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***** WHOA!!! TIME TO WAKE UP! I PROCLAIM NELSON BRAGG'S NEW CD TO BE THE BEST PURE POP ALBUM OF 2012!!! Nelson Bragg is known by many as Brian Wilson's drummer, but he is so much more than that! It's more than obvious when listening to "We get what we want" that the brilliance of "pop master" Mr. Wilson has rubbed off significantly. Here we have 11 perfect pop songs that signal the top pop moments of The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Left Banke, The Turtles, Todd Rundgren, The Association, The Millennium, America, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Moody Blues, and so many more. The foundational ingredient here is that Nelson writes great memorable classic songs evoking the best sonic seasons from the 60's and 70's. However, Nelson's real secret weapon is his harmony laden wall of vocals which is simply amazing. The sonic harmony blend reaches a level of purity that very few ever achieve. The arrangements are simply beautiful and concise! THIS IS GRADE A MUSIC and to my ears, NELSON should be a household name. The brilliance is in the grooves! Do not miss out on this one! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
You Could Believe
Trying Hard To Please You
Baby Let Your Hair grow Long
Let The Cruel World Go
She Used To Love me
I'm In No Mood
Everything I Want To Be


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