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The Richies - Forever and Today

(AUSTRALIAN IMPORT) The Ritchies are the first in a run of Austrailian artists to have a release through Jam records in the USA. Their cd is produced by pop genious Michael Carpenter who also plays on the disc. His influence is ALL OVER this cd! Michael Carpenter fans you need this cd!!! It totally makes sense that MC produced this because the Ritchies are very close in style to the following great artists: Beatles, Pyramidiacs,Finkers, Michael Carpenter, Merrymakers,Owsley, Starbelly, Spongetones, Myracle Brah, etc...If you dig super cool vocal harmonies, jangly guitars, and happy vibrations, you will not be disappointed! This cd is GREAT!

Sound Samples:
Up and Out
Every Little Thing
Little Petty Things
Sample One


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