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PLANET OF THE POPBOOMERANG :VOLUME 2 - A Global power pop compilation
  Mega awesome double cd set just out for 2005. This cd is killer-diller with stellar tracks (46 total) from: Michael Carpenter, Blue Ash, The Hipnotes, Chris Richards, Cloud Eleven, Brad Harvey, Tamas Wells, Bedsit Poets, Dutch Elms, Glowfriends, Brian Jay Cline, Herb Eimerman, Bobby Sutliff, Lolas, The Lemon Clocks, Chris Murphy, American Suitcase, Jeremy, Daizy Pops, Spinning Jennies, Shiner 22, The Oranges, Gigantic, Green Peppers, Cosmic Rough Riders, Milli Davis, Scambled Eggs, Ricky , Go you Huskies, Kelly's Heels, Tim Reid, The Rumours, Ryan Ellsmore, Paul Vallen , Idiot Grin, Vocoder, The Ritchies, and more. These are exclusive tracks. Fantastic art design, deluxe booklet, great in every way!!! Grade A


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