH IMPORT--VINYL SINGLE) This picture sleeve single from the PLIMSOULS is a rare out of print delight! Contains these to songs...PLAYING WITH JACK, and the B-side LOST A must for all serious power pop collectors!


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