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  This compilation now going into it's 9th year for 2011 is the brainchild of mod pop/power pop mover and main man of THE SHAMBLES...BART MENDOZA!!! Bart is the brainchild behind the "Staring at the Sun" series...and it could be said this series is the IPO of SAN DIEGO. Bart does a great job with this and it's always an enlightening good listen. The stars of this years comp include: THIS LIFE SCANDAL, NEON COUGH, 321 STEREO, RED FOX TAILS, DEATH ON MARS, ECHO REVOLUTION, OLD TIGER, SCOTT MATHIASEN, LIGHTS ON, WENDY BAILEY AND TRUE STORIES, 503, THE VERY, MARIE HADDAD, GREGORY PAGE, COLIN CLYNE, BERKLEY HART, WERNER WEST, KEVIN BERKER, COUNTRY ROCKIN REBELS, SKID ROPER, THE CARDIAC KIDZ, THE SLEAZYBEATS....22 TRACKS TOTAL!!! This is a really good compilation with lots here to like! Recommended!

  New from the BLINDSPOT label (aka home of THE SHAMBLES) SCOTT MATHIASEN AND THE SHIFTY DOGS is an amazing amalgamation of classic power pop sounds as diverse as CROWDED HOUSE, STEALERS WHEEL, JOHN LENNON, GENE VINCENT, THE BEATLES (of course!) and much more! 5 decades of rock and roll can be heard within this one shiny platter...which is quite an achievement! The icing on the cake is that SCOTT has an awesome set of pipes and sings with a powerful passion not so common among most vocalists! (Lennon being the main influence) I HAVE GOT TO SAY ...IT'S GRADE A ALL THE WAY!!! Don't let this one slip under the radar! It's a great one!


Here comes a great new power pop release from SPAIN! This cd is very enjoyable to listen to and it will hold your interest throughout. This is because it is a wonderful blend of POWER POP, CLASSIC ROCK, PSYCHEDELIC, and BRITISH INVASION sounds! The bands influences are THE KINKS, THE BYRDS, THE WHO, THE BEAT, PINK FLOYD, PRETTY THINGS, and more recent bands like RADIO DAYS, and ROCKFOUR. The cd comes in a beautiful digi-pack with superb artwork! This is a grade A release all the way through. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (SPANISH IMPORT) All songs are sung in English (except for track 10 which is in Spanish.) 12 stellar tracks in all !

Sound Samples:
New Love
Out of the City
She's Gone
Take Me Home
Lonely Room
Strange Rainy Day
Sea Song

  (SPANISH IMPORT- NEW RELEASE!) Great new power pop from MADRID, SPAIN! This is the sophmore release from The Seasongs and it's great just like their first cd (also available in this catalog) THE SEASONGS merge with fusion of jangle Rock, power pop, pure pop, rock,,and psychedelia. The results are outstanding making this an interesting listen thru and thru. Musical influences include The Byrds, The Beat, The Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, and Ravi Shankar. An amazing mix and top cd release for 2015.

The See Saw - After the Sunset
  The Seesaw is one of Austria's finest power pop bands and are way up their with the cream of the very top Euro pop! Lead singer Stootsie has a super appealing sounding John Lennon flavored vocal. Here we find influences of Beatles, Byrds, Stone Roses, Millenium, Grip Weeds, Rockfour, Cosmic Rough Riders, and all the great pop bands.This music has a great timeless feeling and sound to it. The guitars jingle and jangle very nicely and the harmony vocals are sweet! In conclusion, the Seesaw is a wise purchase for any serious power pop fan!!! Grade A for solid pop!

  (COMPILATION) Still more from this amazing series!!! The Smith, The Questions, Back Seat Romeos, The Cheaters, The Invaders,The Chicaynes, Scarlet Party, Mark Andrew and the Gents,The Step, Andy Arthurs, Young ones, and more! (24 Tracks)Late 70's and early 80's DIY POP!!!!! Super.

Shake Yer Popboomerang - A Popboomerang Records compilation
  Great new Aussie pop compilation with tracks from Groundswell, The Genes, The Stoneage Hearts, Joe Algeri and Danny McDonald, Dom Mariani (of DM3), Tim Reid, Starky, Treetops, The Elements, The Decembers, Sarah Sarah, Magneto, and many more! 23 tracks in all! Comes with deluxe booklet and plenty of information. Essential listening for fans of the Aussie scene!

The Shambles - What You're Missing
  Hard to get import...so this will be out of print...so get it while you still can! (IMPORT - LIMITED EDITION) This is my favorite release of theirs. If you don't own anything by them, by all means start with this. It's great! Once again you can hear a Who, Stones, Beatles, Byrds, vibe that really pleases! Mod Pop rules.

SHAMUS TWINS - Shamus Twins

*****One my favorite cds in this catalog! The excellent vocals are Beatlesque with top notch, thick and punchy production. (nice harmonies abound!)This 3 piece trio of guitar, bass, and drums comes from CALIFORNIA and they delivers the goods with solid, basic, guitar dominated power pop. Excellent songwriting makes this one of the best cds in this catalog! Fans of Beatles, The Fire Apes, Grip Weeds, Redd Cross, and Adrian Belew, please check this band out! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
I Hide
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Strange Vibration
Laughing in Heaven

  The 2nd cd from California's power pop guys SHAMUS TWINS is another winner. This rock band sounds like shades of Beatles, Grip Weeds, and Fire Apes. It's a really nice band and both their cds are highly recommended.

Shane Faubert - San Blass
  (GERMAN IMPORT) His second solo CD. Anothergreat album from a man with superior pop instinct. Thisalbum explores the folk laced side of pop but withoutbecoming a folk album! An amazing feat and accomplishmentof total originality in pop! Reflective pop for thethinking man. This album could be the forerunner for thephrase "ambient pop"!

Shane Faubert - Squirrel boy Blue
  (GERMAN IMPORT) Best known as the lead vocalist and mainman for CHEEPSKATES this is his third release.THIS IS GETTING HARDER TO FIND,DONT WAIT TOO LONG!!! This is a really fun album to listen to. Perhaps musically, a return to childhood innocence and the summation of his entire musical career on one album! A cornucopia of janglypop, pure pop, garage pop , and folk pop! Primarily,however, embracing the spirit of pure pop, this album is definitely recommended. Find out why! One of THE BEST CDs to grace this catalog!

The Shazam - Rev 9
  OUT OF PRINT...LAST CHANCE ON THIS! The opener "On the airwaves" is an absolutely awesome track in the Move/new wave vein of power pop! It's killer! So powerful, like Keith Moon's ghost came down to play! .The last track is very long and a psychedelic freak out!~ and all the rest of the tracks are great too!

  BAND NEW POWER POP FROM SPAIN! This is so easy to review! Fans of mid 60's BEATLES....this one's for you! Classic old school, catchy, delightful melodies. Harmonies like Beach Boys, jangle guitars like Byrds, and of course songs like the fab four! Great, fun, and happy!

Shoes - Stolen Wishes
  Their comeback CD after a long intermission. As good as ever and a big seller! Still, I prefer their early material.

Shplang - American Cream
  Nice variety influenced power pop from Los Angeles. Shplang are one of California's hidden treasures. The band just finished playing a killer live show at this year's International Pop Overthrow. See them live if you can! The music is guitar based and clean. Should appeal to fans of modern retro pop. This is their 3rd and most polished release to date.

Shplang - Journey to the Center of Myrth
  This is far out psychedelic pop (Musically it's all over the map.) A strange brew of power pop, new wave, and psycho pop! A fun CD to listen to that will grow on you with repeated listening. This is Los Angeles bands very first release. It has a charm that fans of the Elephant Six recording company will dig. Olivia Tremor Control fans will want to get this most certainly!

Shplang - Self Made Monk
  This is the second CD from a band that gets better with each release. Heavy 60's and 70's vibes are going down on this one - while retaining a modern recording sound. Great for indie pop fans of the Parasol records variety. Lead vocalist Peter Marston has an appealing pop voice! A band well worth checking out.


New release on Jam for 2009! SHPLANG has just released the *best* album of their career so far. This is the 4th release from this ultra fine L.A based psych-pop-rock outfit. SHPLANG is a very fun group to listen to and their crystalline sound is rooted in 60's psychedelia while adding a modern twist to the mix. You can hear the inspiration of first generation 60's bands such as Beach Boys, Pink Floyd,and Electric Prunes filtered through the more recent vibes of bands like Cake, High Llamas, Guided by Voices, and U2. This unique morphing of styles makes for a very fun audio experience taking the listener through at least 5 decades of creative rock music! "My Big Three Wheeler" is a retro-active bundle of psychedelic joy! Highly recommended, fun, and free music for the open minded!

Sound Samples:
Spanish Galeons
Let's Get High
No One Knows
Keep it Down
Last Match in the Tinderbox

  (SPANISH IMPORT) This Italian power pop has got the Kinks, The Who, and Beatles thing down pat. Their cds are excellent and that's that! Check out their other cd also available in this catalog titled "No need for Speed"


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