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  POWER POP ALERT...This is the latest cd from power pop great NICK PIUNTI. His 3rd release stands tall and strong with 10 perfectly crafted power pop gems (It's No wonder it's released on the resurrected JEM label! ) It says in the liners that Nick plays "lots of guitars" on the cd and it's oh so true! A beautiful wall of jangly and electric rockin' guitars flush out the sound! Now let's talk about the vocals. Nick has a great, strong, power pop voice. He also has quite an extended vocal range and can sing high without sounding gruff or rough. That's what makes this such a nice/melodic power pop release . The music has power but never gets nasty, or down and dirty. For me, I find this to be really refreshing. Why can't more bands go with this approach? What's my point? This is a great cd and gets a well deserved 10 out of 10! Don't miss out on this one.


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