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POWER POP ALERT! IT'S HERE AND IN STOCK NOW AS OF APRIL 30th, 2012! THIS IS THE LATEST and the 3rd CD from THE GILLIGANS! "AS SEEN ON TV" is another winning cd for all fans of 60's sounding power pop with psychedelic flourishes. The 12 songs here are split pretty evenly between the 2 main singer-songwriter guitarists : Todd Borsch and Dan Mckenzie. Dan McKenzie's songs tend to lean more toward power pop while Todd Borsch's songs nod toward the Mersey Beat and psychedelic sounds of the 60's. All in all, this combination makes for a winning platter of all original tunes that sound fresh, lively ,and fun. The band is further filled out by Scott Pellican (drums) and Rick Topolski (bass) Highlights include "You're Everything" which sounds like a perfect power pop song from the 70's. "Too many Pills" sounds like a an out-take from The Beatles "Revolver" lp! " Is this all in my mind" sounds like Teenage Fanclub jamming with the Bobby Fuller Four. The title track " On TV" Sounds like it came straight from the "NUGGETS" box set. All fans of power pop, 60's psych, and garage pop will discover plenty of stuff to like on the latest from THE GILLEGANS! For fans of THE RINGLES, THE LEMON CLOCKS, THE GRIP WEEDS, THE BYRDS, and THE BEATLES.

Sound Samples:
Too Much To Say
Hold You Tight
You're Everything
Weko Beach
I would Like To Know
Shadow of Myself


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